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Dr. Beasley’s Total Decon

Dr. Beasley’s Total Decon

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The defcon 5 of total decontamination

Dr. Beasley’s Total Decon is the like the Defcon 5 for decontamination. Dr. Beasley’s Total Decon removes contaminants embedded in the car’s paint such as iron, brake dust and industrial fallout. Dr. Beasley’s Total Decon also prevents oxidation from happening and creates a bond in the car’s coat that is optimum, durable and long-lasting. Save time and extra effort with Dr. Beasley’s Total Decon as it cuts down the time you would normally need to clay and polish.

If a car has been neglected, whether it is due to a lack of time to detail or perhaps a long road trip or time away from the car, it is likely that the car is crawling with contaminants. Claying is a great way to rid your car of these pests, but sometime claying can be a longer process then one would like, and even claying isn’t a perfect procedure. Something clay can cause are additional scratches when it tries to dig into set-on contaminates. This in-turn can lead to more polishing time and so on and so forth. Save that time and still remove the harmful contaminants with Dr. Beasley’s Total Decon.

First and foremost, Dr. Beasley’s Total Decon removes contaminants implanted in the car’s paint. Contaminants such as deep grime, road film and other environmental factors. All these contaminants dig deep into your car’s surface and if not properly taken care of before a nanocoating is applied, these contaminants are there to stay. If a nanocoating is applied while there is still set in contaminants, the nanocoating will surely lock them there for good. Goodbye to a shining, sleek car. Dr. Beasley’s Total Decon removes these hazards and preserves clear coat health and strengthens the bond of product to coat for a more durable and long-lasting coating. Dr. Beasley’s Total Decon can get it all out and start fresh!

Iron removal is a big part of Dr. Beasley’s powers. What causes iron to get on your car? Well, iron finds its way onto your car from break dust, other cars brake dust that you encounter on the road, rail dust from trains and industrial fallout (especially if you are in an urban area). Iron is a problem not only because it’s a contaminant infecting your surface, leaving the surface with a rough, messy look, but also because iron particles can cause oxidation. When iron particles find their way onto a car’s finish, the iron causes the material to rust (oxidize) over time and will literally eat through it until holes appear. With Dr. Beasley’s Total Decon you can stop this by removing iron before it starts!

Claying and polishing are crucial parts of the full detailing process, but with Dr. Beasley’s you can reduce the amount on time you spend claying and polish, and let’s face it, that can be a lot of time saved. Dr. Beasley’s Total Decon speeds up the decontamination process by penetrating deeper than clay, allowing you to get most of contaminants out before you need to break out your clay bar, mitt or towel. As useful as clay is, clay can sometimes cause unwanted scratches and therefore cause you to need more time to polish to get those scratches out. Because Dr. Beasley’s pulls out the most deeply embedded contaminants, you won’t have to clay as hard to even think about causing scratches, thereby cutting down your polishing time.

-Holding bottle six inches away, spray paint surfaces evenly, being sure to get full coverage.
-Let sit for 30 seconds to a minute.
-Wipe away with a microfiber towel.
*Multiple applications and longer dwell time may be necessary. Do not apply in direct sunlight.

12 oz.

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Dr. Beasley’s Total Decon