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Dr. Beasley's Ceramic Body Wash

Dr. Beasley's Ceramic Body Wash

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Helps you get the most out of your coating!

Dr. Beasley's Ceramic Body Wash is specially designed car wash shampoo that will extend the lifetime of your coating drastically. By minimizing the agitation needed to effectively clean your car, Dr. Beasley's Ceramic Body Wash greatly reduces the likelihood of scratches and swirls that occur during the washing process. Dr. Beasley's Ceramic Body Wash can be used with any type of coating, be it SiO2-based, TiO2-based, or quartz based, offering you the freedom to work on any coated car you come across. Dr. Beasley's Ceramic Body Wash saves more than just your coating; Dr. Beasley's Ceramic Body Wash will also save you money thanks to its super-concentrated formula!

With the amount of money that many spend on applying a coating to their car, it is only natural that they would want to maintain and protect that coating. There are a slew of products on the market today that promise to do just that, but few of them address one of the biggest threats to your coating. Washing it.

The scratching and friction created during a typical washing process instills unnecessary scratches and swirls in the surface of your coating. These scratches ruin the structural integrity of your coating and drastically reduce its lifetime. The best way to keep your coating going strong is to minimize this harmful agitation during the washing process.

Dr. Beasley's Ceramic Body Wash reduces the need for agitation in the washing by using active surfactants. The surfactants in Dr. Beasley's Ceramic Body Wash lift contaminants off your paint and break them down chemically. This means that you won’t have to use a sponge or wash mitt to agitate the surface in order to effectively remove them from your paint.

While the reduced need for agitation is the main benefit of Dr. Beasley's Ceramic Body Wash, it is definitely not the only one. Dr. Beasley's Ceramic Body Wash is so concentrated that a single ounce of it is enough product to complete an entire washing process. Considering most coatings need to be washed bi-weekly to maximize their effectiveness, the fact that one bottle of Dr. Beasley's Ceramic Body Wash last you HALF A YEAR is a huge money-saver!

Dr. Beasley's does make some of the most impressive coatings on the market today, but they did not just have their coatings in mind when they created Dr. Beasley's Ceramic Body Wash. No matter what type of coating you have on your vehicle, whether it be an SiO2 coating, quartz coating, or a TiO2 coating, Dr. Beasley's Ceramic Body Wash will provide it with the effective and safe wash it needs to last for years!

12 oz.

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Houston, TX
Trick or Treat for your coated vehicle
Dr. B's Ceramic Body Wash was not on my regular product shelf but after using it for a several months it has a place front and center. I have used several of the competing brands and this one stands at the front of the lineup.

It gives a bit of foam action once agitated with the water hose or pressure washer stream. The foam last longer than most but they all diminish as they sit and you wash the exterior. The key is the lubricity and cleaning results, the foam is just a visual delight.

Do I use this each wash? No, but I use this as a booster after doing several rinseless washes (Wolfgang Uber) to maintain the ceramic coating on the vehicles. I recommend this to anyone with a coating and anyone wanting to give an uncoated vehicle a boost or light protection.
ProsLubricity Cost Concentrated Foams better than most
ConsNone so far!
High concentration
Super concentrated soap makes for a high sudsing, high quality soap to maintain your coating. The smell is subtle and suds last.
Las Vegas, Nevada
Very high quality Car Soap
First the scent of this shampoo is amazing. Very concentrated only a few caps make a bucket ready for the car. Very vicious and thick. This is a truly high quality soap - not some fake gimmick soap that is watered down.
ProsDeep cleans and leaves paint shiny and smooth.
ConsPrice is a bit steep but great products are not handed out.
Fernandina Beach, FL
slick suds
Used this yesterday for the first time on a car treated w/B's 1201 two weeks ago. Agree with others that you get pillows of suds. Very slick on the surface and no spots after drying.
Prossuds, shine, no residue
Baltimore, MD
Great product
Great cleaning power and high lubricity. Highly recommend.
ProsOne ounce per 4 gallons lasts the whole wash.