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DirtCop Hand & Surface Towels

DirtCop Hand & Surface TowelsRemoves grease, dirt, oil, grime and more - without water!

DirtCop Hand & Surface Towels are multi-purpose cleaning wipes designed to clean up even heavy duty messes - without the use of water! DirtCop Hand & Surface Towels are double-sided for added versatility - one side is aggressive and perfect for scrubbing, the other side is soft and perfect for light wiping! DirtCrop hand & Surface Towels will clean your hands, tools, machinery, equipment, pipes, and other nonporous surfaces - ideal for those detailing jobs that needs a little extra something!

Detailing is dirty work. There's no wonder why we use gloves, aprons, goggles, and even face masks during the job. The amount of crud that gets onto your hands if not protected is intense, and may take a little more than a couple hardcore washes before it's removed. Enter DirtCop Hand & Surface Towels - the pre-moistened, multi-purpose cleaning wipes that will remove the muck and grime most commonly found on your hands after detailing!
DirtCop Hand & Surface Towels are perfect for use around the detail shop!
DirtCop Hand & Surface Towels use a poweful cleaning agent that removes heavy-duty dirt and grime, but is still gentle enough for direct contact with your skin. The dual-sided design increases versatility and gets you twice the cleaning power in one wipe! Use the abrasive side for cleaning tough stains like grease, oil, tar, brake dust, and grim and use the softer side for cleaning your hands, delicate surfaces, and lightly grimed areas.
Before using DirtCop Hand & Surface Towels Cleaning hands with DirtCop Hand & Surface Towels
Mike was doing some work on his truck, and as you can see, it wasn't a clean job. His hands are grimed with grease and oil and if he were to use a traditional hand soap, he'd be scrubbing for a while!
Grime and dirt come right off with DirtCop Hand & Surface Towels After cleaning with DirtCop Hand & Surface Towels, your hands are back to normal!
After using the DirtCop Hand & Surface Towels for just a few minutes, the crud on his hands is already being wiped away!

Fortified with new generation cleaning agents and unmatched skin conditioners, DirtCop Hand & Surface Wipes are the one wipe that does it all!

DirtCop Hand & Surface Towels are safe for use on:
Exterior trim surfaces
Mud flaps
Truck beds and truck covers
Wheel wells
Interior plastic pieces
Interior door panels
Even inside the home: kitchen counters, heavily soiled kitchen components, bathrooms, in the garage, and more!

25 Count Wipes


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