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Speed Master Wheel Brush Special

Clean all wheels with speed and precision!

The Speed Master Wheel Brush is the most advanced wheel detailing brush today! Built for quick, effective cleaning of all wheels, the Speed Master Wheel Brush has a state-of-the-art design that cleans any wheel surface and any wheel design – without scratching! Brake dust beware! There’s nowhere to hide from the Speed Master Wheel Brush.

Regular, thorough wheel cleaning is imperative for all vehicles. Brake dust is highly corrosive to wheel finishes, and it is generated each and every time you apply the brakes. Brake dust is made of brake pad dust and red hot metal filings from the rotor. This volatile mixture eats through protective wheel finishes and pits the metal, permanently eliminating that bright metallic shine.

The braking systems in many vehicles generate a lot of brake dust. Coincidentally, these vehicles often have the expensive alloy wheels with intricate spoke designs.  These wheels look unbelievable when they’re clean, but how are you going to keep them clean?


The Speed Master Wheel Brush cleans all wheel designs!
The Speed Master Wheel Brush easily cleans all intricate wheel designs.

The Speed Master Wheel Brush. This advanced wheel brush has everything you want in a quality detail brush and much more. The staff and I at Palm Beach Motoring studied all the various brushes on the market and compared their pros and cons. Ultimately I took our wish list for the perfect wheel brush to Dean Henderson at EZ Detail Brush, Inc. Dean had already created the ultimate motorcycle detailing brush with the EZ Detail Brush. With a few modifications, I knew we could create the ultimate auto detail brush.

Dean manufactured the Speed Master Wheel Brush to my exact specifications, right down to the hot rod red bristles. In addition, the Speed Master Wheel Brush has a thicker, reinforced stem. It maintains its flexibility but the new stem is more rugged for frequent use on auto wheels. The bristles are slightly feathered on the ends to gently clean delicate wheel finishes, such as coated or plated wheels, without scratching.


Here are the benefits of the Speed Master Wheel Brush:


Soft, nonabrasive 2 inch bristles. Whether the wheels are aluminum or clear coated, they can be scratched by the wrong brush. The Speed Master Wheel Brush features nylon Nylex bristles that are both flexible and durable. The end of each bristle is feathered to provide an extra gentle touch on delicate wheel finishes. Use the Speed Master Wheel Brush on highly polished aluminum, chrome, stainless, clear coated, and painted wheels with confidence.


The Speed Master Wheel Brush cleans the entire wheel, front to back.
The Speed Master Wheel Brush cleans the entire wheel, front to back.

Patented memory bristles regain their shape. Detail brushes can lose their shape and their functionality over time because they’re pressed into the grooves and crevices of your car. The Speed Master Wheel Brush has special memory bristles that regain their shape after every use. Simply rinse the brush in hot water and hang it upside down to dry. The bristles will settle back into their original shape, just like new. Memory bristles allow the Speed Master Wheel Brush to remain effective when other brushes fall short.


The patented memory bristles regain their shape after each use.
The patented memory bristles regain their shape after each use.


Chemical resistant. The Speed Master Wheel Brush’s synthetic bristles can withstand all wheel cleaners and degreasers, even powerful aluminum wheel cleaners. Whereas natural bristles can eventually become dry and brittle, the bristles on the Speed Master Wheel Brush stay smooth, soft, and flexible.

Fits all wheel designs. The Speed Master Wheel Brush may look like a big brush, but it fits in the smallest spaces. Clean between wire spokes and even between the brake caliper and the wheel! The flexible bristles easily fold against the stem to a ˝ inch thickness. When you’re finished cleaning the wheels, rinse the Speed Master Wheel Brush in hot water and hang to dry to restore the brush’s original shape. The flexible stem bends around spokes to clean between the wheel and the rotor.
The flexible stem bends around spokes to clean between the wheel and the rotor.

Reinforced, flexible stem. Many of today’s wheel designs give you full visibility through the wheel. Brake dust literally has nowhere to hide! The Speed Master Wheel Brush is the solution. The upgraded, vinyl-coated wire stem flexes to reach all the way through the wheel to clean the edge on the other side! The 13 inch stem is of a heavier gauge wire to give it flexibility and stability. The vinyl coating protects the wheel from scratching. In fact, if you pull the bristles apart, you can see that the wire is completely covered for the entire length of the brush.


The Speed Master's bristles flatten against the stem, allowing it to clean between the wheel and brake caliper!
The Speed Master's bristles flatten against the stem, allowing it to clean between the wheel and brake caliper!

Safe bonded tip. The tip of the Speed Master Wheel Brush is coated in vinyl to protect the wheel from contact. No part of the internal wire stem is visible so there’s no chance of it scratching the wheel as long as the bonded tip stays in tact.

Knuckle guard protects your hands. A rubber guard above the handle helps protect your hands from cleaners or scrapes, because we know you really get into your work.  An ergonomic handle makes cleaning comfortable.

Clean from one side of  the wheel to the other with the 18 inch Speed Master Wheel Brush.
Clean from one side of  the wheel to the other with the 18 inch Speed Master Wheel Brush.

Cleans the engine bay, too. The Speed Master Wheel Brush is a phenomenal wheel brush, but it also works great under the hood. The flexible, synthetic bristles, long stem, and go-anywhere design all make it ideal for cleaning between engine components. You can use the Speed Master Wheel Brush on chrome, aluminum, and custom engines. It will not scratch! We highly recommend using a second Speed Master Wheel Brush for the engine to avoid cross-contamination between the wheels and engine.

As with any detailing tool, always use an appropriate cleaner for the surface you’re detailing. For all wheel types, we recommend a water-based wheel cleaner, such as Wolfgang Tire & Wheel Cleaner. This cleaner is highly effective on brake dust but it will not spot the wheel finish. For the best results with the Speed Master Wheel Brush, dip the brush in warm water and then use it to agitate the wheel cleaner. The warm water will make the bristles more pliable to squeeze into those tight spokes.

After every use, take a moment to wash the oil and grease from the Speed Master Wheel Brush. You’ll have a clean brush the next time you’re ready to detail. This also gives you the opportunity to rinse the brush in hot water and hang it to dry to reshape the bristles.

Brake dust can go anywhere – your wheel brush should be able to as well. The Speed Master Wheel Brush fits where other brushes can’t to thoroughly clean the most intricate wheel designs. The synthetic memory bristles are safe on all wheel finishes, and the brush regains its shape after use. The Speed Master Wheel Brush is the ultimate detail brush for all wheels, including high performance, alloy, spoke, wire spoke, metal, and coated wheels!

Made in U.S.A.

Licensed by EZ Detail, Inc.

Speed Master Wheel Brush Special

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82% Recommend this product (14 of 17 responses)
By David Light
Athens, Al.
December 3, 2016
Best wheel cleaning tool I've ever used. Used it today on my Camaro SS with the large Brembo brakes, and this brush got into all the nooks and crannies with ease. I put a bend in the brush and it even cleaned inside the wheels, without banging up my hands. Can't believe I waited so long to buy one of these.
ProsFast, easy, thorough cleaning.
ConsNone yet.
By Becky
Davenport Florida
June 27, 2016
Speed master wheel brush
Great item ,,fast shipping
By Danny
Clarksville, Tennessee
April 20, 2016
Love this brush!
Makes life much easier to clean wheels.
April 6, 2016
Not too shabby
This brush takes a wash or two to get used to, but after that it's easy to use and really loosens brake dust and the like. I drive a GTR, and brake dust is TERRIBLE, but this brush makes removing it an ease. I paired it with Griot's Garage wheel cleaner and it does a fantastic job, even on the calipers.
Merchant Response:Twist the brush as you (slowly) pull it out of the wheel. This eliminates splatter. -Nick
ProsEasy to use. Rubber coated with soft, but stiff bristles, doesn't damage wheels.
ConsDoes "splatter" a bit, I get covered in brake dust every time. Maybe there's a way to alleviate this, but I can't figure it out. Doesn't bother me though.
By Morgan M.
Dalton, GA
April 1, 2016
Best wheel brush on the planet
Looked at all the usual places for a good wheel brush. Finally looked online and found this one. Love it!
By Barry
Carlsbad, Ca
February 3, 2016
Easy to use
Very easy to use. Gets deep inside the wheel with no problem.
By marty
June 13, 2015
Wheel brush
Works as advertised. Pretty anal about clean wheels, and this tool makes it very easy to get to all parts of your wheel. Never again will I nick/scratch the back of my hands trying to clean the inside of my wheels!
By Bob
Columbus, Ohio
May 13, 2015
Great Wheel Brush
Cleans very well.
By Bob
April 28, 2015
Speed Master Wheel Brush
Does very nice job, fits into wheel spokes well. Long enough and narrow enough to get to inner wheel. End is capped to prevent scratching. Stem could be a little stronger with less bend when pressure applied, but overall very satisfied with this item.
By Ashley
Savannah, Georgia
April 19, 2015
Go Speed Master Go.
Very well made,will not hurt the wheel when cleaning. Wil clean all areas on the wheel
March 27, 2015
new user for this item
works good on dirt and brake dust, keeps hands comfortable and warm when cleaning during cold weather. Maybe bristles could be a little stiffer.
Proseasy use,during cold weather hands are dry,(no sponge) cleans most hard to reach spots on rims, dries quickly and has kept form so far
Consmaybe a stiffer bristle on brush
By Mike R.
Middletown, Pa
November 17, 2014
Quick Work of Wheels
This brush takes down wheels in no time flat. Cleans the face and barrel of the wheel effortlessly. Why haven't I bought this before?!
ProsAllows easy access to clean the barrel of the wheel without having to take of a wheel.
ConsIf it could do around the lug nuts it would be 5 stars easy.
By Tyler in Michigan
July 21, 2014
Time Saver
I give this wheel brush 4 stars, it's very versatile and does a good job. I judge all my cleaning products on the ability to save me time and this brush does just that.
ProsLong reach and flexible. Gentle on wheel finishes but still gets the the job done in short order. Overall a very good product.
ConsAs another person mentioned, the handle needs improvement in regards to grip. The other negative is the little disc/guard at the handle seems to be more in the way than protecting. I'm a bit critical but I've tired lots of products over the years.
By Jim Breeding
Sanford Fl.
June 5, 2014
THE GREATEST Wheel Brush I've ever owned
I must have a dozen or more wheel cleaning tools. Once I used this brush, I'm ready to throw ALL of those other brushes, micro-fiber wands, etc away. This is the Best, most thorough, easiest to use wheel cleaning brush I've ever owned, bar none !
ProsFlexible, long bristles, gentle
ConsA little on the pricey side, but actually worth every penny
By Mike
March 31, 2013
Works Great
I'm not sure why other reviews were 3 star. It's works great. If someone's getting splattered they should slow down when they pull the brush out or use the Jr brush if it's a tight area. The handle is fine and easy to grip. I've found it a valuable tool added to my wheel cleaning arsenal.
By embolism
November 10, 2011
works great
need to tweak your technique a bit and either use a light spray of the hose as you remove the brush or stand to the side as you pull it out or you will get sprayed. Once I started doing both, using the brush became much more enjoyable.
By DaytonaJae
May 24, 2011
Works Great but One Flaw
This wheel brush does what it claims - it gets into each nook and cranny and easily cleans the barrel of the wheel, along with the back sides of the spokes. The bristles may feel like they are going to scratch the paint to the touch, but they don't. You can bend this brush any which way you choose to fit your wheel and get the maximum cleaning ability. There are 2 areas for improvement - and I really really hope that they read this and consider these two issues: 1. The handle is too small and is too slick. If you are using this brush to clean tires, chances are you are going to get your hands and this brush wet eventually. When that happens, the handle on this brush becomes super slick and is almost impossible to hold without applying a lot of hand pressure. The idea of this brush is to easily thrust as well as TWIST while inside the wheel to get the correct angles for maximum cleaning. While the handle is wet with soap or any cleaning solution you may be using, it is terribly hard on your hands to keep it from slipping. By the third wheel, your hand is totally cramped up. A simple solution was for me to get some tennis racquet handle grip tape and wrap it around multiple times. This helps but eventually after getting wet multiple times, it will need replacing. It also increases the handle's diameter to assist. Please make the handle bigger and a more grippable material! The "knuckle guard" needs to be larger to act as a splash guard as well. A clear plastic piece that's a lot larger would help avoid getting a fine mist to be sprayed into your eyes on each stroke (sorry there's really no cleaner way to say that, lol) Overall a great tool but if you can just consider those two enhancements that would probably make the perfect brush.