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Covercraft PocketPods Storage Pockets

Covercraft PocketPods Storage PocketsCustom-made, organized storage for your trunk or seatback!

Covercraft is expanding your vehicle's storage space with Covercraft Custom PocketPods™! These custom-patterned storage pockets are perfect for storing small items, like manuals, tire gauges, the Life Hammer, and detailing supplies neatly and out of the way. Covercraft Custom PocketPods™ are available for the trunk. Universal seatback-mount PocketPods™ are also available.

You can never have enough storage space! Covercraft Custom PocketPods™ are durable formed pockets with a rigid shaped back panel (depending on model). The pockets are made of a material similar to trunk carpet so they look like part of your vehicle. Each pocket has a lid with a closure latch to keep contents stowed safely inside.

Covercraft Custom PocketPods™ are custom made for your vehicle based on Covercraft's large collection of patterns. Latex backed carpet is heat-formed based on pattern-specific design molds and mounted to a rigid HDPE or vacuum-formed ABS backing. Depending on the application and space available for mounting, the Pocket Pods™ design can include one, two or three storage pockets. If trunk mounted, the design always allows easy access to the inside trunk safety release handle.

Some Covercraft Pocket Pods come with three pockets, depending on the vehicle.Installation requires no drilling! The hardware kit includes automotive-grade fasteners and/or 3M VBH adhesive tape (depending on application). Covercraft Custom PocketPods™ can be removed at any time.

Covercraft Custom PocketPods™ are currently available for select vehicle models and new patterns are being developed.

Universal Seatback-Mount PocketPods provide extra storage in the passenger cabin.Universal Seatback-Mount PocketPods™ are two pockets mounted to a single unit designed for one bucket seat. This unit attaches to any bucket seat with a headrest. The overall size is 21"H x 15"W x 3"D.

Give your vehicle additional storage without taking up floor space. The Covercraft Custom PocketPods™ mount on trunk lids to store small items neatly and out of the way. Universal Seatback-Mount PocketPods™ are perfect for storing items within easy reach inside the vehicle. If you have additional vehicle storage needs, you need Covercraft PocketPods™!

Made in U.S.A.

Pocket Pods install without drilling and they can be removed any time.


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