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Collinite Marque D'Elegance Carnauba Paste Wax No. 915

Collinite Marque D'Elegance Carnauba Paste Wax No. 915

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Long-lasting carnauba wax protection!

That's not an oxymoron. Collinite's Marque D'Elegance Carnauba Paste Wax lasts significantly longer than many carnauba waxes thanks to its high carnauba concentration. Marque D'Elegance is an old-fashioned paste wax with an emphasis on durable paint protection and shine.

This is one of those products that is hard to find but well known in car show circles. Marque D'Elegance is trusted by so many car collectors thanks to its paint-friendly, genuine carnauba formula. In fact, the wax is formulated with the highest concentration of carnauba wax. Whether you have a classic cruiser or a late model vehicle, you'll enjoy the durable gloss and old-fashioned quality of Marque D'Elegance.

Marque D'Elegance's formula nourishes the paint deep down while providing excellent protection against the elements. With natural carnauba as it base, this wax is gentler on the paint than many solvent-heavy waxes. And Marque D'Elegance has no cleaners. Use it on clear coats with confidence.

Like the car waxes of 40 years ago, Marque D'Elegance is a thick paste packaged in a can. Applying it may take a little more effort than the newer, soft waxes, but that's part of the appeal. You can tell at first wipe that you're applying a thick, solid layer of protection on your vehicle. No runny liquids here. As you spread Marque D'Elegance over your vehicle, it will fill in tiny scratches and swirls and create a uniform, deep shine.

Marque D'Elegance has the look and texture of a true wax. It does not stain trim or molding. The finish it leaves behind is unmistakably carnauba. It's no wonder that the owners of rare and collectible cars trust Marque D'Elegance carnauba paste wax.

Marque D'Elegance should be applied in a very, very thin coat. It takes very little to get good coverage. Apply by hand or with a polisher. Many users have reported that machine application is the way to go in order to spread the wax thin enough.

Here's a technique used during our testing: Moisten a finishing pad with BLACKFIRE Polishing Pad Conditioner. Use a putty knife to spread a small amount of wax onto a finishing pad. We used the gray finishing pad by Lake Country. Spread the wax over one panel at a speed of 4000 OPM on a Porter Cable 7424XP. For easiest removal, apply the wax and then remove it, panel by panel. We used a terry bonnet over a lambswool pad. Then we went back with a Cobra Super Plush Deluxe for a final hand-buffing. One coat will provide great protection but multiple coats are no problem since Marque D'Elegance contains no cleaners.

If applying the wax by hand, lightly dampen the applicator with water or a quick detailer.

Marque D'Elegance lasts for months longer than other carnauba waxes, and it contains the highest concentration of carnauba wax. In summary, Marque D'Elegance by Collinite is for people who enjoy the classic finish of an old-fashioned carnauba paste wax and the process it takes to achieve it.

12 oz.

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45% Recommend this product (24 of 53 responses)
Port Saint Lucie - Florida
Classic Shine and Durability with Old Fashion Values and No Fuss
Collinite must be something right. Without a doubt, they are. This wax's performance could yield it a price tag of $50 a jar, and it would be worth every penny. Luckily, its not $50. I have applied this wax with stunning results. It simply outshines waxes that double its price tag and then some. Water beads with a ferocity. As most reviews have stated, save the effort and do not allow it to dry for an extended period of time. In fact, I work panel by panel and remove the 915 with a good quality microfiber cloth within 5 minutes of application. The wax does not need to sit for an hour. Many companies have been chasing their tails trying to develop the old school values this wax's foundation was built upon.
ProsDurability, no fuss formula centered around simplicity and performance
little rock
Excellent wax
real nice wax, takes a minute to apply and wipe down but this stuff is great for protection..
ProsAll around good wax,, very durable...
Conroe, TX
Adds luster to 50-year old single stage
Helping to restore an original 69-Chevy C10 with original single stage paint. Used the Meguiar's No.7 Show car glaze to restore the aged paint. Then tried both a Pinnacle Liquid Souveran wax and Collinite No.915. The newer liquid wax by Pinnacle just disappeared and was barely a change over the first step to bring the life back to the paint. Tried No.915 close by that test spot and the change was immediately noticed and gave the warm glow to the aged paint. This gave the truck a bit of sheen and keep the 'patina' look the neighbor expected.

No.915 then was the winner and the truck looks great!
ProsGreat luster and classic warm glow.
ConsDo NOT apply heavy, keep it THIN.
Superb product
I have been using Collinite 915 for many years. Applied on a black Lexus 460L it made this vehicle always look showroom shiny. On a metallic greyish ES350 it produced the same results.
I always hated the removal process in the hot humid Florida weather even in an un-airconditioned garage.
I recently started using Meguires Ultimate spray wax to moisten the microfiber application pads. I also used the same to moisten the microfiber wax removal cloths. This was a game changer in ease of application and removal. The results were great and longevity was just as long as before if not more.
I have been using this process in the sunny outdoors also, yes hot and humid central Florida. Today I waxed my 15+ year old white truck in the sun. I used Mothers ceramic spray wax as I could not find the Meguires. It looks as good as the 10 year newer truck in the next driveway over. Keeping the pads and cloths moist for application and removal uses about half a bottle of the spray wax depending on the heat. This adds to cost but well worth it for me.
ProsVery nice long lasting shine.
ConsNone using my method of application and removal.
McDonough, GA
Works great on a black Rav4
I tried to use the Collinite 476s product on the Rav4, but the finish (wax) appeared to "smear". But, this product worked great on the black color and although the cost is a bit more I would buy it again!