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Collinite Marque D’Elegance Carnauba Paste Wax #915

Long-lasting carnauba wax protection!

That’s not an oxymoron. Collinite’s Marque D’Elegance Carnauba Paste Wax lasts significantly longer than many carnauba waxes thanks to its high carnauba concentration. Marque D’Elegance is an old-fashioned paste wax with an emphasis on durable paint protection and shine.

This is one of those products that is hard to find but well known in car show circles. Marque D’Elegance is trusted by so many car collectors thanks to its paint-friendly, genuine carnauba formula. In fact, the wax is formulated with the highest concentration of carnauba wax. Whether you have a classic cruiser or a late model vehicle, you’ll enjoy the durable gloss and old-fashioned quality of Marque D’Elegance.

Marque D’Elegance’s formula nourishes the paint deep down while providing excellent protection against the elements. With natural carnauba as it base, this wax is gentler on the paint than many solvent-heavy waxes. And Marque D’Elegance has no cleaners. Use it on clear coats with confidence.

Like the car waxes of 40 years ago, Marque D’Elegance is a thick paste packaged in a can. Applying it may take a little more effort than the newer, soft waxes, but that’s part of the appeal. You can tell at first wipe that you’re applying a thick, solid layer of protection on your vehicle. No runny liquids here. As you spread Marque D’Elegance over your vehicle, it will fill in tiny scratches and swirls and create a uniform, deep shine.

Marque D’Elegance has the look and texture of a true wax. It does not stain trim or molding. The finish it leaves behind is unmistakably carnauba. It’s no wonder that the owners of rare and collectible cars trust Marque D’Elegance carnauba paste wax.

Marque D’Elegance should be applied in a very, very thin coat. It takes very little to get good coverage. Apply by hand or with a polisher. Many users have reported that machine application is the way to go in order to spread the wax thin enough.

Here’s a technique used during our testing: Moisten a finishing pad with McKee's 37 Polishing Pad Conditioner. Use a putty knife to spread a small amount of wax onto a finishing pad. We used the gray finishing pad by Lake Country. Spread the wax over one panel at a speed of 4000 OPM on a Porter Cable 7424XP. For easiest removal, apply the wax and then remove it, panel by panel. We used a terry bonnet over a lambswool pad. Then we went back with a Cobra Super Plush Deluxe for a final hand-buffing. One coat will provide great protection but multiple coats are no problem since Marque D’Elegance contains no cleaners.

If applying the wax by hand, lightly dampen the applicator with water or a quick detailer.

Marque D’Elegance lasts for months longer than other carnauba waxes, and it contains the highest concentration of carnauba wax. In summary, Marque D’Elegance by Collinite is for people who enjoy the classic finish of an old-fashioned carnauba paste wax and the process it takes to achieve it.

12 oz.

Collinite Marque D’Elegance Carnauba Paste Wax #915

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Port Saint Lucie - Florida
Classic Shine and Durability with Old Fashion Values and No Fuss
Collinite must be something right. Without a doubt, they are. This wax's performance could yield it a price tag of $50 a jar, and it would be worth every penny. Luckily, its not $50. I have applied this wax with stunning results. It simply outshines waxes that double its price tag and then some. Water beads with a ferocity. As most reviews have stated, save the effort and do not allow it to dry for an extended period of time. In fact, I work panel by panel and remove the 915 with a good quality microfiber cloth within 5 minutes of application. The wax does not need to sit for an hour. Many companies have been chasing their tails trying to develop the old school values this wax's foundation was built upon.
ProsDurability, no fuss formula centered around simplicity and performance
Allison park pa
Amazing shine
This wax is easy to apply and buff. I did both by hand. I am very impressed with the very high gloss
Best carnauba I've ever used
Apply to a properly cleaned/clayed and polished paint surface. Can be built up in multiple coats for superior protection to a deep vibrant finish! I've tried a lot of carnauba, but haven't found one that lasted as long as this one....incredible shine!
ConsOnly apply in small one foot sections at a time with close over lap!
San Jose, CA
Durable but difficult!
After reading great things about this wax in detailer forums, I decided to try it on my black 2016 Corolla. I detail as a hobby and my review of Collinite 915 will take into account my experience with other waxes (Meguiar's, Eagle One, Klasse, Turtle Wax). THIS WAX REQUIRES YOU PAY ATTENTION WHILE WAXING! Overall, it's a great wax but I expected more.
ProsDURABILITY: After a month of harsh sun and two washes, the water still sheets great with no sign of weakening. I'm not surprised since Collinite has a reputation for toughness and based on how hard it turns once dry, I can tell this wax will last a long time. VALUE: Although one can is more expensive than mainstream waxes you can find at the store, it is a good investment. A very small amount goes a long way and since each application lasts so long, I can see this one can of wax lasting for many years! MISCELLANEOUS: It smells like sweet petroleum vanilla! Shine is good but not as deep glossy as some waxes and not as sharp a shine as Klasse.
ConsAPPLICATION: This wax is unusually difficult to remove IF ALLOWED TO DRY COMPLETELY and this wax dries quickly. On my first try, I forgot to buff the roof. After an hour, the residue wax was very visible and took a huge amount of effort to remove. For best results, I suggest applying to one section at a time. Do not leave the wax on the car for more than 20 minutes (less if hot/dry/windy weather) before buffing it off. RESIDUE: You will find white, chalky residue in any gaps or plastic trim you come across while waxing even if you are paying attention. I suggest using a microfiber towel instead of those round foam applicators to allow more control. Most importantly: RESIST THE TEMPTATION TO APPLY THICK LAYERS! This really needs to be very thinly applied. Seriously. No joke. Thin or prepare to be buffing off streaks all morning. MISCELLANEOUS: The wax in the can has the consistency of hard soap. It's like a solid brick of wax! This makes it easy to accidentally put too much on your applicator because you're looking for feedback like you are used to with softer waxes. Unfortunately, you don't realize you're putting way too much on your applicator and next thing you know, it's streak city and you're about to have a workout.
New Britain, CT.
Not my Favorite wax
Left only a fair shine, and I had issues with streaking, not the easiest wax to work with. It is like the old style waxes,where you could swear you removed all the wax and a week later your still finding residue that needs to be buffed out. Streaking issues appeared although surface was not in sun or warm, wipe it off too fast and it won't stick, let it dry too long and you get the streaking. I was disappointed with this choice of wax.
ConsNot worth the cost. Very fussy wax to work with. Leaves only a fair type of shine