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Chemical Guys Inner Clean Interior Detailer 16 oz.

Protect your investment!

Introducing Chemical Guys Inner Clean; the ultimate quick detailer for your auto’s interior. Inner Clean is specifically engineered to clean and condition your vehicle’s interior while coating the surface with our patented Solar Fighter UV protection, restoring the genuine OEM matte finish.

Inner Clean is engineered with a unique emulsification process which lifts and removes dirt from any interior surface while also repelling dust. Inner Clean is the perfect solution for maintaining the original appearance of your vehicle’s interior. The unique formula allows Inner Clean to preserve and protect any material on you vehicle’s interior while providing a pleasant pineapple scent.

Chemical Guys Inner Clean Interior Detailer is truly ‘one of a kind’ when it comes to cleaning and protecting the interior of your vehicle. InnerClean is the only quick detailer for your auto’s interior that revives and protects. Utilizing quick detailer technology, InnerClean has the ability to clean and protect every part of your vehicle’s interior. Sprays on quick, wipes off easy removing dirt and dust while leaving a high quality OEM finish. InnerClean works great on every interior surface from vinyl dashboards, to synthetic leather door panels. InnerClean was engineered from the ground up to leave your vehicle’s interior looking amazing.

  • Natural matte appearance
  • Removes dirt, dust, and body oils
  • Cleans, conditions, and protects your interior
  • OEM factory appearance
  • Advanced UV protection
  • Quick and easy application
  • Unique dust repelling technology
  • Fresh pineapple scent

Innovative Interior Cleaning – The unique Inner Clean formula easily removes dust, dirt, and body oils from any interior surface while restoring the original OEM appearance. Dust and dirt can make a vehicle’s interior appear old and neglected. InnerClean restores the fresh, clean appearance to your interior just like when your vehicle rolled off the showroom floor. Designed utilizing dust repelling technology, InnerClean creates a high-tech UV coating on your interior which respells dirt and dust, keeping your interior cleaner, for longer. The gentle conditioners formulated into InnerClean provide nourishment to your interior restoring that crisp, clean, OEM appearance. The innovative idea to design a quick detailer for interior cleaning and protecting allows InnerClean to take interior detailing to next level of efficiency.

Ultimate Versatility – The unique design of Inner Clean allows every surface of your vehicle’s interior to be cleaned and protected faster than ever imagined. The revolutionary quick detailing formula allows InnerClean to safely clean and protect any surface in your vehicle’s interior. InnerClean has zero limitations while providing endless possibilities. InnerClean removes dirt and dust from plastic and vinyl surfaces while also removing body oils and restoring shine to painted interior trim. Discover ultimate interior detailing versatility with InnerClean.

  • Door Panels
  • Dashboards
  • Arm Rests
  • Steering Wheels
  • Interior Plastics
  • Navigation Screens
  • Synthetic Leather
  • Vinyl Interior
  • Trim Painted Interiors

Original OEM Appearance – Our research experts designed InnerClean to provide your vehicle’s interior with a clean and fresh OEM appearance that is sure to impress. Many interior dressings on the market add a greasy coating that attracts dust and dirt causing discoloration to your interior. InnerClean removes dirt and dust from your interior surfaces while providing an OEM factory appearance that protects from harmful UV solar rays. The unique InnerClean conditioners bring life back to dry and neglected interior surfaces restoring the factory appearance. InnerClean also provides a real pineapple scent to your vehicle’s interior surfaces.

Advanced Anti-Dust Technology - The main enemy of any vehicle’s interior is dust. Since modern vehicles generate electrostatic energy, dust is able to attach to any interior surface. Greasy interior dressings make the problem even worst. Chemical Guys has developed an Advanced Anti-Dust Technology that says ‘good-bye’ to dust and dirt forever. The innovative Anti-Dust formulation allows InnerClean to create a coating on any vehicle’s interior that is dust and dirt resistant. InnerClean resists interior contamination allowing dust and dirt to simply slide off the surface. Owners of convertibles can now put the top down and be worry free about driving around town with a dusty dashboard. Chemical Guys is the only company to offer this innovative technology to detailers worldwide.

Quick and Easy – InnerClean finally brings quick detailer technology to your vehicle’s interior. Detailing the interior of your car or truck has never been easier. Just a few light sprays of InnerClean on a quality microfiber towel can remove dirt, dust, and debris from your vehicle’s interior while providing an OEM appearance teamed with UV solar protection. InnerClean can be used anywhere, anytime to revive your interior’s original appearance while supplying the highest level of quality protection. Chemical Guys infuses precision with technology to provide quality products to professionals and enthusiasts.

Protect Your Investment – Today, a vehicle is the second most expensive investment a person will make in their lifetime. More than just a mode of transportation, a vehicle is a physical expression of an individual’s true personality. Protecting your investment creates a strong relationship between you and your vehicle. InnerClean utilizes a revolutionary UV solar protection coating which prevents fading and cracking of your dashboard and other interior surfaces. Our unique UV protection coating creates a strong bond with the surface providing your vehicle’s interior with the protection to fight off the elements. Don’t let Mother Nature degrade your investment. InnerClean provides the highest level of protection for today’s modern vehicles.

Apply a few lights sprays of InnerClean to a clean microfiber towel. Gently wipe the interior surface to remove dirt, dust and body oils. Once the surface is cleaned, flip over the microfiber towel to a clean side and buff off any excess product revealing a crisp OEM finish. InnerClean can be applied to any interior surface, including painted material. Apply InnerClean to every interior surface to ensure proper protection.

16 oz.

This product cannot ship internationally.

Chemical Guys Inner Clean Interior Detailer 16 oz.

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Item ID: CG-SPI-663-16
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38% Recommend this product (3 of 8 responses)
By Brian
Newark, DE
April 12, 2015
Great product!!!
I really like this product. I have only used one other interior product and that is a meguiars detailer spray. The meguiars that I had was very sticky. The chemical guys interior detailer is not sticky at all! I even wipe down the steering wheel and shifter and it doesn't feel sticky. It leaves no wet shine behind unless your rag gets very damp, but it will dry clear on the car very quickly.
ProsGreat price! Not sticky!
By Henry D
September 6, 2014
Good product
I love the scent of this product. And it's not overpowering, leaves gentle but substantial enough smell to last a day or two. Anyone complaining about it is just way too sensitive.
By Darin Hemric
Statesville NC
June 1, 2014
Best Interior Detailer
Love this product, can't do without it.
By mike
October 5, 2013
inner clean
Very good product, but I have a serious issue with the incredibly strong odor. Like I have mentioned in previous reviews of interior products, the last thing I want is for my fancy waxy leathered interior to smell like a pina colada. When somebody buys a 100K dollar car thats laced in strong smelling waxy hide, the last thing they want to smell is cheap tree air freshener style odors. I think the smell is so strong in this product to mask the heavy IPA content odor.
By Myles
January 25, 2013
Nice scent, good results
This is a good interior spray at a good price. The scent is nice and leaves the car smelling fresh for 2 or 3 days. Overall, I like it and I will buy it again. The only reason I kicked off a star is because it doesn't really improve the appearance of trim. Granted, my Trim looks like new already... but still, it could be improved a bit.
By Brent
December 10, 2012
Excellent Product
Does a great job and very versatile. Nice smell while applying, but doesn't linger. Favorite general purpose interior cleaner.
By Dino C.
July 14, 2012
One of my favs!
I use this cleaner on my dash,vinyl and rubber parts in my car on a weekly basis. Works extremely well, non greasy and leaves ur car looking brand new. I've used it on my friends cars that use the usual armor all junk and they always ask me what is that I'm using. It leaves a Matte OEM look and smells like pins colodas! I follow up with the 303 aerospace protectent, a winner
By Steven L
March 27, 2012
Great interior cleaner
One of the best I have used. Great qaulity, great smell, great price. One or two spritz on your microfiber (not the surface) and wipe. Then use dry side to buff. Doesnt leave dull serface like meguiars apc. Leave NO residue. Drys quickly. Also leaves a natural feel and look to all surfaces.