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Chemical Guys Light Clay Bar (Blue)

Chemical Guys Clay Bar makes your paint as smooth as glass!

Chemical Guys offers a total of four different grades of detailing clay for various applications, including everything from heavy overspray to light cleaning of a brand-new vehicle. Chemical Guys Clay Bars feature Flex-Clay Technology that makes the removal of bonded contaminants easier than ever. Chemical Guys Clay Bars can be used on paint, glass, chrome, and hard plastic surfaces. Each grade of clay is a different color to help keep your detailing supplies organized.

Chemical Guys Light Clay Bar (Blue) is designed for new or extremely well maintained vehicles. If you have an older vehicle or are working on a neglected finish, consider the GREY or BLACK Chemical Guys Clay Bar.

Users of all skill levels can reap the benefits of a Chemical Guys Clay Bar. Featuring Flex-Clay Technology, Chemical Guys Clay Bars remove overspray, rail dust, brake dust, and pollution without scratching or marring painted finishes. The unique elastic design pulls off light contaminants like a magnet!

Using a clay bar is arguably one of the most important steps in detailing your vehicle. By removing bonded contaminants, your wax or sealant will form a better bond to the paint, resulting in a shinier and slicker finish.

Chemical Guys Clay Bars are pliable and easy to fold, even when the temperatures drop. It’s important that you only use an approved clay lubricant, like Chemical Guys Luber or DP Universal Clay Lubricant.

100 grams.

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Chemical Guys Light Clay Bar (Blue)

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Chemical Guys Light Clay Bar Blue