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The Original California™ Duster

A gentle and effective cleaning tool for paint surfaces, this legend in car detailing has history behind it.

1989 was a good year. “Field of Dreams” and “Batman” were playing in movie theaters, Pontiac came out with the 20th anniversary edition of the Trans Am, and a small company in California was about to change the way we remove dust and dirt from surfaces. That company is The California Car Duster Company, and the product that became the “cult classic” in the auto world was The Original California Car Duster. Suddenly car enthusiasts everywhere were doing away with chemical cleaners, and switching to this duster, that eliminated dust and dirt the without scratching the surface. There is no need to talk about this product in past tense though. People are still flocking to our site to buy this revolutionary dusting tool. They join thousands of pleased customers who have cut cleaning time and eliminated the risk of doing damage to their car, truck, or boat by using imitations.

We’ve highlighted just a few of the many features of The Original California Car Duster. Also check the Q & A section with Max to read more about how this product works:

Wax On, Dust Off. The process used to make this product different from other dusters is unique and exceptional. Paraffin wax is coated onto the 100% cotton strands of the mop head, which makes dust, dirt, pollen, and lint stick within the strands. Instead of just moving these particles around, you are actually lifting and removing them. To clean the duster and prepare it for another use, simply shake the mop head and you’re ready to go.

Exclusive Wax-treated strands LIFT dust for a safe clean!

Speed and Efficiency. Sometimes you are on the go and don’t have time to detail your car as thoroughly as you would like. This product is great for such instances, as you will be able to quickly run the duster over the surface, and watch particles magically lifted and removed. Your car will be left with a polished look that will make people think you spent hours bringing out the glistening shine and luster. This will also help reduce the number of car washings, which once again, will save you time and money. Considered a necessity in the Southern States, The Original California Car Duster is the best duster for picking up pollen that accumulates on vehicles.

Classic style sets it apart. There is nothing cheap about the way this duster is manufactured. From the natural, turned wood handle to the quality cotton strands within the mop head, this product is a tour de force in dusting. The handle is a generous 26” long, and once you hold it you will understand why we call this product a legend. It allows for a strong grip, yet places little stress on hands or arms. The durable mop head is overstuffed with thick, cotton strands that pick up anything that comes their way. Together these materials make dusting effective and enjoyable.

No Scratches or Damage. Other duster companies use harsh chemicals on their mop heads and rags. Sometimes you don’t realize the damage these can do to your car’s surface until you’ve already used them. Why take that risk? The Original California Duster is safe and non-abrasive, as the cotton threads are soft and gentle on all surfaces. You will also save time and money without having the need to replace mop heads or other parts. This product is safe on all surfaces, and we recommend it for clear coat finishes.

Compact and Lightweight. The Original California Duster fits easily into the trunk of your car, and can be stored in the carrying case provided. It is truly effortless to clean your car’s surface, as the duster is lightweight and easy to hold.

Versatility. We’ve mentioned cars, trucks, and boats that benefit from using The Original California Car Duster. It also is a useful household dusting tool. Our customers use their dusters in the garage to clean machinery and shelving. Indoor uses include furniture, window treatments, and appliances.

Max is an avid fan of The Original California Car Duster, so he was thrilled to be able to answer a few questions about this remarkable product:

Q: I have tried everything to remove dust from my car, but it takes so long and all I end up doing is just moving the dust around. Does this product really work different than others I have tried?

Max: Once you try this duster for the first time, you will never purchase another dusting rag or chemical cleaner again. The process couldn’t get an easier.

Simply run the mophead over the surface and you are finished. Shake it out and its ready to go again!

Q: Doesn’t California Car Duster Company make a bunch of products like the Original?

Max: They sure do. This product was such a hit, that they soon developed different sizes of dusters to take care of both indoor and outdoor needs. These products include The Mini Dash Duster and The Super Floor Duster.

Q: Is the handle really comfortable to hold?

Max: It is one of the features that makes cleaning a joy rather than a task. It is a classy wood handle that fits comfortably in your hand. There is no pressure or stress from holding it.

For exterior cleaning and interior cleaning, you may want to consider our California Duster Combo, which includes The Original California Duster and The Original California Dash Duster.

Care and Cleaning: The California Car Dusters work best when they’re dirty. Just shake them out before and after each use. Should your duster ever become so dirty that it requires an actual cleaning, just wash it in cold water with a mild detergent (like Woolite) and let it air dry.

G. Zoller,Cary, NC. Offering top quality products, large selection, quick delivery, and helpful customer service, I will gladly return to AutoGeek-Car Care and recommend you give them a try!

The Original California™ Duster

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34 Reviews
79% (27)
21% (7)
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68% Recommend this product (23 of 34 responses)
West Palm Beach
Excellent heavy well made
large size makes It easy to clean car
I’ll take to my next shoe
Woodbury, MN
Dust Free
Works great on my black Audi. Black is the hardest color since it shows every spec of dust, but using this duster it easy to keep the A5 spectacular makes between washes.
Prospretty solid build. works very wells
, Livermore, Ca
Original... but oily
This is just like my 20 yr old Duster, except even after leaving it set on news paper as suggested for 48hrs to absorb excess oil...it is still leaving some residue (streaking) behind. I may have to give it several more uses b4 it stops. I haven't lost faith in the product yet, after all my other one (which I still have) kinda works still.
Land O' Lakes, Florida
Does on thing great
Got a dark-colored car? The get this duster. Gets the dust off my Vesuvius Gray Audi A8 with scratchless ease.
Maryland (MD)
My father's original
I have the original car duster I gave to my Dad on Fathers' Day in the early '70's! I got it back when he gave up driving when he was 84. It still works brilliantly! Original case/bag. The only reason I didn't give it a "5" is because sometimes the handle is a little awkward to maneuver around parts of larger SUVs, as vehicles have gotten larger since then.
ProsStill picks up dust, pollen, light dirt and even a dried bird dropping. I've only washed it once in all that time.
ConsHandle gets cumbersome to move over some larger cars.