California Car Duster

California Car Duster

Start California Dreamin' using Original California Car Care Products!

These nifty cleaning tools are the fun and easy way to keep your car looking gorgeous all the time without spending a lot of time! You know the drill; you've washed your car over the weekend, waxed it, detailed it to perfection – and now it's Tuesday and your hard earned clean is starting to become covered with dust! After all that toil you begin to wonder if there's ever any rest for the weary, albeit, enthusiastic car lover. Well, the simple truth is, there's not. If you want to maintain a beautiful finish or are even just a little picky about how your vehicle looks, you have to put in the effort.

That said, there is a little secret that professional detailers have known for years. The kind of secret that makes their job easier. The kind of secret that makes even motoring enthusiasts admire a finish and scratch their heads wondering "how do they keep it looking so awesome?" Psssst... come close and we'll share it with you, and the only request we make of you is that when your friends scratch their heads and ask (and they will notice, we assure you) how do you keep your car looking so great, you tell them you heard it from us. As we've already established, the problem is dust because no matter how much you wash, wax, or polish you can't completely eradicate dust. If you drive at all your precious car is exposed to dust. And the smart detailers over at California Car Duster developed the ultimate solution to the little culprit that so vexes us.

The original California Car Duster is a unique and ingenious cleaning powerhouse. It does more in seconds (literally) to expel dust and lint from automotive surfaces, than sometimes hours of detailing can achieve. Now, you may have noticed (we certainly have) that certain products, which claim to remove the dust off of surfaces, seem to really, in fact, just move the dust to another temporary location. And that is where the California Car Duster comes in to save the day, because nothing...nothing works faster and more accurately at absorbing dust... not moving it... removing it! What makes the California Car Duster work so amazingly well is the special blend of a permanently baked in paraffin treatment, which is fused to the 100% cotton strands of the mop head. This proven technology has a magnetic quality, which attracts and holds dust and particulate, like lint and small dirt particles, extracting them from your automotive surfaces. This greatly reduces the number of washings you need to perform to keep your ride in tiptop appearance.

The best part is, well there are so many benefits to the California Car Duster that its hard to pick just one best part, but here goes: one of the best features of the California Car Duster is it's versatility... because it can safely be used on any automotive surface. Windows, windshields, exterior paint... you name it! It removes dust without ever being abrasive. It is completely safe for all finishes (yes, even clear coat) the fibers will never scratch the paint. California Car Duster is compact, lightweight, easy to use, and comes with its own carrying/storage case! Caring for your duster is easy... simply shake out the duster before and after each use.

Should your duster ever become so dirty that it requires an actual cleaning, just wash it in cold water with a mild detergent and let it air dry. One duster will last for countless ages and keep your car looking just washed fresh, the easy way!

Oh, and one note of caution : beware of imitators! It has come to our attention that there are "copycat" dusters being sold. Be assured there is only one original California Car Duster that has been the trade secret to those in the detailing industry for years. The imposters we're told leave a greasy type residue in their wake. You would do better to avoid them. Instead, look for the one with the original wooden handle the one and only original California Car Duster. And don't forget to pick up the Original California Dash Duster too. This mini-sized version of the Original Car Duster is super-compact for those tough to reach interior corners. And the original California Jelly Blade and Dry blade for drying your car. This cool contraption really makes towels obsolete. Water wisps away with just one swipe... and not to 'damp' like with a squeegie... the Jelly Blade and Dry blade wipe the surface dry. It's incredible, really. It's so effective that it actually contours to rounded surfaces and dries vehicles in 1/3rd of the time! The patented T-bar' edge ensures the California Jelly Blade and Dry blade won't scratch even the most delicate surfaces.

These work great for household applications as well... like shower doors, and cleaning windows, and glass doors. You can get the benefit of all three California Car Duster maintenance tools in our California Combo Kit, or if you prefer, purchase them separately. Whichever you choose, you'll be California dreamin' in no time!