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Black WOW Exterior Trim Restorer

Bring back the WOW on colored, smooth trim!

Black Wow is a matte finish trim restorer for all colored, smooth and lightly textured trim. Black Wow instantly restores the dark, even color to the trim. This is not a dye! Black Wow is a long-lasting trim dressing that restores the original color and provides excellent protection. Bring back the Wow!

Black Wow is simply amazing. A single thin coat lasts for months through rain storms, car washes, and day-to-day driving. The trim stays dark and protected. You can see the water beading months after applying Black Wow. This is unlike an ordinary trim dressing. Black Wow is a restorer and protectant that lasts longer and looks better. Your vehicle will look brand new!

Black Wow is a one step silicone-based trim dressing that restores the color to faded, dull exterior trim. It works on all unpainted plastic trim, regardless of the color. Black Wow creates an attractive matte finish. The key is using a very small amount. Black Wow is super concentrated to give great results using very little product.

Click on the video to the right to see how Black WOW works!

Black Wow does not contain dyes or colorants. Dyes do not soak into smooth trim evenly. Black Wow is meant for smooth and lightly textured trim. It soaks in and quenches the plastic to restore its own original color.

Any vehicle with black or dark colored plastic exterior trim needs Black Wow! Try it on the Honda Element, Jeep Cherokee, Nissan Xterra, Hummer, Toyota Tacoma, Mini, and many more. The results will surprise you.


A few notes about Black Wow:

  • It only takes a very small amount to achieve the desired results. Start with a pea sized amount and spread thoroughly. Apply more only if necessary. If Black Wow is shiny, wipe off excess until you see a matte finish.
  • Black Wow should be applied to a clean surface. Use DP Cleanse-All Exterior Cleaner to completely remove old dressings and dirt.

Black Wow works great on MINIs, Nissans, Toyota Tacoma and Tundra, Honda Element, Jeep Cherokee and many more.

Black Wow restores weather-worn exterior trim to like-new condition!

  • Black Wow does have some cleaning ability. If you wish to remove residue with Black Wow, use a foam applicator with a little bite, like a polishing foam.
  • Black Wow should not be applied to paint. It will not harm the paint but it can be difficult to remove. Mask off paint with painter’s tape if necessary.
  • Black Wow should not be used on steps or on any surface that should not be slick.
  • Apply Black Wow before washing your vehicle. Buff off excess with a lint-free microfiber cloth. (Use a separate towel than the ones you use on the paint.) Then wash the vehicle and use the wash sponge to wipe down the trim. Towel dry.
  • Black Wow is not intended for tires!
  • Black Wow is extremely concentrated. This 4 ounce bottle will last you for years!
Black Wow works great on MINIs, Nissans, Toyota Tacoma and Tundra, Honda Element, Jeep Cherokee and many more.

Black Wow was used on this Porsche's wiper cowl with fantastic results.

From the Inventor:

“Creating a product that would restore old faded trim quickly and easily was one challenge. But it wasn't enough to just make a product that improved the look considerably. It had to make the process easier, thus the decision to include cleaners to remove old polish and wax was made. Looking at the competition, another challenge I faced was improving the durability! Manufacturers want you to keep buying product! So developing a super long lasting product isn't in their best interest. So whether it's a car wash, rain storm, or just time, most protectants on the market just don't last very long. As a professional paint polisher, I want my work to look its best for as long as possible! Finally, Black Wow is super concentrated. You only need enough to "quench" its thirst.”

Before using Black Wow Trim Restorer.

After using Black Wow Trim Restorer

Our own test on this 2002 Nissan Xterra is proof positive that Black Wow really works!

People who have tried Black Wow absolutely love it! Professional detailers and do-it-yourselfers can now achieve long-lasting, natural-looking trim restoration without messy dyes. Black Wow will bring back the WOW to your dark colored, exterior plastic trim.

4 fl. oz

Restore a faded wiper cowl to a natural, factory-new appearance.

Black Wow takes years off the appearance of your vehicle's exterior plastic trim.

Apply Black Wow before washing your vehicle. Use a Poly Foam Wax Applicator and spread a pea-sized amount evenly on the trim. Apply a very thin coat. Buff off excess with a lint-free Cobra Microfiber Cloth. (Use a separate towel than the ones you use on the paint.) Then wash the vehicle and use the wash sponge to wipe down the trim. Towel dry.

This is just a Thank You. I purchased Black Wow Exterior Trim Restorer. Really did not think anything would work on my very dull plastic trim. Boy, was I DEAD WRONG!!! This stuff is great. Used it 2 days ago, and my trim is what it used to be. Just fantastic!!!! Thank you for your advice and what you said the results would be. Your company and staff are the best for answers. You advice has never been wrong as many times as I email for help. Thank you again. - M. Syper, Myrtle Beach, S.C.

Black WOW Exterior Trim Restorer

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McHenry, Illinois 60050
Blackwow is the best product of it's kind by far.
I have a 2005 Chevy Silverado, I ran across this product called Blackwow. My truck looked old, the front black became faded, the trim around the mirrors were faded. Every part that was made of Black and Gray plastic was really faded. I purchased the cleaner and a bottle of Blackwow, I followed the very easy directions and applied to the faded parts, after I was done I could not believe my eyes. My truck looked new, the faded bumper and other trim had a deep black finish that lasted all summer. would never even think about using any other product no matter what they say I would take a pass on it and stay with I know. Raymond Herron McHenry, Illinois raymondherron1@gmail.com
Astoria, NY
It's cool
////Great Job ////
United States
very good product
I've had this on for about three weeks.still looks good
ProsDoesn't wash off when it gets wet
ConsTime consuming to apply since I have a 05 avalanche with body cladxing
Amazing product.
Bought our son a 13 year old black 4Runner. The trim was light grey at best. It is now black and shiny. We were amazed. Then we tried it on the decals of our 5th wheel. They look amazing. We LOVE this product.
ProsWorks great!
San Francisco, CA
Been using for 5+ years
I've been using this product for 5+ years and still have 4/5 of a bottle left. The key to getting fantastic results is to use a VERY SMALL AMOUNT. Any references to a 'greasy' appearance is because of user error. Apply the smallest drop (we are talking sesame seed sized portions) and apply using your finger wrapped in a clean microfiber. You should have to work a bit to spread it around... then add a bit more and move on to the next area. This isn't a product that you apply like 'armor-all' in bulk and wipe it off. You want to use the minimum amount necessary to get your trim back to the original color.

The good thing is that it lasts through several car washes for me... I probably treated the plastic bits every 3-4 months with Black Wow.

I still love my Zaino rubber dressing on the tires and dash, but this product brought life back to trim pieces that didn't come back with other products.
ConsApplicaton takes a bit more care and work than wipe on/off products. It's also more difficult to clean off of paint, so apply carefully.