What are the Best Add-Ons for Detailing Jobs?

What are the Best Add-Ons for Detailing Jobs?

When detailing is a source of income for you, you are constantly looking for ways to improve the services you provide. Whether that be by upgrading your tools, improving your technique, or even expanding your skill set to offer more services. When it comes to that last one, there are so many different detailing services that it can be difficult to figure out which ones are going to have the biggest impact on your earnings. The question that so many professional detailers ask themselves constantly is...

What are the Best Add-Ons for Detailing Jobs?

Lucky for all of us, professional detailer, Justin Labato, has teamed up with all-around car professional, Bruno Massel, to tell you some of the most lucrative detailing job add-ons! These are services that you can offer in addition to the bread and butter, paint correction and protection, to add more value for you and your customers! And the best part is that these services are not difficult to master and have an amazing return on investment that will put far and above the competition in your customers' eyes!

Here are the top 3 add-ons you can offer:

  1. Trim restoration
  2. Wheel coating
  3. Glass coating

Let's go a little deeper into each of these services and why they are such great services to offer!

Trim restoration:
You will have many customers who don't know enough about car care to properly upkeep and clean their trim. This means that a lot of the cars you'll be working on will have faded, cracked, or dull trim. Most of your customers may think that trying to restore their plastic trim is impossible, so offering them a way to not only restore that deep black look, but also protect it from going back to that will generate a lot of buzz! Best of all, when you use Pinnacle Black Label Ceramic Trim Restorer to do it, it will be quick and easy while still offering amazing results and years of protection!

Wheel coating:
The best way that you can make sure you make a good impression on your customers is to make their life easier. If a customer is approaching you, you know one thing for sure; they care about their car. People who care about their car, try their best to take care of it. So, your customers are probably doing the best they can to clean their wheels. This is especially true if they have expensive aftermarket wheels and are trying to protect their investment. Making that job a whole lot easier for them by applying a wheel coating will make a huge impression on them! And using DP Wheel Coating to do it makes YOUR life a lot easier too! The simple "spray, wipe, and buff" application of DP Wheel Coating means you can provide a lot of value with very little investment on your part!

Glass coating:
Every single one of your customers' cars is going to have glass and a lot of it! Keep glass clean is a struggle for anyone, so being able to offer your customers the ability to clean their glass less and have an easier time when they do will have a massive effect! The BLACKFIRE GlassPro Coating System is an easy glass protection system to use that will provide outstanding results! It will provide intense water beading that will improve your customers' visibility while driving, prevent the glass from getting dirty, and make cleaning the glass much easier!

While there is a plethora of other services you can learn and offer to your customers, these 3 are going provide the best return without a huge investment or learning curve on your part!