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GYEON Q2M Bathe + Plus - 400 ml

A car wash shampoo with SiO2 in the formula!

GYEON Q2M Bathe + Plus is a quick an easy way to add a hydrophobic layer to your vehicle. This unique car wash shampoo can be used on cars with or without a preexisting SiO2 coating. Those with a coating will experience an increase in shine and hydrophobic properties, while those without coatings will experience self-cleaning hydrophobic properties as well. GYEON Q2M Bathe + Plus is unlike any car wash formula you’ve ever used, and you’ll be amazed after every wash!

Everyone needs a go-to car wash formula. Routine car washes are simply a fact of car ownership. Even if your vehicle has been treated with an SiO2 coating, you’ll still need to break out the wash buckets every now and again. And if your vehicle hasn’t been coated, you’d probably enjoy a taste of that self-cleaning effect to keep those wash buckets in the garage for longer in between uses! GYEON Q2M Bathe + Plus is the perfect car was formula for your routine car wash needs.

GYEON Q2M Bathe + Plus has everything that a standard car wash formula does plus! You get ample suds and lubrication, a formula that’s safe to use on your entire vehicle including trim and glass, plus, you get the self-cleaning properties of a hydrophobic layer. GYEON Q2M Bathe + Plus leaves a layer that repels dirt, grime, fingerprints, and water prolonging the time between routine washes. When it is time to wash again, you’ll find it easier since dirt and grime will be less able to stick to the surface!

400 ml.

GYEON Q2M Bathe + Plus - 400 ml

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Alexandria Virginia
super slick
Great way to add gloss and protection
Proseasy to use
Constakes a little more time need to work one panel at a time
Erie, PA
There's a lot to like
This is unlike any other car wash that I've ever used - the result is pretty good, much like the reviews I'd seen previously - really hydrophobic and good gloss.

I've found that I won't use it as a car wash, instead I'll wash the vehicle using plain water - or just a little bit of car soap if it's really dirty - first and then I'll apply the Bathe+ following the user directions and that allows it to bond better to the clean surface.

The beading and shine are really great and I like this stuff a lot. I think that maybe layering it will work even better because when I wash the vehicle, I typically wouldn't use any soap that would remove the Bathe+ or whatever I have as a base, like ceramic wax.
ProsEasy to use A pretty quick process to apply Great results
ConsNeed to be careful to rinse each section before moving on to other areas
Excellent Shampoo
I alternate this shampoo with Carpro Reset on my Carpro coated car. Bathe leaves my car without the filmy feeling that I seem to get from other shampoos. I am slowly moving to Gyeon from Carpro as I use products up
Louisville, KY
Great wash product for well maintained vehicles that are coated or sealed
This is a good wash product for well maintained and coated-sealed-waxed vehicles. Slick wash product with good lubricity. Looks glossy after I dried the vehicle with a twist loop drying towel. I wouldn't recommend this for a non-coated or non-sealed vehicle, although you could use it and it would work fine as a regular wash. Gyeon makes some of the best products for detailing in my opinion. Everything I have used from them has worked exactly as it was supposed to and always exceeds my expectations. Bathe+ is another good product. I use it in combination of bucket washes about once a month with Bathe+, then I just maintain the vehicle with rinseless washes for all the in-between washes.
ProsWorks great on coated, waxed, or sealed vehicles. Gyeon is a name you can TRUST when it comes to detailing products
ConsNone, other than this soap is really designed to be used on a waxed, coated, or sealed vehicle. Something that is maintained regularly. If you have a super dirty vehicle with heavy dirt, dust, or other muck, revert to using a good quality regular auto wash product of your choice. Auto Geek probably has tons of those for a good price. And many times you can catch a sale.
Dallas, TX
Slick and incredible water beads
So, it says you can use it to wash your car. For my taste, there isn't lubrication to safely wash a dirty car. I wash the car first with my favorite car shampoo. Then, apply this bathe plus on a clean car. Once you rinse the panel that has bathe plus, the beading is unreal. Drying the car, your microfiber towels will glide over the paint. Here is a pic to see shine on my silver car.

As far as the self cleaning, yeah it will. But not much.
ProsVery slick, excellent beading.
ConsI wouldn't use it to wash a dirty car. Which is why I don't rate it 5/5.