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Pinnacle Safe Scrub

Pinnacle Safe ScrubScrub off the bugs, not the shine!

They say you can tell a biker by the bugs in his teeth, but you don’t want them all over your motorcycle, too! Bug juice contains acids that will eat the shine off your chrome and paint if you don’t take fast action to remove them. (We’re not sure what it does to your teeth.) To wipe bug splatter and other sticky substances away, use the Pinnacle Safe Scrub Bug & Tar Pad.

There are a number of bug remover sprays out there, but many of them are corrosive. They eat through the grime so what’s keeping them from eating through the chrome? Instead, use the method proven to remove sticky contamination without removing anything else – the Pinnacle Safe Scrub Pad.

The honeycomb design allows individual fibers to slide under the splatter and lift it off the surface, without chemicals or abrasive sponges. On that note, don’t ever use the rough side of a kitchen sponge to get sap off your bike. It will scratch the heck out of metal, plastic, and paint. The Safe Scrub Pad is designed to be completely gentle on all these surfaces as it removes all kinds of grime.

The Pinnacle Safe Scrub Bug & Tar Pad is safe on plastic, chrome, fiberglass, clear coats, and glass. Use soapy water as a lubricant for the pad.

Before using the Safe Scrub Pad, soak it in warm water for 3-5 minutes. This will soften the pad but it will still be just as effective.

Safe Scrub Bug & Tar Pad
Safe Scrub Bug & Tar Pad

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Safe Scrub Bug & Tar Pad
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