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Original Formula Wenol (red) 40 oz.can

Original Formula Wenol (red) 40 oz.can
Clean and restore oxidized metal with Wenol!

Wenol metal polish in the red tube is legendary in the detailing industry for the way it powers through tough oxidation, discoloration, acid rain spots and surface rust. Any polishable metal (not coated) will sparkle after using Wenol Red. It’s the only choice for restoration projects and severe rust removal.

Wenol Red works where other metal polishes fall short. Use it on brass, copper, blank aluminum, diamond plate, silver, pewter and more! Any blank metal surface will shine like new after using Wenol Red. The polish chemically removes tarnish, stains, and rust without attacking the metal underneath. Wenol Red contains no abrasives so it won’t scratch the metal as it cleans.

In addition to powerful cleaning, Wenol Red leaves a clear coating of protection on treated metal that resists water, rust, and tarnishing for weeks. This coating maintains the crisp shine of just-polished metal without attracting dust or smudging.

Wenol has been awarded “Manufacturer of the Year” from the prestigious International Show Car Association, Pacific Division. It is a staple on the car show circuit for its ease of use and remarkable results.

Wenol Red’s reputation extends beyond the detailing world. The US Air Force uses Wenol to polish the leading edges of aircraft wings among other vital metal components. Researchers depend on Wenol to polish critical components on delicate electron microscopes. Restaurants worldwide use Wenol to polish their expensive, professional grade pots, pans, and utensils. Wenol Red metal polish is trusted to clean any blank metal surface and restore its original luster.

To remove surface rust, apply a small amount of Wenol® and allow it to set for ½ hour. Then apply a small amount of polish and briskly rub the rusted area. Pits and scratches will not be removed; but their appearance may diminish with polishing.

Remember to avoid some of the common polishing pitfalls – like build-up. Detailing is made easier by applying Wenol® to a polishing cloth and then proceeding. If deep cleaning is required you may use a soft brushes combined with small amounts of polish.

Wenol® is truly a multi-tasker – it can do so much, for a great cross-section of metal materials. From fighter jets to microscopes – pots and pans to motor casings and engine components, just look at your ride and imagine it’s true potential – with Wenol® that dream can be realized! Order your own tube of perfection protection – and let Wenol® metal polish kick start your metal parts!

Important: Wenol Red is not for use on coated, plated or anodized metals. To see if metal is coated, rub a small amount of polish on an inconspicuous area. If no black residue appears, the metal is coated. Stop polishing and instead use Wenol Blue on coated metals.

40 oz. can

Original Formula Wenol (red) 40 oz.can
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40 oz.can Original Formula Wenol (red) <br>Case of 6
40 oz.can Original Formula Wenol (red)
Case of 6

Availability: Usually ships the same business day


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Original Formula Wenol (red) 40 oz.can
5 Stars based on 3 Review(s)
United States
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Good product
February 18, 2015
I used this on the fender wells of my mobile detailing trailer and they look awesome now.

Peter Cardin
5 Stars

wenol good stuff
May 20, 2007
Used it Before Best Polish I've ever tried

5 Stars

Superb/Economical/keeps promise
October 30, 2006
I need a new red can of Wenol. It is THE ONLY WORTHWHILE POLISHER . Used on silver flatware, as well as brass coffers, among many other household items which require a glorious finish....with WENOL! Never fails me.