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SONAX Wheel Cleaner Full Effect 5 L

Safe on all wheels, including aluminum and alloys!

SONAX Wheel Cleaner safely and effectively eliminates the most stubborn dirt such as brake dust, oil and rubber residue. Color-change foam lets you know it's working! SONAX Wheel Cleaner's acid-free, non-corrosive formula is safe on all types of painted, alloy, anodized, clear coated, chrome, aluminum and stainless steel wheels. Clean with confidence!

If you have custom, specialty, or otherwise expensive wheels, you have just found your wheel cleaner. SONAX Wheel Cleaner is pH neutral to protect your wheels' finish. This is in sharp contrast to many wheel cleaners, which contain harsh chemical solvents. SONAX Wheel Cleaner is tough on dirt, but gentle on your vehicle’s wheels.

Gentle does not mean weak! Instead of acidic cleaners, SONAX Wheel Cleaner is formulated with more sophisticated ingredients designed to attack what is on the wheel, not the wheel itself.

You can literally see SONAX Wheel Cleaner working! SONAX Wheel Cleaner sprays on fluorescent green and turns red as it penetrates dirt and grime. Red indicates that the brake dust, oily film, and dirt are being loosened and - with minimal effort - they'll rinse away, leaving clean, sparkling wheels.

Spray on SONAX Wheel Cleaner and allow it to dwell for several seconds as the cleaner turns red. If necessary, use a soft-bristled wheel brush to clean between spokes. The Speed Master Wheel Brush has soft nylon bristles that are gentle on all wheels, and it cleans deep between spokes. Rinse with clean water and towel dry to prevent water spots.

Before Sonax Wheel Cleaner.
Spray one wheel at a time with SONAX Wheel Cleaner.

Spray the wheel thoroughly with Sonax Wheel Cleaner
SONAX Wheel Cleaner immediately starts loosening brake dust and oil.

Sonax Wheel Cleaner turns red when it touches brake dust and grease.
Above, you can see that SONAX Wheel Cleaner turns red as it comes into contact with brake dust.

Rinse off wheels.
SONAX Wheel Cleaner does most of the work for you!

Towel dry clean wheels with a soft microfiber towel.
Use a soft wheel brush to agitate the cleaner. Here we used a Speed Master Wheel Brush.

Use Sonax Wheel Cleaner on all types of wheels.
Rinse each wheel thoroughly.


Those of us with expensive, custom wheels or unique finishes have struggled to find a safe wheel cleaner. Search no more! SONAX Wheel Cleaner is the solution!

5 Liter

Made in Germany.

Sonax Wheel Cleaner is safe on all types of wheels.

Add on a Speed Master Wheel Brush for a special price!

Speed Master Wheel BrushBuilt for quick, effective cleaning of all wheels, the Speed Master Wheel Brush has a state-of-the-art, flexible design that cleans any wheel design without scratching!

Speed Master Jr Brush18 inch Speed Master Wheel Brush - only $24.99! Regular price is $29.99.
13 inch Speed Master Jr. - only $16.99!
Regular price is $19.99.

SONAX Wheel Cleaner Full Effect 5 L

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SONAX Wheel Cleaner Full Effect 5 L
4.5 Stars based on 11 Review(s)
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Worth the Price
September 14, 2016
Very good product and works as expected. Really cleans the wheels thoroughly. Will continue to use on a regular basis to keep wheels looking good.

Brian N Bartlett
united states
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Excellent clearer, terrible smell
July 15, 2016
This is one of the best cleaners I've ever worked with- safe on all wheels, effective, quick. The smell is unbearable.
excellent, safe cleaner
putrid smell

Chris P
Greenbelt, Maryland
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Strong but gentle
June 26, 2016
The best stuff out there. Pricey but worth it. It removes brakes dust and takes some of the elbow grease out of it.
Solid brake dust remover Changes color to let you know its working
Pricey Smell

Castro Valley, CA
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Must have for detailing!
May 31, 2016
Very happy with how this works on my wheels!
Fast acting, color shows that it's working!
Doesn't spray itself onto your wheels.

Hartford CT
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Great Wheel Cleaner
May 27, 2015
Works great on my polished rims.
Ease of application.
Pricy but worth the price

Thonotosassa, FL
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

This stuff is great
May 13, 2015
Sonax is easy to use, spray on let soak and spray off. Wheels come out clean and shiny
Easy to use
strong oder

Scottsdale Arizona
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Cuts right through BMW brake dust
April 19, 2015
Spray on dry dirty wheels, let it sit for 3-5mins, pressure wash off. Wheel looks almost perfect. Follow with speed brush and rinse. Good stuff.
Effective at cleaning BMW brake dust buildup
Smells bad, kind of expensive

New Jersey
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Best Wheel Cleaner Ever
August 29, 2014
This is the best to clean you rims. Try it you will love it
Easy to use

United States
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Works as well as anything else we've tried (but now comes 30% stronger)
June 11, 2014
It wasn't more than a week after our latest shipment of 10 liters of Sonax Full Effect, that our company started getting emails about the reformulated version of the product that is now "30% stronger." Haha, oh well... this product has been working very well for us over the last few years of business. We've started using a foamer nozzle on our spray bottles with it to enhance the cling ability, since it drips VERY fast off wheels.
Works well on moderately bad wheels (let it dwell)
Cost Also, compare it to the now countless other "purple activated" wheel cleaners on the market and come to a conclusion on your own (or compare it to their new 30% stronger version)

Mike S
5 Stars

Great Wheel Cleaner
April 20, 2013
I have Tikore Ti lug bolts. Many wheel cleaners tarnish the bolts. But not Sonax! It also works as well or better than any other wheel cleaner I have ever used. A bit pricey but worth it.

Matt C.
5 Stars

Now wheels are easy to clean.
May 18, 2011
I'm rating this size because I buy 2 at a time so it equates to $160. When you buy two it's such a great deal. Sonax Wheel cleaner is such a powerful cleaner. It does have a bad smell, but since you spray and let it set, you're not around it. When you spray it, you can actually see it drip purple as it cleans, which is cool. Using it with a Daytona Wheel Brush makes cleaning your wheels so easy. I do recommend this product at this size because it's such a great deal.