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RejeX Paint Sealant 16 oz.

RejeX Paint Sealant 16 oz.
Nothing sticks but the shine!®

RejeX is an ultra thin polymer coating that keeps auto paint clean for four to six months! RejeX is a paint sealant and anti-stick coating in one. RejeX prevents stains and adhesion of exhaust, insects, oil, tree sap, bird droppings, brake dust, and road grime. Plus, RejeX creates a deep shine that rivals any wax!

RejeX is an incredible feat of paint care. It provides a durable, high-release finish that is impervious to common vehicle contaminants, meaning they can't get through! Corrosive bird droppings and bugs stay on top of the RejeX film, where they cannot etch the paint. Tree sap and road grime are rejected. They just can't stick to the slick finish. RejeX also retards the oxidation process by sealing the paint behind a polymer coating.

Imagine your vehicle coming clean with just a quick rinse-off with the water hose. RejeX's anti-stick coating prevents contamination from adhering to the paint. A jet of water is all it takes to remove most common contaminants, saving you the time and effort of scrubbing your vehicle.

RejeX works on nearly every automotive surface! Use RejeX to seal and protect painted metal, acrylic, gel coat, fiberglass, glossy plastic and polished metal surfaces. Use it on the wheels, bodywork, headlights, and grill. Use RejeX on your boat, RV, ATV, airplane, and motorcycle. RejeX will keep your entire collection of vehicles well-protected with minimal upkeep. Remember, a blast of water is all it takes to release most contaminants from the slick finish.

Rejex Paint Sealant has a reflective shine.

RejeX is the only paint protectant you need! It lasts longer and protects better than most paint sealants. RejeX has a higher refractive index than most waxes, so it produces a deeper, richer luster. Apply a coat of RejeX and there's no need for any other wax. In fact, wax can't adhere well to RejeX's high-release finish. That's a testament to RejeX's ability to shield your vehicle from anything it encounters.

Wipe on Rejex with a soft applicator.
Wipe RejeX onto the paint in a thin, even coat.

Buff off Rejex with a soft, clean microfiber towel
Buff off RejeX with a soft, clean microfiber towel.

Application is easy. Shake RejeX well and apply to a clean, dry surface that is cool to the touch. Do not apply in direct sunlight or in temperatures greater than 85° F. After RejeX dries to a haze (about 20 minutes), simply wipe it off with a soft microfiber towel. Unlike waxes that require strenuous rubbing or buffing to remove, RejeX easily wipes on and off. Allow RejeX to cure for 12 hours out of the elements.

Rejex Paint Sealant leaves a high gloss on all paints!
RejeX Paint Sealant leaves a deep, reflective shine on all paints.
Apply Rejex Paint Sealant to headlights and all plastics!
Use RejeX to protect plastics, too!

RejeX works by cross-linking across the paint to form a clear, impervious coating. To do this, RejeX must cure for 12 hours after application. This curing time is essential to the performance and longevity of RejeX. During the curing time, the vehicle should not come into contact with water, oil, cleaners, soot, or any other contaminants. Once cured, RejeX will provide up to 12 months of protection on paint that is in good condition. Most vehicles will require reapplication every 4-6 months for optimum protection. Additional coats of RejeX can be applied as long as you wait 8 hours between each coat.

If at any time you wish to remove RejeX, simply use a polish, paint cleaner or compound. RejeX does not contain the silicone oils found in some other products that contaminate paint.

RejeX contains no abrasives. Use it on glass, windshields, and clear plastics, including Eisenglass and Plexiglas. It repels water to maintain better visibility and a cleaner surface.

Applied to wheels, Rejex prevents brake dust adhesion to make future cleaning easier.

Because RejeX is a true paint sealant, it is important to properly prep the paint before applying RejeX. Polish and/or clay the vehicle to remove any imperfections or embedded dirt before applying RejeX. The finish will look cleaner, clearer, and more brilliant.

Apply Rejex to wheels! Buff wheels with a microfiber towel. Rejex protects wheels for months!

Give all your vehicles the ultimate protection against dirt and grime plus a deep shine with RejeX! The high-release polymer finish rejects contamination to keep your vehicle clean and protected.

16 oz.

RejeX Paint Sealant 16 oz.
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16 oz. RejeX Case of 12

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RejeX Paint Sealant 16 oz.
4.5 Stars based on 14 Review(s)
Cherry hill
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Excellent product
May 21, 2015
This product works as advertised and is better than any wax or protectant on the market.
Great shine, goes on easy wipes off with little effort.

Beautiful, Vermont
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

The best
December 15, 2014
I have been using on my Corvette for 10 years now. True protection others only wish for and a shine to match.
Amazing shine and real protection. If you want a shine that LASTS, worth the effort. Your welcome.
Must wait at least 24 hours after applying before getting wet. A little more difficult to hand buff than cheap wax. Should do two coats on first application. ( I wait a day or two for second coat )

Houston, Tx
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Must Have
October 1, 2014
This product surprised me. I applied it very sparingly to my new car, just home from the showroom. My boyfriend and I applied three very thin coats, 8+ hours apart, as directed. We avoided all black and/or rubber parts and applied it to areas that were painted, glass, or chrome. The hardest part was making very sure to get it all buffed off before applying the next coat. The depth of luster achieved was remarkable. The painted surfaces feel like silk. Rain beads and rolls off nicely. The finish is lovely. I couldn't ask for more. I'll be using RejeX two to three times a year, applying multiple coats, to keep it looking like it does today.
Just keep it off black or rubber parts of your car. Be sure to get it all off before applying another coat.

Louisville, KY
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Perfect product
August 28, 2014
I have been using Rejex for 10 years. It is the best product for ease of wing off bugs after a road trip.

4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

A very solid product
June 18, 2014
I have used this product periodically over the years and it works very well. If applied thinly, it is easy to remove and I especially like that the company gives specific recommendations for layering because when I'm applying a wax, I prefer to do at least a couple of coats. It applies easily by DA polisher. The shine is at least as good as any of the top sealants or waxes. I give this product 4 stars because I haven't had a chance to measure its longevity.
Reasonably easy application and very nice shine. It's supposed to prevent adhesion by bird bombs and bug splats.
A bit expensive in my opinion.

5 Stars

Deep Shine
January 26, 2013
Black Mustang looks really good using RejeX. I've used Mothers and Meguirs and RejeX is slightly better.

Howell Hilton
5 Stars

September 27, 2012
Have used for about six years. It is an outstanding coating for all automotive and aircraft painted surface that I have experienced!!!

Fred Johns
5 Stars

RejeX Evaluation
March 22, 2012
Best i've ever used. I've been using RejeX for 10 years.

5 Stars

August 24, 2011
Best sealant I have ever used

5 Stars

best sealant i've ever used
June 13, 2011
My father has had show trucks since I was a kid, so I have been around a lot of waxes and sealants. I read about this stuff when I purchased my BMW and wanted something that was really good. Well, RejeX definitely lived up to what it promises. Water sheeted off the car for months after I applied it for the first time. I have never had anything last as long as this did. Just got a new SUV for the wife and also just had my show truck repainted. No other wax or sealant will be on my vehicles but Rejex!

2 Stars

Just A Lot Of Hype
April 17, 2011
I applied it just like the manufacturer said . I used it on new, un-waxed and clay barred paint in 75 degree weather and then let it cure inside my garage for 15 hours . Nice shine but lasted no longer than a good wax job . Try another sealer because this one doesn't live up to all the hype .

5 Stars

October 17, 2010
This product was very easy to: Apply Remove And the shine was impressive to say the least!

5 Stars

It's great!
September 2, 2010
Incredible durability and outstanding shine. I'm surprised more people haven't discovered this product. I've used quite a few sealants/waxes and this is definitely up there with the best.

5 Stars

July 17, 2010
I use Rejex on my 2009 Corvette and it is a great polish/sealant. It is amazing how well it keeps brake dust from sticking. The shine is deep and wet. It lasts for a long time. My son could not believe that after a 1000 mile trip I just hosed the car down and it looked perfect. Bugs, etc. just fall off.

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