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P21S Windshield Washer Booster

P21S Windshield Washer Booster
Give windshield washer fluid an adrenaline rush! P21S Windshield Washer Booster will give your windshield the best protection against the elements.

Windshield washing gets a much needed boost with Windshield Washer Booster, an incredible new product from P21S, designed with the windshield fanatic in mind. When driving in the rain, oily rain film quickly turns into smear on your windshield, and regular windshield washer fluid can’t handle the build up. The answer is simple. Add a shot of P21S Windshield Washer Booster to regular windshield washer fluid and start seeing clearly again! Here are reasons why this product measures up when it comes to windshield protection:

Higher Level of Safety. It’s good to be cautious, especially while driving in dangerous conditions. Here in Florida we deal with strong spotty rain showers which affect our ability to see clearly. Adding P21S Windshield Washer Booster is like an adrenaline rush for washer fluid. It will step cleaning up a notch, causing film, grime, and clouds to disappear. Many customers also benefit from the added bonus of not having to replace windshield wipers as frequently.

Cuts through Grime. Here’s a scenario we all have been through. You just washed your car, and now you’re taking it one the road for a spin. Suddenly…splat! A big bug just landed right on the windshield, and it doesn’t want to wash it off with regular wiper fluid and wipers. This is a perfect time to add a shot P21S Windshield Washer Booster to your regular detergent. Greasy film, insect smear, and salt films will be removed with this powerful booster.

From a Name You Trust. P21S is a German company that makes an incredible line of car care products that is regarded highly in the industry. These products include Total Auto Wash and Concours Carnauba Wax, two of many products highly regarded as the best. Precision and perfection are two qualities of German design, and P21S Windshield Washer Booster reflects flawlessly upon the P21S name.

P21S is such a great addition to any windshield wiper fluid, so I thought it would be helpful to answer some commonly asked questions about it:

Q: Can I use this product with any windshield washer fluid?

A: Yes, you can. P21S Windshield Washer Booster will work with plain water and all anti-freeze washer fluids.

Q: How do I know how much of the booster I add to my washer fluid?

A: P21S took the guesswork out of measuring. The bottle comes with a built in measuring cup that will ensure the perfect concoction for optimum performance.

250 ml (8.4 oz.) Measure Bottle

Manufactured in Germany.

P21S Windshield Washer Booster
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P21S Windshield Washer Booster
4.5 Stars based on 12 Review(s)
Chevy Chase, Maryland
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Great produce
June 4, 2016
I have used this windshield wash booster for many years - Works great!

5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Must Have for Sports Cars
March 22, 2016
It's a simple thing, but I couldn't drive without it! Especially with our winters here, it makes a huge difference!

5 Stars

Great Product
May 22, 2011
in keeping with the P21 tradition....this product picks up where your standard windshield washer cleaner from your local auto parts store stops ! It cleans bugs, road salt and any other road crap that might hit your windshield !

Jordan Webster
5 Stars

September 23, 2010
Wow this liquid is amazing! My windshield is so clear that when I drive in the rain at night it's still oh so clear.

Jeff H
3 Stars

Very Good, leaves residue
January 5, 2010
This cleans very well. It does leave a powder residue anywhere the spray lands. Some may object to this. Afraid I do.

5 Stars

Just the shot I needed!
October 7, 2009
This did indeed save a replacement of wipers. I didn't have a whole jug handy so I put a half shot in my car's dispenser and it works like a dream! Windshield is clear of grime and wipers are able to do their job. You need to buy this!

5 Stars

P21s Washer Booster
June 16, 2009
This stuff is great. It does just as it says it does, I've never found anything that I could add to my washer fluid to cut through the smeary mess on my windscreen. After being extremely impressed with the P21s 100% Carnauba Wax, I thought I'd give this a try. WOW! I'm so glad I found this, that I'm buying 4 bottles of it with my next order from AG!!! (one as a present for my uncle who was very impressed when I put a couple of "shots" in his reservoir (him and I have been on a mission against that evil film for a long time- untill now the only option was using a slightly abrasive waterspot remover paste, which neither of us felt was safe on the glass). 5* + from me!

4 Stars

ps21s booster
July 22, 2007
Nothing else as good for rapid cleaning of windshield while on the go. Does leave a bit of powder off to the sides of the wiper sweep.

5 Stars

Works fantastic
May 8, 2007
I put the PS21 Windshield Washer Booster in two weeks ago. It lightly rained and WOW... the windshield was clean with no streaking. Works great at removing bugs from the windshield. It may be my imagination, but I was thinking about replacing my windshield wiper blades, but now no streaking and the work like new, no need to replace. I would highly recommend this product.

K Ullom
5 Stars

No More Streaking
February 1, 2007
I have used this product for many years and it is truely impressive. Cleans Windshield and eliminates streaking all in one. A must have for persons who have a lot of windshield time.

Mike S.
5 Stars

Highly Impressed
April 7, 2006
I was very skeptical when I purchased this stuff. I added this to my washer fluid a few days ago. I've had a few chances to use it over the past couple days and I am truely impressed. It seems to lubricate the windshield while disolving bug guts, bird droppings, or anything else that is on the windshield. I will definitely buy this again and again.

James Watkins
4 Stars

Talk about Invisible Glass!!
March 23, 2006
P21s Windsheild Washer Booster is a simply amazing product. It is the only product I have have ever used that has help clean my wipers well and lubricate them. my only concern is its effect on my wax. Over an excentent product

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