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Altec AutoCross Lens Frames - Multiple Colors

Altec AutoCross Lens Frames - Multiple Colors

These frames are built like a bank vault!

Altec's Autocross Lens Frames convert an ordinary license plate into an integrated and decorative design accent. Enhance the look of your car while protecting your plate from Mother Nature, chipping, and scratching. Not just a pretty accessory, these high-grade automotive acrylic frames come with a self-sealing rubber gasket to keep out every last bit of rain, snow and dirt, and to keep flying debris from damaging your license plate.

Customize the appearance of your vehicle in minutes with a color coordinating frame. Autocross Lens Frames are available in 6 attractive colors. AutoCross Frames are a step ahead of ordinary frames in visual appeal and construction! The durable lens is almost invisible and all mounting screws have snap-on screw caps to conceal them. The Autocross Frame is a quick and inexpensive face lift, or should I say “rear end” lift for your vehicle!


AutoCross License Plate Frames are attractive and functional car accessories!

The AutoCross Frames include a rubber gasket to seal out dirt and moisture.

Each AutoCross Lens Frame comes with the frame itself, a rubber gasket, screws, and coordinated screw caps. Mounting instructions are included.


Available colors:

To keep your Tursimo Lens Flame Frame clear, use McKee's 37 Plex-All every time you detail your vehicle. McKee's 37 Plex-All is an aerosol cleaner, polish and protectant for clear plastics. Regular use will keep the plastic clean, clear, and smooth.

Note: Altec frames are not compatible with Volvos due to the design of the license plate bracket.


Don’t forget that we have genuine Altec License Frame Replacement Caps! Over the life of your vehicle, regular wear and the occasional removal of the plate may result in lost caps. Get a set of Altec License Frame Replacement Caps just in case, because replacement parts are always more difficult to find when you need them!

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