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DP Interior Surface Protectant

DP Interior Surface Protectant

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Donít let your interior feel inferior!

When you spend more time inside the car than you do outside it, make sure you protect it with DP Interior Surface Protectant. DP Interior Surface Protectant protects your interior from dirt, dust, UV rays and all the side effects that come with them. DP Interior Surface Protectant is a 100% water-based formula that has a pH-balanced formula and is safe for leather, vinyl, plastic and rubber interior surfaces. DP Interior Surface Protectant penetrates the surface to moisturize and soften plastic, vinyl and rubber surfaces, while also providing a satin, streak-free finish. All this while still being easy-to-use!

Itís not hard to get your interiors dirty. Just stepping in the car tracks in dirt and other environmental debris without you even realizing it. Mix that with spilled drinks, scattered snacks and messes brought on by kids and pets, it makes you wonder if you ever had a clean interior. With DP Interior Surface Protectant, you can protect your surfaces so that messes will be a thing of the past.

What you can expect:
• PROTECTION! Provides protection against UV rays and all the harm that comes with it.
• SAFE! A pH-balanced, water-based formula makes it safe on all your interior surfaces.
• ENHANCES! Moisturizes and softens plastic, vinyl and rubber while providing a perfect finish.
• EASY TO USE! Three quick steps and you are done!

Although you have a car frame between your interior and the outside world, the sunís UV rays still find their way to your interior. UV rays can damage your interior like no other, causing surfaces to dry out, crack and fade. DP Interior Surface Protectant protects against all these harmful effects, while also protecting surfaces from dirt, dust and other contaminants you track into the car.

DP Interior Surface Protectant leaves the surfaces with a satin, streak-free finish, making your interior look like you just rolled off the lot. This is due to the water-based solution of DP Interior Surface Protectant moisturizing and softening your plastic, leather, vinyl and rubber surfaces. The water-based solution also has a pH-balanced formula that makes it safe to be used on all these surfaces, having neither alkaline nor acid base. A pH-balanced formula makes it safe for you, your car and the environment.
For ultimate interior protection first apply DP Interior Surface Protectant to a microfiber applicator, apply to the panel to be treated and wipe away using a clean microfiber towel - it's that easy!

Another key feature of DP Surface Protectant is that it is easy-to-use! All you have to do is spray the product onto the surface youíd like to treat or apply the product to microfiber towel/applicator and then apply that to the surface youíd like to treat. Let the product dwell for half a minute and then buff away with a clean microfiber towel. Thatís all you need for a clean and protected interior!

Directions for use:
1. Spray DP Interior Surface Protectant directly onto the surface to be treated OR apply with a microfiber towel/applicator.
2. Allow product to dwell for approximately 30 seconds.
3. Buff away with a clean microfiber towel.

16 oz.

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