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BLACKFIRE Interior Protectant Buy One, Get One FREE!

New formula lasts longer and dries quicker. A fresh new tropical fragrance will make you feel like you're relaxing on the beach every time you enter your vehicle!

Revolutionary! A leather conditioner and vinyl protectant in one bottle!

BLACKFIRE Interior Protectant with Polycharger is the only product you need to maintain the look and feel of leather and soft vinyl upholstery. This 100% water based protectant uses micro-engineered polymers that are readily accepted by leather and soft vinyl. BLACKFIRE Interior Protectant contains no oils, silicones, or petroleum distillates. It leaves a deep, satin, natural-looking finish on interior auto surfaces.

The perfect complement to BLACKFIRE's Interior Cleaner, BLACKFIRE Interior Protectant is a superiorr, technologically advanced vinyl and leather conditioner/protectant! Boosted with Polycharger, this formula provides superior protection and a like-new luster on interior surfaces.

BLACKFIRE Interior Protectant enhances and protects vinyl and moisturizes and protects leather. It functions as a leather conditioner, a vinyl protectant, and a multi-surface interior protectant! Use Interior Protectant to enhance and protect interior wood accent strips, polished and satin metals, plastic panels and cup holders.

BLACKFIRE Interior Protectant is a leather and vinyl protectant.
BLACKFIRE Interior Protectant preserves the softness and beauty of vinyl and leather.

BLACKFIRE Interior Protectant is a 100% water-based formula containing no oils, no alcohols and no petroleum distillates. There is nothing to dry out leather or deteriorate stitching. BLACKFIRE Interior Protectant is perfectly pH-balanced (7) to match the pH requirements of leather. After treatment, a micro-fine moisture barrier remains on the surface to resist perspiration stains and help retard UV-induced fading.

What makes all of this possible is a newly developed, state-of-the-art polymer that protects, moisturizes, and softens with a natural pH that is perfect for leather. This new polymer has been chemically micro-engineered to perform both the function of a protectant and the function of a moisturizing lotion. It was crafted for the skin care industry but we found the characteristics of this new polymer perfect for a multi-material interior protectant. This unique formula is boosted with Polycharger to enhance its durability and protective properties.

In the past, products marketed for both vinyl and leather contained either a petroleum solvent and/or oils to moisturize leather. These oils remained on the surface of vinyl creating a greasy finish and attracting dust. That won't happen with BLACKFIRE Interior Protectant. It dries quickly to a non-greasy, satin finish that does not attract dust!

BLACKFIRE Interior Protectant is perfect for today's new interior materials. Many new automotive leathers are topped with a clear vinyl layer for protection. Owners can mistakenly treat these "leathers" with a leather conditioner which results in a greasy film because the oils are unable to penetrate the vinyl topping.

BLACKFIRE Interior Protectant is perfect for both naturally faced and vinyl faced leathers. The satin finish will not create dash glare and complements the matte vinyl now used on most dashboards.


Spray BLACKFIRE Interior Protectant directly on the surface or spray a microfiber applicator pad and wipe areas to avoid overspray on glass. On leather, allow a minute or two for product to penetrate. Wipe surface with a clean Cobra Microfiber Towel. If overspray lands on glass, it can be wiped off easily with any glass cleaner. BLACKFIRE Interior Protectant dries very quickly allowing you to drive the vehicle immediately without fear of staining clothing.

20 oz.

BLACKFIRE Interior Protectant Buy One, Get One FREE!

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91% Recommend this product (10 of 11 responses)
By Ken
February 4, 2017
Best I have used
Without a doubt, this is the best protectant I have personally tried. When matched up with BF Interior Cleaner, it makes for quick interior work with superior results.
ProsQuick professional results.
By Sam
Great Falls, Montana
October 19, 2016
Look No Further!
I replaced a cracked, end-of-life dashboard in a 1987 Mercedes-Benz 190E 2.3-16 vehicle. The used dashboard had no cracks, but was clearly a 1990 vintage dashboard in need of TLC. I first tied another popular dashboard/vinyl protectant., but shortly after using the product, the dashboard still looked aged. After waiting a couple of months and trying the other product again, there was still no improvement. I then went to the Autogeek web site because their TV advertising on Chasing Classic Cars and found the Blackfire products. After cleaning the dashboard with Blackfire interior cleaner, and applying the Blackfire interior protectant, I knew I had made the right choice. Looking at the dashboard now, it appears to be new! 3 weeks and counting.
By Rich
May 25, 2016
Dashboard Protectant
I started to use a commercially advertised protectant on the dashboard of my 2015 Subaru Impreza however stopped when it started to come out splotchy looking as the dash has a textured not smooth surface. After reading the product description on the Autogeek website, I purchased a spray bottle of Blackfire Interior Protectant to see if it would improve the appearance of the dash . I cleaned the commercially advertised protectant off as much as I could,and applied several coats of the Blackfire protectant using the recommended microfiber pad. The dash came out great looking so I did the whole interior of the car with it..
By mk
March 16, 2016
works but smells strong
I used this product on many leather and plastic items. On the plastic items, it left a nice, matt finish on them w/ no greasy feel to touch. On the leather items, it absorbed pretty quickly and again left a nice matt finish. It also dried quickly. No greasy feel to touch either. It does not seem that it softens the leather but that is ok with me. I am not a big fan of its smell, though. It is pretty strong and irritates my eyes. Id rather have one that does not have any smell. I do not use it in my brand new car as I enjoy its "natural" new car smell for the time being.
ProsEasy to use
ConsStrong irritating smell. You car might smell like a fruit punch drink.
By Randy
United States
January 2, 2015
went on easy
Prosleft nice finish
Constoo price
By Derek K Lorenz
October 1, 2014
Great product, not shiny, works well easy to apply
ProsEase of application
By Clay
Fort Walton Beach, FL
August 14, 2014
Interior detailer
This product is great on new interiors.. grew up a die hard Armor All user but have made the change...
By Jeff D.
New Hanover, PA
July 23, 2014
This is the stuff you are looking for
Wow! Combining the Blackfire cleaner and their protectant do an excellent job of restoring the original luster to your interior. I used this on my ten year old truck interior that I had never used any protectant on, just cleaned with soapy water, and to see the dash and door panels you would think the truck just rolled out of the car lot.
Prosgoes on easy and buffs to a soft, satin luster worked well on vinyl and leather (always test product on surface first)
By Jeffrey
Jupiter Florida
June 21, 2014
Easy to use and great results
The Black fire interior protectant is easy to use and leaves a great satin finish look.
By micheal
planet earth
March 9, 2014
Blackfire Interior Protectant
I was in need of a product that can be used inbetwen full leather cleaning and protecting. After searching i found this, as well as some other competing products (mainly 303). My process began with wiping down the seats with a towel dampened with softened water, adding some cleaner to the mix when needed to remove light stains on my leather seats. After allowing the seats to fully dry, I tried a few different methods of application. One being a MF applicator and the other being a MF towel. Because a speedy application was the main purpose I went with a MF towel. I was unsure how this product would react when used on very high quality , waxy leather. At worst I was expecting the results to be glossy and slippery like a dashboard protectant (303) would produce or even worse , tacky and wet. After applying the product to the driver seat, I was very surprised. The product soaked into the seat quickly and dried on its own. It darkened the seat, but did not add any gloss like it would if applied to a non-porous surface like the dashboard. The next thing I noticed was the product left a very soft feeling that wasnt tacky or slippery. It did not behave at all like a dashboard protectant, but moreso it felt like a leather conditioner, instead of protectant. Very happy with the results. I think this product really excels at its best on finished leather rather than the other parts of the interior. The look, easy application and feel puts it far ahead of other multi-purposed interior dressings/protectants. I was also extremely impressed with the interior cleaners performance on leather as well. Both products work very well. Better than the spray and wipe cleaner/protectants offered by Wolfgang, DP and Pinnacle. I highly recommend you give the free samples a try on your next order.
Proseconomical (20oz priced better than some 16oz competitors) large bottle (20oz instead of 16oz) trigger sprayer (very fine mist and high quality) applies evenly without streaking soaks in a drys quickly very soft feeling on leather darkening effect without additional gloss (on leather only) non-slippery or tackly and no damp feeling leftover for dirt to stick to no fragrance
ConsDoes not perform the same on non-porous materials (leaves glossy finish) no fragrance
By Mario
October 4, 2012
Love it
I was debating about this product but I got it either way and i love it on my Black Interior.