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BLACKFIRE Interior Cleaner 32 oz.

The only cleaner you need for all your car's interior surfaces!

BLACKFIRE Interior Cleaner is a versatile, water-based cleaner for all leather, vinyl, velour, carpet, headliner fabric, wood, plastic, and metal. It is designed to be both gentle and effective, and it contains no harmful ingredients. BLACKFIRE Interior Cleaner uses Swedish non-ionic surfactants to safely clean all interior surfaces. Use BLACKFIRE Interior Cleaner to maintain a clean, inviting interior with just one product!

Many automotive interiors are finished with leather, vinyl, wood, carpet, fabric, metal and plastic surfaces. BLACKFIRE's advanced technology Interior Cleaner will safely and effectively clean all of these surfaces, replacing a whole shelf full of cleaners.

This is one of three products introduced by BLACKFIRE that takes advantage of recent breakthroughs in chemical engineering. One of these breakthroughs occurred in a group of cleaners called non-ionic surfactants. These water-based cleaners replace the acids, butyl and butyl ethers found in many car care cleaners. BLACKFIRE's advanced technology Interior Cleaner is built around a state-of-the-art, non-ionic surfactant developed in Sweden, late in 2002.

Blackfire Interior Cleaner
BLACKFIRE Interior Cleaner easily removes dirt, dust, and staining from all interior auto surfaces.

The vast majority of cleaners in this country contain butyl or butyl ether. This cleaning agent is highly effective and inexpensive. On the downside, butyl dries the surface being cleaned, can dull some plastics, can stain aluminum, is very harsh on your skin, can cause respiratory distress (coughing) if inhaled and is the subject of a continuing debate over environmental biodegradability. In short, it works and it's cheap but it's not friendly to people, some materials or the environment. Butyl has been legislated out of cleaning products in several European countries the same way VOCs (volatile organic compounds) have been legislated out of some products in this country. Sweden leads the world in butyl-replacement research and development. The new ingredient used in BLACKFIRE Interior Cleaner is the very latest in non-butyl cleaning technology.

BLACKFIRE Interior Cleaner is a 100% water-based multi-material cleaner. It contains no acids, no butyl of any kind, and no petroleum distillates. If a material can be cleaned with water, it can be cleaned with BLACKFIRE Interior Cleaner. It's even safe as a hand cleaner. It will quickly and safely remove all manner of dirt, grime, oils and stains from almost any material. Use it on leather (except suede and knapped leathers), vinyl, velour, carpet, headliner fabric, wood, plastic, and metal trim. It will not dry out the material being cleaned (including leather), streak plastic or aluminum and poses no known threat to the skin or respiratory system via vapor inhalation.

Automobile interiors contain leather, vinyl, wood, fabric, metal and plastic surfaces. BLACKFIRE Interior Cleaner safely cleans them all!

For maximum cleaning effectiveness, we formulated this cleaner to the same strength as a professional detailing cleaner. As with all cleaners, test for color fastness when cleaning a material for the first time.


  • Formulated with advanced water-based, non-ionic surfactants.
  • Contains no butyl or petroleum distillates.
  • Use on: seats, dash, door panels, carpets, fabric upholstery, leather and vinyl surfaces.
  • Penetrating formula releases dirt and grime.


Spray BLACKFIRE Interior Cleaner directly on material to be cleaned or apply with a microfiber applicator pad. Agitate excessively soiled spots with a brush or damp sponge. Wipe or pat dry with a microfiber cloth.

32 oz.

BLACKFIRE Interior Cleaner 32 oz.

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86% Recommend this product (12 of 14 responses)
AWESOME cleaner!
Pulls even the most stubborn dirt up. Easy to work with as you can use it on just about anything. Definitely my go-to cleaner for interiors.
ProsSingle product for multiple cleaning applications.
ConsA bit pricey for this size bottle. Pick up the gallon size bottle if you can afford it.
Blackfire interior cleaner
Haven’t had a chance to try it out yet. I am detailing a BMW tomorrow with light beige interior. Maybe I’ll give it a try on that one. I’m sure it’ll be great as Blackfire makes good stuff.
ProsGood price. Again, haven't tried it yet. I'm sure it'll work well.
New Castle, DE
this product
I sprayed this product on a microfiber towel and applied it to the interior of my car. It is remembered that it is a very good product that cleans even very small dust.
ProsEasy to use
Southern Maryland
Very effective cleaner
I generally keep my interior pretty clean and wipe up any messes ASAP, so Wolfgang Vinyl and Rubber Protectant is usually enough to keep my interior spotless. However, I bought the Blackfire Interior Cleaner as insurance for when I had something more than a minor spill to clean up. I like that you can use it on just about everything in the interior. I finally got to test it on a truck I bought used. The interior looked pretty clean, but looked like it could use some touching up before I hit it with the Wolfgang. I was blown away by the amount of dirt it pulled off the surfaces that didn't look that bad to begin with. The dash and door panels looked so much better after a thorough cleaning. It is a bit pricey, but the effectiveness and versatility are worth it to me.
ProsHighly effective. Versatile. Interesting scent (rosemary? something herbal?) that dissipates rapidly.
ConsA bit expensive, so grab it on sale.
Lawrence, MA
Great cleaner!
Used this side by side with another cleaner and Blackfire blew it away. A little goes a long way with this product, and it lifts dirt and grime from selected panels with ease. For reference, I tested this on a door panel of a truck in the construction world, door panel looked new after using!