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McKee's 37 Total Interior Cleaner

Clean every interior surface with one product!

McKee's 37 Total Interior Cleaner is a multi-surface cleaner for interior auto surfaces, like the dashboard, carpets, and leather upholstery. With just one product, you can completely clean your vehicle’s interior, saving you time and money. McKee's 37 Total Interior Cleaner cleans safely, quickly, and effectively.

Professional detailers select products based on effectiveness and efficiency. They have to be able to achieve the desired results without spending a lot of time on one task. When formulating the interior cleaner for McKee's 37, we discovered we could combine several cleaners into one by eliminating potentially damaging solvents and replacing them with surfactants. These surfactants work better and are much safer on all interior surfaces so detailers can clean faster and smarter.

Total Interior Cleaner is safe for all interior surfaces
Use to clean ALL interior surfaces
Total Interior Cleaner is even safe for leather!
Including leather!

McKee's 37 Total Interior Cleaner cleans:

  • plastics
  • vinyl
  • leather
  • carpet
  • upholstery

McKee's 37 Total Interior Cleaner is VOC compliant and safe on all the surfaces listed. It removes stains and spills from fabric and cleans body oils out of fine leather seats without drying. Clear plastic will wipe clean without any residue. McKee's 37 Total Interior Cleaner removes old dressings from plastic and vinyl without depositing any film.

McKee's 37 Total Interior Cleaner contains no gloss agents so it will not alter the appearance of the cleaned surface. Use it as often as needed virtually anywhere in your vehicle. The only exception is glass.

McKee's 37 Total Interior Cleaner is water-based and environmentally friendly. It will not dry, discolor or stiffen any interior surface, not even leather. Instead of solvents, McKee's 37 Total Interior Cleaner uses surfactant technology to lift foreign particles out of carpet and off the dashboard and suspend them until you wipe them away. This action is instantaneous. Just spray and wipe solid surfaces like the dashboard and door panels.

For carpet and upholstery, it may be necessary to agitate the area with an upholstery brush. (Always test fabric for color-fastness in an inconspicuous spot.) McKee's 37 Total Interior Cleaner requires no rinsing because its water base allows it to dry without altering the texture of carpet, leather, or fabric.

Professional detailers have reported that McKee's 37 Total Interior Cleaner allows them to completely clean a car’s interior much faster than was previously possible with multiple products. As a result, they are able to clean more vehicles in a day and keep their customers satisfied. The large refill size enables the pros to buy in bulk and save money while increasing their volume of customers.

The weekend detailer will also find that McKee's 37 Total Interior Cleaner is a more efficient way to clean the entire interior of a vehicle. Instead of a shelf full of products, one bottle is all you need!


  1. Spray solid surfaces, like the dash and console, with McKee's 37 Total Interior Cleaner and wipe dry with a microfiber towel.
  2. Spray the carpet or upholstery and agitate the surface with a Vinyl & Leather Scrub Brush. Blot dry with a clean towel.

16 oz.

McKee's 37 Total Interior Cleaner

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23 Reviews
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39% Recommend this product (9 of 23 responses)
By Virgil
East Orange, NJ
April 10, 2016
Exceptional Results
I did quite a bit of research before deciding purchase this product. Just about every review was positive. Used it on just about every surface inside my Audi A4 and I was extremely happy with the results. I haven't seen my interior this clean since I purchased my Audi three years ago. Another loyal customer here.
ProsEasy on, easy off; pleasant scent, no residue after use.
By Wesley
Ingleside , Texas
March 9, 2016
Great stuff
Item worked very well. Cleaned my interior without any effort, and left a nice, clean shine.
ProsEasy to use
By Mike
North Dakota
October 24, 2015
Fantastic product
Great product. I ordered a sample with my last order and used it on my wife's 2010 Highlander which hadn't been cleaned internally since we bought it really. It brought everything back to life and best of all it doesn't leave that greasy feeling like Armor All products do. Clean and dry to the touch and the interior looks new.
By David B
Eau Claire WI
March 18, 2015
Awesome product!
The guys on the AG forum suggested the DP Total Interior Cleaner. I applied it to the interior of my '03 daily driver that I thought was pretty clean. Boy, was I wrong. Applied the product with a microfiber towel and was amazed at how much dirt/grime I was able to remove. Followed it up with the DP Protectant. Looks awesome!
ProsBig 32 oz bottles will last a long time.
By Ken
December 12, 2014
Received a sample, now I'm a customer for life
With a recent autogeek order I received some interior cleaner as a free sample. Let me start by saying this stuff is incredible. As another reviewer stated this stuff was able to get dirt off of places that I didn't even know were dirty! The interior of my vehicle looks better than ever. My dog rides in my car very frequently and this means that she occassionally gets slobber on the passenger side door. Not a lot, but it has left visible staining. In the past I used Meguiars Quik Interior Detailer. This made it look better, but never really got it clean. The DP Total Interior Cleaner was able to remove every last bit of residue and make the door look brand new! I never thought I'd get the door clean again so this was an excellent surprise. If you are on the fence about buying this - DO IT! You will not regret using this product.
Pros- Fast working - Easy to use - Gets dirt off things that might not even look dirty. - Does not leave behind a residue
By Joe
Wellesley, MA
November 6, 2014
Great for Leather
Great for use on leather. If your leather seats do not need deep cleaning and conditioning this works just fine, smells great, and does not leave any unwanted shine. Great also on all thermoformed plastics; but left some streaks on veneer and clear gauge lenses. After changing to a different (fluffy) microfiber towel that I usually use for polishing, the product wiped clean without streaks.
ConsA little pricey.
Chadds Ford, PA
July 9, 2014
New Favorite Interior Cleaner
DP's Total Interior Cleaner is great stuff to use. It has a pleasant citrus smell, is effective at removing prior products, marks, and leaves a matte finish.
ProsWorks on all interior surfaces except for glass Smell nice Easy to use Competitively priced against other interior cleaners
By Dave
rockford, illinois
June 23, 2014
I tried this stuff in my car the day it came in(and I keep my car clean) and it started lifting dirty off of surfaces that I thought were already clean!
By Mike
April 10, 2014
Love it
I really love using this product inside of my vehicle. It did not leave the typical smear marks, smudges, and has a decent scent to it that is not overpowering. It left a great shine and cleanliness to the interior of my car.
ProsEasy to use No smear marks Used on and around my leather interior with no worry of leaving residue
By Russell
December 14, 2013
My favorite
My favorite "all in one" interior cleaner. I can grab one bottle and tackle the interior. You may have to use something stronger for certain citations but overall this will do most jobs.
May 27, 2013
I find this cleaner to work "ok" on our car's carpet, but totally ineffective on the vinyl surfaces. Also, the fumes are VERY strong. I used this product as directed on all interior vinyl/synthetic surfaces with barely any noticeable change. While looking for something else that would work, I tried FOLEX stain remover, and the white cloth I used to blot the surface turned BLACK with all the dirt the Total Interior Cleaner had failed to remove. The difference was night and day. The interior of our car is like new. We use a lot of the Geeks' products, but this one falls far short of success.
By The detailing gods
November 23, 2012
Squeaky clean
Once again they have called upon the detailing god to shine upon this product, it is simply the best cleaner we have ever used and it will remain in this detailing kingdom forever and a day. Two thumbs up with a side order of five stars.
By Corey
November 11, 2011
Oh Yeah!
This is my second favorite Interior Cleaner of all time and my favorite smelling BY FAR. It is very safe and very effective as well. It does foam a good deal also which is a great benefit in some areas but not always.
By SonOfOC
August 21, 2011
Home Run!
Another amazing product from DP. Cleans just enough. Not for super dirty surface. In return your reward with a satin finish that is not shiny. Smells good and last long. Great multi surface cleaner!
By Raymond Deaton
July 14, 2008
Spotless Class
This was on my first order with AG. Awesome results. Neutral banana smell on the protectant. If your black floor mats appear dirty after a vacuum, spritz a little cleaner on the mat and lightly scrub- mine turned out good as new, and just as fresh. Don't do this in a confined space however, the cleaner has a strong smell, but it disappears after it drys. Fantastic products!
By Matthew Current
July 5, 2008
Very effective interior cleaner
I had tried a lot of different store-brand Cleaner/Protectants. And Honestly I've never been very impressed. DP has impressed me greatly with all their products I have tried so far. This is a lovely addition to any interior detailer's product list and performs as advertised.
By Michelle
April 6, 2008
I have a 5 month old car with cloth interior. I kept a black ink pen in my back pocket & it leaked all over the drivers seat. To my amazement, the total interior cleaner got it all up!! Also, everyone who rides in my car swears it still has the new car smell. I don't use air fresheners, it's my care with this product!
By Joe G.
October 30, 2007
A wonderful interrior cleaner
This is my favorite interior cleaner. It can be used on every surface inside the car except glass. The product smells wonderful (bananas), but leaves no smell behind. It works great on dashboards and door panels, all vinyl, and even leather. It can also be diluted for not so dirty interiors. Joe G. New Jersey
By Cobra04
August 4, 2007
Great Clener!
I used this on an entire interior detail of a '07 F350 with vinyl seats and vinyl floor. Full strength this stuff cleans very well although it wouldn't takeout green tea stains on the middle seat but that stuff is super hards to getout anyway. You dont really need full strength on msot stuff, im gonna try a 1:1 mix and I think that should work perfect. This product is definatly a msut have for any serious detailers and is also great because it's so versatile, definatly nice to have one product that does so much. And you can really tell it takes off any old dressing, leaving a clean surface for you to apply your new dressing to.
By Wolfpacker92
May 27, 2007
Super cleaner
I cleaned what I thought was an already clean interior and was shocked at how dirty the rag was when I finished cleaning. Got all the old dressings off and let me start fresh. Also got some 2 year old orange juice stains off the door of the wife's suburban.
By rscpa
April 27, 2007
Great cleaner
I have cleaned both of my cars with this cleaner. It works amazing!! Cleans interior which I didn't even know was dirty until I looked at the rag. Very easy to use and best of all it appears to work on just about everything in your car!!
By Don N.
April 22, 2007
Great smell
Good: smells of bananas. Cleans plastics and cloth alright Bad: Couldn't get the more soiled dirty/mud out of carpets. Overall: Good to have for cloth and dash but maybe something else for carpets
By Carlos Rivera
June 8, 2006
Good Chemical
I used this chemical for the first time and it works real good on stains that been on a rug for a long time I planning on buying a gallon of it so I could keep using it