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Wolfgang Instant Detail Spritz

Attain that “just-detailed” look--anytime, anywhere--in minutes!

Wolfgang Instant Detail Spritz is a technologically advanced formula with a chemical blueprint that puts it well ahead of the pack. Drawing from ground-breaking developments in modern chemistry, the specialized ingredients in this high-lubricity spray deliver unparalleled surface enhancement--clarity, intensity and shine. Though most cars can be misted and buffed in less than five minutes, it will look like you’ve spent all day laboring on your vehicle.

Wolfgang Instant Detail Spritz is formulated with high-tech German super polymers. These highly-reflective polymers form an ultra-thin protective coat that bond to the paint sealant or wax finish and leave your vehicle with a slick, silky surface—plus Instant Detail Spritz extends the life of the sealant or wax with regular use.

In no time, you have gorgeous results. Simply spray on a small area of your car. Using a microfiber towel to wipe away fingerprints, water spots, dust, and other harmful contaminants, leaving behind a rich, spectacular shine.

Wolfgang Instant Detail Spritz performs even in hot, humid climates without streaking, cloudiness or hazy patches. It works exceptionally well on black and red cars, an unusual feat for a true detail spray. Instant Detail Spritz is the perfect wipe down for show cars or in-service limousines.

Buff off Wolfgang Instant Detail Spritz with a clean, plush microfiber towel.
Use a soft, plush microfiber towel to buff off Wolfgang Instant Detail Spritz.

The lubricating oils in Wolfgang Instant Detail Spritz wrap around dirt and dust to prevent scratching as contamination is wiped off the paint. This ultra-slick detailer leaves paint looking healthier, with deeper colors and a silky texture.

Wolfgang Instant Detail Spritz was created to complement Wolfgang Deep Gloss Paint Sealant 3.0 but it is compatible with all paint sealants and synthetic waxes. Use it after washing the vehicle or any time to refresh the shimmer of the existing paint protection.

Wolfgang Instant Detail Spritz is a water-based detailer, built around the polymer structure of Wolfgang Deep Gloss Paint Sealant 3.0. Allow the detailer to cure for at least an hour before applying another coat.

Restore a just-detailed gloss to any vehicle with Wolfgang Instant Detail Spritz. The polymer, water-based detail spray revitalizes existing paint protection in minutes to recreate the striking impression of a freshly detailed vehicle.


  1. After washing your vehicle with Wolfgang Auto Bathe, mist the paint with Wolfgang Instant Detail Spritz as you towel dry the vehicle using a Cobra Guzzler Waffle Weave Towel. This will prevent water spots and enhance the shine in one quick step.
  2. Between washes, mist one section of paint at a time with Wolfgang Instant Detail Spritz. Use a plush towel such as the Deluxe Jr. 600 Microfiber Towel to gently buff your vehicle to a deep gloss.

Use Wolfgang Instant Detail Spritz to prime your buffing pads.
Detailing Tip: Mist unused buffing pads and applicators with Wolfgang Instant Detail Spritz to lubricate and soften the foam.

16 oz.

Wolfgang Instant Detail Spritz

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28 Reviews
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57% Recommend this product (16 of 28 responses)
By Florida Joe
Tampa, Florida
May 28, 2017
Truly Amazing Product
I requested and paid for a detailing of my new vehicle. When I took delivery I was disappointed with the results. I applied your product in no time(it's still a fast and easy job with thousands of miles on the vehicle) and drove back to the dealer the next day. The salesman was so impressed with the result, he brought out the detailer who begged me to tell him what product I used. Other salesman and the manager came out to look at the results. This is an excellent product. I'm very difficult to please because I do expect a result from any product I buy. This product delivers. Also, the "Geek" staff is sensational. Very patient with my questions. Very good service. These guys got it going on. (btw: I did give the detailer the name of the product - after he refunded the cost for detailing my vehicle)
ProsAll good.
By Bryan EVOX
November 14, 2016
One of the Instant detailers
Been using it for years. Allow my Wolfgang Sealant to last more than a year.
By Larry
September 19, 2016
Outstanding quick detailer
ProsQuick wipe dien
By Greg J
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
August 31, 2016
Great for in between waxings
This is some good stuff to use if you need a quick detailing without a re-waxing session. It removes little bug droppings that I see on my car almost daily, takes off fingerprints and other light marks. It will take off light dust and dirt like dried splash marks from the puddles I try to avoid or can't. I leaves behind a light wax which helps to extend the effect and protection of an already waxed surface.
ProsLight waxing ability. Extends waxing periods. Removes light dust and dirt. A real time-saver for when you don't need to do a thorough re-waxing.
By Bill Taylor
August 12, 2016
Wolfgang Instant Detail Spritz
Great product!
By James Hudson
Erie, PA
June 11, 2016
If you want a quick and easy shine let this one do the work. Really it doesn't take any work!!!! Just spray and wipe, Even a cave man could do it..
ProsEasy on and off with a blinding shine. Wear your sun glasses with this one so the shine doesn't blind you.
By iamfreddyp
West Chester, Pennsylvania
July 3, 2015
Best detailer spray alive!
This stuff is the best! No other like it.. leaves the paint as if it was waxed! Leaves the paint with static!! Will never use anything else. And with a white vehicle, it's a must to have super clean paint. #wolfgangforlife
Prossuper smooth finish buffs off super easy cleans effectively
By Kathleen
Rice Lake, WI
June 12, 2015
Will Buy Again
I used this on my John Deere garden tractor and sprayed Instant Detail Spritz on while my tractor was wet after washing. The Spritz made it easier to dry (a lot less effort than just using a microfiber towel alone) and left a beautiful shine. I will buy again.
ProsWonderful product.
By David Maas
Palm Springs, CA 92264
May 22, 2015
The Absolute Best Without Question!
I don't believe many of these reviews I read because I am questioning who wrote them and many of the negative comments say the same from product to product. Bottom line, if you put three brand new Black Lexus ES's side-by-side and used this product on only one of them, any person who uses these types of detail products would instantly be able to pick out the car this product had been applied to. It is that pronounced! I have used dozens of different products and this is a keeper! One picture says it all. The car is a 2008 with 80,000 miles and was bought new in Palm Springs, CA. Palm Springs is horrible on cars bringing tremendous heat and winds each year, and yet this car still looks great.
ProsAbsolutely a dream to apply and remove. NO CLOUDING or streaking. Also, if you have any wax build up I have noticed on most other products will produce clouding and streaking. When the add suggests it looks like you just waxed your car they aren't kidding!
ConsExpensive, but if you order it by larger sizes ( 60 ounces) it cuts the costs considerably and makes it comparable to auto store prices on many inferior products.
By Bruce
Phoenix, AZ
December 16, 2014
Good Product
I purchased Wolfgang Instant Detail Spritz because I have just finished applying Wolfgang Sealant 3.0 & Fuzion Carnuba wax and since the IDS has the same chemistry, I thought it prudent. So far it works well.
ProsEasy to use, same chemistry as Wolfgang sealant & Fuzion wax.
ConsPricier than other detail sprays I have used.
By Bill
November 30, 2014
Great product
Used in conjunction with Klasse All in one for waxing my fiberglass RV. Excellent results with amazingly little elbow grease. Its the easiest wax job I have ever done and it looks great.
ProsEasy, great shine
By Jos
August 22, 2014
Great stuff
Goes on real easy looks great I highly recommend. Getting ready to buy more
By J. Baker
Las Vegas, NV
June 3, 2014
Truly simple and amazing product for the price
goes on smooth and leaves no smears or residues. I've used this on silver, pearl white, and blue vehicles. I'll get about 6 months out of one simple light coat out west. definitely recommend to anyone that enjoys a pain free wax
Prosquality for the price
ConsI wish I could afford to buy the gallon refill lol
By Doc
May 8, 2014
Great spray
We use Wolfgang with 845, Klasse AIO, Sealant, and Pinnacle Liquid Souveran Car Wax. Wolfgang makes a great combo even better. Shine, shine, shine.
ProsShine Protects
By Jeffrey
Malvern, PA
May 5, 2014
Very useful
I use the detailing spritz in several different ways. I use it to clear light dust off a car that sits in my garage. I use it in conjunction with no-rinse wash for a car that I have just taken out instead of doing a full wash. Then finally I use it after I have washed and dried a car to give that just waxed look.
By Michael
Littleton, CO
March 31, 2014
Was totaling expecting this product to be a very good product with good results from the reviews I had read, as well as using other great Wolfgang products. This detailing spritz was amazing! Easy to use; I used it post wash spraying it onto the vehicle as I dried it. And the shine left when done was amazing.
ProsEasy to use Great shine
ConsMaybe the price; but it's not that big of a deal.
By Tpr1634
New Jersey
March 15, 2014
Another great wolfgang product
Expensive but yields great results, easy use no smearing which is nice since I use it on my black f-150. It cost more than v7 but I feel it's a better product for a final wipe down to add some booster pop to the paint as well as some protection. Get a free sample and give it a try.
ProsEase of use, no smearing Smells pleasant Results
By Stephen
September 12, 2013
Amazing Gloss
I started with the Wolfgang Instant Detail Spritz because of a Kit I got it with. this little spray makes your car look like you just detailed it. I assume your car must be pretty well maintained though. Use this in between your washes. Keep in mind this is my first instant detailer, so I have nothing else to compare it with. I am very happy with the results.
By Mark Delgrosso
May 16, 2013
This spray leaves my car with a freshly washed look and a shiny, wet look. I use all of the Wolfgang products on my Audi TT and the silver metallic paint just shines like the day I bought the car. No swirls or scratches.
By Jay
October 6, 2012
Best. Period.
I have a 2012 Race Red Mustang GT. Its the best detailer I have ever used. I use Pinnacle Souveran paste wax and this detailer for everyday wipe downs. This detailer doesn't streak or smear. Its takes the oily film from the wax off and my paint looks perfect. It works great on glass too. I'm going to buy this a gallon at a time. Get both of these products and you won't be disappointed.
By mike g
July 4, 2012
Wolfgang Instant Detailer
This product is fantastic. It makes the paint so silky and is extremely lubricated going on and wiping off. NEVER will your towel be grabby with this product. No matter how long or short the nap is. Its expensive, but the gloss and slickness it leaves is something special. I buy by the half gallon at a time, and a little goes a long way. I like using this before and after applying polymer sealants to prep and then finish off the paint. After applying a sealant I come back the next day and give the car a final wipe down with this product.
By Mike
June 4, 2012
Expensive, but worth it. This is the easiest quick detailer to use. It never streaks, and leaves the paint feeling silky smooth. Water based and can be used on a wet to help drying if thats what you like. full sun, shade, cold, hot, it doesnt matter. It also leaves a sealant type gloss on the car. I think this is the best QD offered from the PBMG. Its rather expensive but I have to give it 5 stars anyway. I buy it by the 64oz container which lasts me about 6 or 8 months. I only use QD the day after applying wax or sealant to wipe off any residual oils.
By stev
January 10, 2012
My Favorite Product
Love, Love, Love this product. Its not cheap but its worth the price. It leaves a wonderful shine,and is easy to apply. Highly recommend!!
By d.l
May 19, 2011
good stuff
By Torino
May 8, 2010
GO with Deep Gloss Spritz
I have tried both. This product and WG Deep Gloss Spritz. This is not using the same formula as WG3.0 where WGDGS is. It is a good product and it is where I started when I received it as part of my kit. Although I recent purchased WGDGS and it is much better and I believe it will extend WG3.0 alot further than this product. WGIDS is a good instant detailer although I am not going to purchase two products which are very similar. Try it yourself and come up with you own theories.
By Roy
May 24, 2009
good stuff!
Easy to apply and I spray a light mist while towel drying the car. works good!
By AL417
May 31, 2007
Awsome QD and then some
THis product leaves a beautiful glosson your paint and is streakless. I've also used it in the drying process to eliminate waterspots. Works great and lives up to the Wolfgang name.
By Bambo2888
May 2, 2007
I was surprised when I tried this product. i was expecting a basic QD'r. What I got was a high end spray wax that added a beautiful gloss to the paint. Even better than the shine, the WG Spritz made my paint slick and smooth to the touch, which is a huge plus!