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Wolfgang Instant Detail Spritz

Attain that “just-detailed” look--anytime, anywhere--in minutes!

Wolfgang Instant Detail Spritz is a technologically advanced formula with a chemical blueprint that puts it well ahead of the pack. Drawing from ground-breaking developments in modern chemistry, the specialized ingredients in this high-lubricity spray deliver unparalleled surface enhancement--clarity, intensity and shine. Though most cars can be misted and buffed in less than five minutes, it will look like you’ve spent all day laboring on your vehicle.

Wolfgang Instant Detail Spritz is formulated with high-tech German super polymers. These highly-reflective polymers form an ultra-thin protective coat that bond to the paint sealant or wax finish and leave your vehicle with a slick, silky surface—plus Instant Detail Spritz extends the life of the sealant or wax with regular use.

In no time, you have gorgeous results. Simply spray on a small area of your car. Using a microfiber towel to wipe away fingerprints, water spots, dust, and other harmful contaminants, leaving behind a rich, spectacular shine.

Wolfgang Instant Detail Spritz performs even in hot, humid climates without streaking, cloudiness or hazy patches. It works exceptionally well on black and red cars, an unusual feat for a true detail spray. Instant Detail Spritz is the perfect wipe down for show cars or in-service limousines.

Buff off Wolfgang Instant Detail Spritz with a clean, plush microfiber towel.
Use a soft, plush microfiber towel to buff off Wolfgang Instant Detail Spritz.

The lubricating oils in Wolfgang Instant Detail Spritz wrap around dirt and dust to prevent scratching as contamination is wiped off the paint. This ultra-slick detailer leaves paint looking healthier, with deeper colors and a silky texture.

Wolfgang Instant Detail Spritz was created to complement Wolfgang Deep Gloss Paint Sealant 3.0 but it is compatible with all paint sealants and synthetic waxes. Use it after washing the vehicle or any time to refresh the shimmer of the existing paint protection.

Wolfgang Instant Detail Spritz is a water-based detailer, built around the polymer structure of Wolfgang Deep Gloss Paint Sealant 3.0. Allow the detailer to cure for at least an hour before applying another coat.

Restore a just-detailed gloss to any vehicle with Wolfgang Instant Detail Spritz. The polymer, water-based detail spray revitalizes existing paint protection in minutes to recreate the striking impression of a freshly detailed vehicle.


  1. After washing your vehicle with Wolfgang Auto Bathe, mist the paint with Wolfgang Instant Detail Spritz as you towel dry the vehicle using a Cobra Guzzler Waffle Weave Towel. This will prevent water spots and enhance the shine in one quick step.
  2. Between washes, mist one section of paint at a time with Wolfgang Instant Detail Spritz. Use a plush towel such as the Deluxe Jr. 600 Microfiber Towel to gently buff your vehicle to a deep gloss.

Use Wolfgang Instant Detail Spritz to prime your buffing pads.
Detailing Tip: Mist unused buffing pads and applicators with Wolfgang Instant Detail Spritz to lubricate and soften the foam.

16 oz.

Wolfgang Instant Detail Spritz

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67% Recommend this product (24 of 36 responses)
No streak shine
I have tried many different products over the years and in my opinion this is one of the best. I have a black metallic car and it never smears or streaks.
ProsIncredible shine. No streaks
Las Vegas, NV
Truly simple and amazing product for the price
goes on smooth and leaves no smears or residues. I've used this on silver, pearl white, and blue vehicles. I'll get about 6 months out of one simple light coat out west. definitely recommend to anyone that enjoys a pain free wax
Prosquality for the price
ConsI wish I could afford to buy the gallon refill lol
Sparks, NV
Leaves the finish looking awesome
The spritz is awesome. Leaves the car smooth and shiny. This stuff really helps with repelling dust by not letting it stick to the surface. I have tried others and ended up giving them away. Wolfgang doesn't disappoint.
ProsEasy to apply. Leaves car very smooth. Helps repel dust while still looking good.
Tucson, AZ
Instant Detail Spritz
I used the Wolfgang Instant Detail Spritz 12 months after using the Wolfgang Deep Gloss Paint Sealant on my 38 ft motorhome which I had repainted 24 months prior. With 5 coats of cut and buff clear coat over the paint I wanted to protect and project as much of the shine as possible. I used up the 16 oz bottle and had to reorder another bottle for the extra few ounces that were required. The Sprits sprays on easily. You do not need much. You wipe it in and after a few minutes you easily wipe it off. With the five coats of clear and with the coat of Deep Gloss Paint Sealant the finish was already very smooth. With the Spritz the finish is even smoother/slicker. Now to see how the finish holds up. Living in AZ I am looking for all the paint protection I can get for this expensive paint job.
If just Spritzing an auto, the job would very quick and the labor intensity minimal.
So far I highly recommend.
ProsEasy to apply and wipe off. If the Spritz does what it proclaims it will be worth the expense.
Sulphur Springs, Texas
Wolfgang Spritz
I have used gallons of Mothers Show & Shine. Leaves film of oil. This does not. A little expensive, but works well.