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BLACKFIRE Foam Booster 16 oz.

Make any car soap a FOAMING car soap!

BLACKFIRE Foam Booster is a uniquely specialized formula that, when added to any car wash soap will instantly transform it into a foaming car wash! Using a highly concentrated blend of lubricating agents and advanced polymers, BLACKFIRE Foam Booster enhances the cleaning power of your car soap for an overall safer washing experience. Foam is what makes the car wash perform and with BLACKFIRE Foam Booster, you’ll never experience a foam shortage again!

One of the biggest things that make a car wash successful is the amount of foam produced. Foam creates a sort of barrier between your car’s surface and any dirt and debris, safely removing them before they can scratch or mar the surface. BLACKFIRE Foam Booster is a foaming agent that will enhance any car soap and give it the perfect amount of suds.

BLACKFIRE Foam Booster turns any car wash in to a FOAMING car wash!
After adding BLACKFIRE Foam Booster to the car wash solution in your Foam Gun, you are ready to coat your car in mountains of foam! Regardless of whether or not your car wash was foaming already or not, after BLACKFIRE Foam Booster it will be!
Take the level of your foam up a notch with BLACKFIRE Foam Booster

Contrary to popular belief, not all car soap is created equal. There are wash and wax formulas that leave a layer of protection, ultra-cleaning formulas that strip away any surface protection, and so on and so forth. How many times have you found a shampoo that you love only to find out it doesn’t perform quite as well when used with a foam gun or foam cannon? With BLACKFIRE Foam Booster, that doesn’t have to ever happen again!

BLACKFIRE Foam Booster is not a car wash in itself. It is simply a foaming agent that will enhance the car wash that it’s added to! Even if the car wash you already have sitting in your garage isn’t a “foaming” wash, after a quick doctoring with BLACKFIRE Foam Booster, it will be!

Keep every car wash you perform a safe car wash with BLACKFIRE Foam Booster!

Directions for use: To transform any standard car wash into a foaming shampoo, simply add Foam Booster to your car wash bottle or to the car wash shampoo already in your foam cannon, foam gun, or wash bucket for an increased amount of suds produced. BLACKFIRE Foam Booster is extremely concentrated – a little goes a long way!

16 oz.

BLACKFIRE Foam Booster 16 oz.

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100% Recommend this product (7 of 7 responses)
Sunrise Fl
Great product that does exactly what it is advertised to do!
It’s super concentrated and provides thick soap suds! Highly recommended!
ConsA bit pricy. Imo
Spring Hill, FL
Should last me awhile
I bought this to boost the suds with BF wash and wax with my foam cannon. It works well and the booster will last a long time. A little goes a long way.
This is a very thick liquid
I use the P&S car wash and one of my issues is the foam does not dwell long enough to my liking due to bead maker being applied to the paint every other week.

The foam booster does the job it forces the car wash to dwell and adhere to the body panel longer allowing the soap to lift and pull the loose dirt off the surface.

ProsGreat dwell time 1oz mixed into my foam bottle Neutral odor Very thick
ConsBottle it ships with just does not work with the product. The product is too thick for the measuring cup portion.
Let there be FOAM!!!!
I was a bit skeptical about buying Foam Booster to try especially with it being a bit pricey for something that promises additional foam. I eventually got a free sample of it with one of my bigger orders and was very pleasantly surprised. This stuff is the real deal! I have not been disappointed once when trying it with a variety of car wash soaps as I have always gotten a ton of foam as promised.

I know it seems pricey up front but you use so little of it per wash that it actually isn't expensive in my opinion. Quick example:

I like shaving cream like foam out of my foam cannon and I can achieve this by either using:

6 oz of my favorite car wash or 2 oz of the same car wash with 1/2 oz of Foam Booster.
ConsUp front cost (potentially).
Ladd, IL
Greatly intensifies the foaming action of any soap. Thick, rich suds!
ProsThick rich foam. Easy to use