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BLACKFIRE Foam Soap 32 oz.

High-foaming, ultra-concentrated, and easy to use!

BLACKFIRE Foam Soap is a highly concentrated foaming shampoo formula that will create a mountain of suds for the ultimate car wash! Formulated using extreme lubricity agents, BLACKFIRE Foam Soap creates the perfect amount of tension on your car’s surface, allowing dirt and debris to be removed without harming your paint. BLACKFIRE Foam Soap can be used alone in your car wash bucket, but for extreme results, use with your favorite foam gun or foam cannon. Washing your car has never been more fun!

Since vehicles have been invented, people have been looking for ways to keep them clean. And that stands true today – even with the ever evolving market of car care products churning out new products, the basics remain the same, and washing your car is one of them. BLACKFIRE Foam Soap was created as an advanced car wash formula with one thing in mind – a safer wash.

The more foamy your car wash is, the safer it will be. The amount of foam created by BLACKFIRE Foam Soap captures all dirt, dust, and debris particles on your paint and transfers them to your washing medium with the least amount of pressure. This means they spend less time on your paint, potentially causing swirls and scratches.

BLACKFIRE Foam Soap creates enormous amounts of suds right from the beginning!
Starting from the first shot, BLACKFIRE Foam Soap creates huge amounts of suds and foam, and in seconds your entire vehicle will be coated!
In just seconds, BLACKFIRE Foam Soap has coated your entire vehicle in tons of suds!

BLACKFIRE Foam Soap was created with paint coatings in mind. Featuring a pH-balanced formula, any existing paint, glass, or trim coating will retain the same gloss and hydrophobic qualities as it did before – it’ll just be cleaner now! BLACKFIRE Foam Soap will not remove or alter any existing coatings.

When used with a foam gun or foam cannon, BLACKFIRE Foam Soap lays down a thick layer of foam that clings to your vehicles surface, allowing for the perfect pre-soak. Depending on how dirty your paint is, you may not even need a wash mitt for removal!

Give your car the best wash possible with BLACKFIRE Foam Soap – the ultra-concentrated, high-lubricity, high-foaming, and easy-to-use car wash.

Directions for use:

BLACKFIRE Foam Soap is ultra-concentrated and can be used in a foam gun or cannon, or alone in a wash bucket.

For use with FOAM GUNS: Mix 2 oz. of BLACKFIRE Foam Soap with approximately 6-8 ounces of water and shake well.

For use with BUCKETS: For every 5 gallons of water used, add 2-3 oz. of BLACKFIRE Foam Soap. Produce suds using a strong jet of water into the bucket. Wash and rinse accordingly.

32 oz.

BLACKFIRE Foam Soap 32 oz.

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8 Reviews
75% (6)
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100% Recommend this product (8 of 8 responses)
Great product
Cleans well, and leaves a great shine behind.
Works great!
With the soap gun this product really makes washing so much easier. I definitely would recommend this product again
Great for a pre-soak
I live in a dusty climate so I make sure to foam first to help lift off that layer of dust. This product doesn’t disappoint. Thick foam that stays on the car. Let it dwell for a couple of minutes then rinse well. This takes a lot of effort out of the washing process
ProsThick foam that clings to car.
Blackfire foam
Works ok. It would work better with pressure washer. My hose end foamer is not creating enough psi to foam correctly. Do not let this foam dry out
Excellent Product
I have been using this foam soap for over a year on both my vehicles, I have a black minivan and a black truck. The shine on them after a wash is great, and is even better when you use this with other Blackfire products.

I highly recommend using this, especially with the foam blaster, which I have for my garden hose.