BLACKFIRE Citrus Pad Cleaner

Cleans and restores pads to like-new condition!

BLACKFIRE Citrus Pad Cleaner is a concentrated citrus-based degreaser that breaks up and releases stubborn compound and polish residue from buffing pads. Formulated as a low-foaming, easy-rinse detergent, BLACKFIRE Citrus Pad Cleaner is a must-have product for those that have a large collection of buffing pads. BLACKFIRE Citrus Pad Cleaner cleans and restores all types of foam, wool, and microfiber pads.

Don’t wash your pads with dish soap! Dish soap doesn’t completely rinse out of your pads, therefore leaving a residue behind that will adulterate your compound or polish. Even worse, this residue will slowly eat away at the pad, compromising its integrity and increasing the chance that it will fail during a future polishing session. BLACKFIRE Citrus Pad Cleaner was specifically designed just for pad cleaning; it rinses freely and doesn’t leave any unwanted residue in the pad.

Spent residue is a buffing pad’s worst nightmare. If you neglect to clean your pads when you’re finished compounding or polishing for the day, the chemicals in the polish combined with the paint that you removed will slowly eat away at the pad, compromising its mechanical cutting ability. If you don’t properly clean your pads when you’re finished buffing, you might as well throw them out as they will be useless. Cleaning your pads with BLACKFIRE Citrus Pad Cleaner maximizes your investment!

BLACKFIRE Citrus Pad Cleaner is as simple as adding a scoop of cleaner into a 5-gallon bucket of water and placing your pads in the bucket. After the pads have had about 15 minutes to soak, simply rinse them out under a warm stream of water and place them face down to dry. It’s that simple! Your pads will look, feel, and most importantly, perform like new for future polishing sessions.

BLACKFIRE Citrus Pad Cleaner comes packaged in a 16 ounce jar. One 16 ounce jar is enough for 16 applications! We’ve even included a measuring cup so you know exactly how much to use.

16 oz.

Made in USA

BLACKFIRE Citrus Pad Cleaner

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Gaffney, SC
Easy Clean
Soak our CCS pads in a bucket with the Blackfire Citrus Pad Cleaner and brush them clean, could not be any easier.
Cleaning of Pads
This is the best product for cleaning your pads and buffs. You will not be disappointed.
ProsVery easy
Cleans the pads great
easy and effective
Machine and hand pads come out like new, no white dust. For best results let sit overnight. Don’t use soap, this product is immensely more effective.
Lawndale, California
Great pad cleaner
This is a great way to clean a large amount of pads. I recommend leaving the pads in the cleaner solution longer than the 15mins that is recommend. I typically leave the pads overnight and they all come out clean after I rinse them out. Also be sure to rinse them out well to get all of the solution out. If not there will be some dusting the next time the pads are used. Overall a great way to clean pads.