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Optimum Car Wax Spray 17 oz.

Optimum Car Wax Spray 17 oz.

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Patented UV protection for up to 5 months!

Optimum Car Wax Spray's original, fantastic formula was overhauled to provide an even deeper gloss and incredible slickness with their convenient car wax spray. Just when you thought Optimum Car Wax Spray couldn’t get any better, this all-new formula shatters your perceptions of a spray wax. Try it for yourself!

Optimum Car Wax Spray is the first and only car wax spray that contains UVA and UVB absorbers to shield your paint from all the sun’s harmful rays. The formula combines high-grade carnauba wax and sealant polymers to give you outstanding shine and protection. The carnauba produces a warm, high-impact gloss that is the standard in the auto care industry while the polymers bond the shine to the paint to create the long-lasting durability typical of a synthetic wax. Paint has a beautiful, wet shine and is protected from the sun, acid rain, and pollution for up to 5 months!

Optimum Car Wax Spray contains no cleaners or abrasives. It will not scratch, swirl, or penetrate the clear coat, so your vehicle has optimum protection from the elements.

The proprietary formula not only takes care of your vehicle’s paint, it is environmentally safe. There are no harsh chemicals or dangerous VOC’s in Optimum Car Wax Spray.

The best part is that Optimum Car Wax Spray is incredibly easy to apply! Spray it onto your vehicle and spread it over the paint with a microfiber towel. No buffing is required to get a gorgeous carnauba shine! Optimum Car Wax Spray even protects vinyl trim and moldings without staining it. You don’t have to buy a separate vinyl protectant or struggle with white wax residue. Just spray and wipe! It only takes 15 minutes to wax your whole vehicle and it lasts for up to 5 months.

Optimum products are used in many detail shops across the country because they save time, deliver fantastic results, and are cost effective.

Give your vehicle optimum shine, patented UV protection, and durability with Optimum Car Wax Spray.

Optimum Car Wax looks as good as a paste wax and lasts as long as a paint sealant!

Optimum Car Wax Spray delivers shine and protection you'd expect from a traditional wax or sealant!


Is spray wax better than liquid wax?

Spray wax is easier to apply than the thicker liquid wax. Spray wax and liquid wax both tend to be easier to apply than paste wax. However, liquid wax and paste wax tend to last longer than spray wax.

How long does spray wax last?

Optimum Car Wax Spray lasts up to 5 months.

What is the purpose of spray wax?

The purpose of spray wax is to help protect your car’s finish, leaving your car looking cleaner and shinier than before. The easy spray application makes it quick and convenient to apply with a microfiber towel, in as little as 15 minutes. It can also be used between applications of a liquid or paste wax to increase gloss and protection.

When should I use spray wax?

Spray wax should be applied on top of a paste or liquid wax. You can use it after you wash to replace any lost gloss or protection, between applications of a paste or liquid wax to extend the protection's lifetime, or spot clean minor smudges, dust, and fingerprints. Optimum Car Wax Spray provides vehicle protection for up to 5 months, but can be applied every couple of months to maximize protection against the elements like sunlight, rain and pollution.

How often should you spray wax your car?

Optimum Car Wax Spray lasts up to 5 months. Some users prefer to reapply every 2-3 months for optimum protection.

Is it better to wax or polish a car?

Polishes and waxes both serve different purposes. A polish is a gel that contains microscopic abrasives that abrade and level the clear coat to provide an even glossy look. The level of abrasion can vary between different polishes. The higher the abrasion level, the more severe damage it can correct, and the less marring is left behind. The finer the abrasives are, the less corrective power the gel has, but it will finish with less marring. A wax is a protection paste, gel, or liquid that is designed to create a shell over the surface to both enhance gloss and prevent damage. Waxes can often temporarily mask minor marring by using "fillers" that fill in the scratches and level the surface, but it does not contain any abrasives, so it won't leave any marring behind. The wax will then harden and protect the paint. Optimum Car Wax falls into the latter of these two categories and offers long-lasting protection without damaging or removing the clear coat finish.

Why do many wax /polish products contain abrasives?

Most waxes do not contain any abrasives and instead use "fillers". These fillers will fill in minor scratches temporarily to level the surface and increase your paints gloss, however, they will fade away over time. Polishes do contain abrasives to abrade the surface down so any scratches are permanently removed and the surface is left level and glossy. In the process they will usually leave less severe marring behind which will need to be corrected with a finer polish.

How can I protect the clear coat finish on my car?

Only use automotive car wash soaps to wash your car and wash it at least once a month (ideally once a week). Only use microfiber cloths for any washing, drying, or product application on your paint. Apply Optimum Car Wax Spray with UV once every four months to the painted surfaces to get maximum protection.

What is the difference between liquid and paste wax /polish?

The only difference between liquid and paste waxes /polishes is thickening agents. You tend to use less product when using paste variants as less product is absorbed into the applicator. However, liquid variants tend to apply more evenly, making them easier to use.

How do I remove swirl marks or deep scratches?

Optimum Car Wax Spray helps hide the swirl marks temporarily without creating new ones. It does so by using "fillers" that will fill in the scratches and create a level surface. If there are deep scratches, you will need to use an abrasive polish, such as Optimum Hyper Polish Spray, to level the surface as the scratches are too deep for the fillers to hide.

Why should I wax my car if it has a clear coat finish?

Overtime, your clear coat will be damaged and worn away by the elements. If your clear coat gets too worn, the paint underneath could be damaged, thus dulling or damaging the paint. Optimum Car Wax Spray protects the clear coat from the weather, UV rays, and other elements that may damage it, greatly increasing the safety and look of your car.

What is the benefit of UV inhibitors in Optimum Car Wax Spray?

The UV inhibitors in Optimum Car Wax Spray keep the color from fading due to exposure to UV rays.

Can I use an orbital buffer with Optimum Car Wax Spray to wax my car?

Absolutely. In fact, most detail shops use Optimum Car Wax with high speed polishers or orbital buffers. You must use a low density foam pad with your dual action (orbital) buffer or polisher. This combination results in a very high gloss finish in a few minutes. Optimum Car Wax Spray can also be applied by hand with a microfiber towel.

Should I use polish/wax to remove oxidized paint?

Most people in the detailing industry refer to the surface contamination of paint as oxidation. While Optimum Car Wax Spray will not be able to remove the oxidation, it can help prevent oxidation from reoccurring after removal.

What conditions should I avoid when using Optimum Car Wax Spray?

In order to avoid baking the wax and making it difficult to move, it is best to apply Optimum Car Wax in the shade when the paint surface is cool to the touch. You can even apply Optimum Car Wax in a garage or other enclosed areas since it contains no chemical solvents whatsoever.

What should I do if I spray Optimum Car Wax Spray on my black trim?

No problem. Since Optimum Car Wax will not dry to a crust on non-paint surfaces like other waxes. In fact, Optimum Car Wax can be applied on these surfaces to protect them as well.

Why is there some haziness after I wax my car with Optimum Car Wax Spray?

Some haze may occur after the wax dries if it was not wiped evenly. Lightly buff the surface with a microfiber towel and you will see the increase in gloss right away.

Conditions to avoid:
Auto Surface temperatures below 55F or greater than 90F.
Heavy oxidation or dirt buildup
Over application – A little goes a long way!

17 fl. oz.

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Review Summary
60 Reviews
85% (51)
13% (8)
2% (1)
0% (0)
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65% Recommend this product (39 of 60 responses)
The most easy to use Liquid Wax
This is truly an amazing product.

It not only gives my car a really nice gloss, but also its pretty easy to use. I like to apply it "dry" every month and use it as a Drying Aid between washes. The main reason I apply It that often is because I remember that Optimum says that for the product to transfer to the clearcut, you must use it often. Also, I do really like how it looks.
ProsEasy to use, Nice UV Protection, Leaves a nice gloss
ConsIt doesn't works that well as a protection against contaminants and water spots
Corpus Christi , Texas
Works great but doesn't bead very long
Product has great gloss but doesn’t last but 1-2 weeks
San Luis Obispo, CA
Amazing gloss
Applied a Collinite 845 to bare paint a week ago, then added this on top. The gloss is better than it ever has been, plus it smells like pina colada.
ProsGlossy Smells good Very user friendly
San Bernardino, California
opti products
I am a fan of all opti products. easy to use and provides good protection for short term maintenance.
Pros-easy to use -adequate protection -quality product
Consbetter products on the market that are cheaper
Here for the slickness
Optimum fan, and this is the cherry on top for my weekly rinseless wash. Smells great, and the gloss is impressive. Truth-be-told, I would read comments about slickness and balk. After using this stuff, add "slickness," to my list of things I never knew I needed; something about opening a car door with crazy slick paint that's oddly comforting.
ProsEasy application No streaking Smells like pina colada Super slick finish
ConsCan't help but overuse the stuff