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Wolfgang Fuzion Spray Wax

For a wax that makes you stop and stare

Wolfgang Fuzion Spray Wax comes to you from Germany, with superhero like polymers to give you a lifesaving shine. Chemists were put to the test to create this easy to use, sprayable wax. Wolfgang Fuzion Spray Wax is blended with Brazilian Carnauba wax that doesn’t give you just any shine, but a three dimensional one. Because who wants a wax that is just two dimensional?

Your car looks nearly perfect, all that’s missing is a sealant wax to give your vehicle a luminous glow. Turn to a brand and product you trust, Wolfgang Fuzion Spray Wax, to give it radiance it needs. After taking the time, effort and funds to create a show-ready car, why spend an extra couple of hours hand waxing a car when you can use the Wolfgang Fuzion Spray Wax? Wolfgang Fuzion Spray Wax has the same great power of a Wolfgang wax in convenient spray bottle.

When you think of shine, you want something that gleams so bright it looks like glass. There are many different types of waxes out there on the market, but the Wolfgang Fuzion Spray wax used the elusive and sought-after Carnauba wax. Carnauba wax is known as the Queen of Waxes and rightfully so, because it will make your car look like royalty. This chemically designed formula uses advanced polymers to create a glossy three-dimensional finish, giving your car not only an extra sealant but one that stands out.
Wolfgang Fuzion Spray Wax is a REAL wax in the form of a spray!
Spray wax directly onto paint and spread out using one towel
Immediately buff the wax with a second clean, try towel
Use a SECOND clean, dry towel to buff the finish to a high gloss

One of the best parts about Wolfgang Fuzion Spray Wax combines all the highly engineered elements of the Fuzion Estate Paste Wax in an expedient spray form. No more sitting around on your hands and knees rubbing a block of wax onto your car (unless you’re into that kind of thing). Wolfgang Fuzion Spray Wax gives you the same great chemical foundation as the Fuzion Estate Paste Waste, with less application effort.

When it comes to ease of access and multi-purpose, the Wolfgang Fuzion Wax allows you to use this style wax in two ways. You can use wax on a dry paint for the much desired, maximum protection on your vehicle or you can use the wax on wet paint an advantageous drying aid to enhance the surface gloss. In any scenario, the Wolfgang Fuzion Wax provides protection after every wash.
Wolfgang Fuzion Spray Wax is the best spray wax money can buy!
No compromise formula!

When it comes to wax, Fuzion Spray Wax has everything you are looking for in a time-saving and desirable spray bottle. The coconut smelling wax will make you feel like you’re at the beach while at the same time, creating a sleek, three-dimensional gloss. Once the wax has sealed and protected your car, take a step back and see your accomplished reflection in the cars glassy perfection.


Pro-tip: Shake well! Do not use on paint that is hot to the touch.

For dry paint:
-Use 1-2 sprays per panel.
-Evenly distribute wax using a soft microfiber towel.
-Use another clean, dry towel to gently buff the finish to a high gloss.

For wet paint:
-Use 1-2 sprays per panel
-Immediately dry the panel with a Guzzler drying towel.
-flip towel often to avoid wax build up.

16 oz.

Wolfgang Fuzion Spray Wax

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36 Reviews
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97% Recommend this product (35 of 36 responses)
Slick and Shiny
I bought the Fuzion paste wax first as I am old school and never really used...Spray waxes before.
I am a...Believer!
This goes on so easy and leaves a slick and Shiny paint!
It is really good for areas that is hard to wax with paste.
Either way.. I am covered...with some of the Best of the Best wax there is!
South River, NJ
Stellar Results
Amazing shine and depth. So easy to use, best spray wax by far. Menzerna 3-1 polishing pad and a coat of Wolfgang Fusion on my Magma red F150 !!!
ProsThe best spray wax by a mile.
Twin cities
Fuzion spray wax
Very impressed, having used the Fuzion Paste Wax I wanted something to maintain the protection and the Fuzion Spray Wax worked great. I almost like better than the paste.
Excellent product
Mount Airy, GA
Great Spray Wax
Great product. Easy on, easy off. Excellent sheeting and beading (applied over WG Deep Gloss Sealant). My only realy complaint is the leaky spray tip but I have found this to be common with most spray waxes, sealants, detailers. Can never go wrong with any Wolfgang product. Longevity is not yet determined.
ProsEasy on Easy off Beading/Sheeting
Consprice spray tip leaky