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Wolfgang Fuzion Spray Wax

No compromise formula

I’ve traveled all over the world in search of the missing link that would enable my team of chemists to manipulate and fuse the core ingredients in Fuzion Paste Wax to create a sprayable version. It has taken years of trial and error and thousands of reformulations, but my team and I have done it – Fuzion Spray Wax is finally here. The road to creating Wolfgang Fuzion Spray Wax has made my gray hair a shade or two whiter, but I’m certain that the smile on your face after using Fuzion Spray Wax will justify the challenge my team and I endured to create the magic that is Fuzion Spray Wax.

You see, what prevented Wolfgang Car Care from manufacturing a Fuzion Spray Wax all along was the ability, or lack thereof, to “bind” these two ingredients to create a workable, spray-on car wax. One day, while traveling across Europe, I met a chemist that let me voice my frustrations. He accepted the challenge and shortly after Wolfgang Fuzion Spray Wax was born.

Wolfgang Fuzion Spray Wax is a REAL wax in the form of a spray!
Spray wax directly onto paint and spread out using one towel
Immediately buff the wax with a second clean, try towel
Use a SECOND clean, dry towel to buff the finish to a high gloss
Wolfgang Fuzion Spray Wax is as unique as they come. At the heart of Fuzion Spray Wax is the second generation of German Super Polymers. The mile-deep reflections and shimmering liquid gloss wouldn’t be possible without Brazilian Carnauba Wax, which is a prime ingredient as well. The proprietary blending process for this formula calls for such stringent tolerances that it had to be manufactured in the heart of Germany.

Wolfgang Fuzion Spray Wax, in my somewhat biased opinion, is the absolute best spray wax you will ever use. It’s such a wax and polymer-dense formula that it works equally well on wet paint as it does dry paint. Applying it to a dry surface will yield the best longevity as you would expect, but you’ll be absolutely delighted to find that applying it to your wet car right after you’ve washed it will save you time while still resulting in a unbelievably glossy finish that lasts months, not weeks.

The carnauba wax formulation in Wolfgang Fuzion Spray Wax creates an immense amount of surface tension. This effect causes water to bead up and roll off the finish, taking dirt and corrosive contaminants with it. This self-cleaning ability naturally keeps your vehicle cleaner in between washes. You will be amazed at how nothing “sticks” to the paint, including bird droppings, hard water spots, and tree sap.

Wolfgang Fuzion Spray Wax is compatible with all Wolfgang formulas, including Fuzion Paste Wax and Deep Gloss Paint Sealant. Use it as a topper, or as a stand alone wax. Regardless of which application you choose, Fuzion Spray Wax will blanket your paint with crisp, clear reflections that last for months.

Wolfgang Fuzion Spray Wax is the best spray wax money can buy!
No compromise formula!

Wolfgang Fuzion Spray Wax is magical in its application and removal. If you’re applying Fuzion Spray Wax to your freshly washed vehicle while it’s still wet, mist the paint one panel at a time and then immediately dry using a Guzzler Waffle Weave Drying Towel. Flip the towel to a dry side and buff the paint to a head-turning gloss that will leave you grinning from ear to ear. Apply to dry paint using the same technique, except replace the Guzzler with a Super Plush Jr..

16 oz.

Wolfgang Fuzion Spray Wax

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South River, NJ
Stellar Results
Amazing shine and depth. So easy to use, best spray wax by far. Menzerna 3-1 polishing pad and a coat of Wolfgang Fusion on my Magma red F150 !!!
ProsThe best spray wax by a mile.
Indianapolis, Indiana
Cruise In Secret Weapon
I used this product for the first time last week on my wifes BMW X3 and was very pleased with the results. Extreme gloss and shine. A very noticeable difference from the usual product I use. Used very little per panel. Hazes slightly after you gently massage it into the paint. Pay attention to wipe off to remove all of the product. I drove my low mile pristine Grand Prix to a "Cars & Coffee" event at The Indianapolis Motor Speedway. I detailed the car at the event using the fusion spray wax. Stunning results on the Flame Red paint. People commented on the paint using words like...."Magnificent"....."Flawless"..... Do yourself a favor...get this product.
ProsWarm glowing shine. Wet looking. Small amount goes a long way.
ConsProbably price. Time it and buy it when they run a sale.
St. Joseph, Mo.
The Wolfgang Fuzion Spray Wax goes on and wipes off with very little effort, and leaves behind a hard gloss shine without any residue buildup. This is an exceptional product. You will never want to return to your former waxing products. I have a large SUV, and I completed the job in 20 minutes.
ProsEasy application and wipe off. Brilliant, professional shine.
Have used Wolfgang sealant with great results. Just tried the fuzion wax. A great combination.
ProsEasy to use.
Vacaville, CA
Great product
Ok, so I bought a tub of Fuzion paste wax a while ago when Autogeek had a batch that had imperfections on the can, but the wax itself was fine (Fuzion Paste Wax by the way is AMAZING, easy on, easy off) What better way to keep it fresh than Fuzion Spray Wax! I've used many others including Optimum Spray Wax (great product), Meg's D156 (also great), and a few others. Fuzion Spray Wax is much thicker than the others thus you need to use less product. At first, I over applied because I was used to the watery D156. So application was a bit off the first time I used it. One, I used to much, my fault, and two, this product hazes so you need to wait a tad after spreading the product out before buffing, again, my fault. So ONE spray per panel, maybe two for the hood, spread it out and wait for a bit then buff off with a second microfiber towel. While this is expensive compared to other spray waxes on the market, if you want to "keep it in the family" and you have Fuzion Paste Wax, I do not think there is a better topper than this. To make buffing off Fuzion Paste Wax even easier, I would do one spray on the panel and both buff off the paste and spray at the same time. Super easy, super quick!
ProsEasy application Smells great Thick formula