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Meguiars D156 Synthetic X-press Spray Wax 128 oz

Add the finishing touch to paintwork and plastic!

Meguiars Synthetic X-press™ Spray Wax is the quick way to add depth, gloss, and protection to any vehicle! Spray it on and wipe to reveal a rich gloss that will stand up to the elements. Meguiars Synthetic X-press™ Spray Wax is the perfect car wax for high volume detail shops or for the busy do-it-yourselfer.

The folks at Meguiars are experts when it comes to fulfilling the needs of professional detailers. Meguiars Synthetic X-press™ Spray Wax is exactly what a pro needs to add shine and protection to a finished vehicle without spending a lot of time waxing. In just a few minutes, you can wax an entire vehicle with Meguiars Synthetic X-press™ Spray Wax, no matter the size of the vehicle!

Apply Meguiars Synthetic X-press™ Spray Wax to wet or dry vehicles. A quick wipe-down with Meguiars Synthetic X-press™ Spray Wax after washing the car is a great way to prevent water spots and protect the paint in one step. Hydrophobic Polymer Technology™ allows moisture to bead and roll off the waxed paint.

There's no need to avoid plastic trim! Meguiars Synthetic X-press™ Spray Wax dries clear on plastic trim - no staining! Just spray and wipe.

Meguiars Synthetic X-press™ Spray Wax can be applied in direct sunlight. If you do your detailing in the sunshine, now you can apply this quality car wax in the sun and it will wipe off instantly. This feature is great for mobile detailers, too.

Meguiars Synthetic X-press™ Spray Wax is packaged ready-to-use in a gallon bottle. For the easiest application, get yourself a 32 oz. Meguiars Mirror Glaze Professional Spray Bottle.

Meguiars Synthetic X-press™ Spray Wax is the fast way to give a vehicle durable protection and a deep, reflective shine.

128 oz.

Meguiars D156 Synthetic X-press Spray Wax 128 oz

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34 Reviews
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88% Recommend this product (30 of 34 responses)
By Ronnie Wong
Seattle, Wa.
April 30, 2017
Not recommended
I purchased a few gallons and have used it on several vehicles with mixed results. On lighter colored paint like white and silvers, it appears to work fine. But on darker vehicles (blacks, blues and reds) in my experience, there is a streaking problem. Used as per instructions the results on the lighter colors the results are acceptable. The gloss is good with initial normal wax beading and slickness for a spray on wax. Although longevity is short. Unfortunately, with the darker colors the streaking is so pronounced that the vehicles needed to to be washed again using wax removing product. I now only use this product for light colored low level wash and wax quick turn arounds. For a product that is designed too be quick and save time, it may ultimately end up doubling your effort.
ProsEasy to use
ConsTerrible results on dark colors. Short lasting.
By Daryl Schroeder
Sheffield ia.
November 11, 2016
Awesome shine
You won't be disappointed
ProsLittle effort and does not take a lot of time
By Dave
Nashville Tn.
November 10, 2016
Super Stuff!!!!
This is the best all around product on the market!!! I use it on everything inside and out of of a car!! Absolutely love this product!!
By Ohiofire
October 5, 2016
Must have
This a must have this stuff works on everything in between waxes perfect. If your on to He fence buy buy.
By Paul
Augusta GA
September 8, 2016
Super product
Fantastic product to use between your next wax or sealant application. I often apply to my just washed, damp car, wipe and quickly buff for an awesome shine. Have also used it as a waterless wash when my car was a little dusty. Works super to wipe down shower tile, sinks, countertops, floor tile. Just an absolute great product.
ProsPrice, nice scent, does more than advertised.
By Rick
The Jersey Shore
August 11, 2016
Works and smells great! Wish I found this years ago. Taking care of my families 5 cars and trucks would have been so much easier. Better late than never!
ProsSuper easy to use and smells great!
By Jeff
Long Island, NY
July 24, 2016
Works as advertised.
ProsEasy to us on all surfaces except fabric.
By Derick
July 24, 2016
Does not streak and is much cheaper per ounce than small containers
I've used this a few times and I am impressed. It leaves no streaking what so ever. It does not stain trim. And it's much cheaper per ounce than buying a spray wax in smaller 16oz bottles at a big box store.
ProsDoes not streak. Leaves a nice finish. Does not stain trim. Cheaper per ounce than smaller bottles.
By J. Krigger
Virginia Beach, VA
July 22, 2016
Must have
DIY'er or professional D156 is a must have in your arsenal. Great for just about every surface....paint, chrome, plastics, interior surfaces as well.
Pros-Easy on easy off -Works on so many surfaces
By Jeff
Charlotte, NC
July 6, 2016
Excellent drying aid and quick wax
I use as a drying aid, mainly. It does bead water nicely and leaves a slick surface, so I have to give it high marks as a quick wax as well.
ProsEffective quick spray wax, great drying aid, and super value.
By Frank McClendon
May 13, 2016
Idiot proof
Take car to car wash. Use 5 dollars in quarters. Drive round block.Park in close lot.Apply wax wit spray bottle and rub with. Microfiber towel takes 15 min max "what did you do to my car. Etc " I did this while waiting for my wife to get back from an appointment. You can wax the inside and windows in another 10
ProsDead Easy.
By Rob mottola
California, MD
May 12, 2016
This stuff is easy to apply and doesn't streak. I use it on everything
ProsEasy to apply No streaks Pleasing smell
By Godfrey's Detailing (The Detail Boss)
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
March 20, 2016
Meguiars D156 Synthetic X-press spray wax
Meguiars D156 Synthetic X-press spray wax is an amazing and extremely versatile product. Not only does it perform well on painted surfaces, but I mist it on the glass, exterior trim, wheels, chrome and lights. I even mist it on a microfiber towel to wipe down the dash, leather seats, door panels, console and interior trim. The product does not leave any white haze behind, but instead, leaves a clean, fresh, natural appearance to the interior. Also has a smell that's very pleasing.
ProsAwesome all around product
By Matthew
Tampa, FL
February 29, 2016
Awesome spray wax
This is a great spray wax. Not sure how much you can talk about it but you spray it on, wipe it all over the surface, wait for it to dry and haze (only takes a few seconds outside, then wipe it off. Wipes off easy and looks and FEELS pretty much exactly like it was just waxed with a normal liquid or paste wax. Granted I my paint clean but it works very well and the price is excellent. At the end of my gallon and will be buying the combo with 2 gallons and the sprayer.
By Craig
February 14, 2016
Buy it buy it buy it !!!!
Bought this as I saw all the good reviews and i am amazed with how good this is and how easy it is to use and most of all no smears of streaks it is just pure bliss to use and all I can say is the car looks slick no other detailer or spray wax has this effect with this little effort ! Don't get this confused with the meguiars quick wax it's nothing like and the quick wax was hard work and smeary this is in a different league .
By Cliff
Sylvania, Ohio
February 5, 2016
Great maintenance product
Great for the quick touch ups between polishings
By Bob
February 3, 2016
This stuff is addictive!
The most addictive detailing product I have ever used. I love the added shine and protection D156 adds. I swear Meguiars adds something to this product that makes you want to use it. One of the best smelling products I have ever used.
Pros-So easy and quick to use -The smell, as others have said "citrusy". -Makes you want to wash you car just so you can spray D156 on afterwards.
Cons-you couldn't find fault with this product if you tried
Central, Connecticut
February 1, 2016
Excellent All Around Product
I purchased this after I read it works great in all temperatures. When I do a rinseless wash in my garage during winter, it can get down to 35 degrees. Well this wax works great at even those temps, with no streaking and a very nice shine. I've pretty much tried this on just about everything (Glass, metal, plastic, vinyl and even leather). Simple to use, with excellent results.
Spartanburg, SC
June 11, 2015
Easy Shine
Wonderful and easy to use product. Thank you Best Auto Detailing Tips dot com for your recommendation.
By Julian
Naples FL
June 5, 2015
A great additional to any detailers arsenal.
Great spray wax to top up with. Synthetic, so lasts long. Great shine and easy to work with.
ProsLoved by many detailers out there, and for good reason ! I also like to use this on my Italian hand made road bicycle. Never has it felt so smooth to the touch.
ConsNone that I can think of, other than its not diluteable so will go thru it fairly quickly.
By Mike D
Houston, Texas
May 28, 2015
Very pleased!
This stuff works perfect for in between complete wax jobs. Maintains that fresh waxed look!!
ProsAvailable in bulk Easy to apply
By Paul
New Jersey
May 1, 2015
D 156 spray wax
This stuff is awesome.Leaves my car shining like a new coin.
ProsWorks just as advertised
By karen
Buffalo, NY
April 26, 2015
Can't say enough!
Love this product! Can use it on every square inch of your car inside and out! I washed mine yesterday and it beads like crazy! Smells great and wipes off easily, just spray and wipe with a microfiber cloth. Bought the gallon and will buy again, from the looks of it... soon!
Proseasy to use smells great multi surface use wipes off easily
By Rob
New Jersey
February 21, 2015
great deal
works great. Can't beat the bulk price over the consumer line.
Proseasy on & off, even on trim.
By Orlando
Orlando , Fl
February 15, 2015
Extremely Stunning Results!
this quick wax works better than Meguiars ultimate quick wax And any other quick wax IMO! It makes my white car looks extremely Glossy for Weeks and water beads like Crazy! You get more than what you pay for!
ProsBetter than Ultimate Quick Wax! Long lasting Gloss and Protection!
By Michael
Lawndale, CA
January 10, 2015
Great spray wax
This is my favorite spray wax. It is durable and easy to use. I use it to maintain my cars that use either ultimate wax, M21 or M26.
By TimD
December 18, 2014
You will love it!
Great product been using it for years after wash. Fantastic shine!
ProsEasy and fast
By Allan
November 10, 2014
Great to buy D156 buy the gallon!
Works great, smells nice. Fast to apply & shines beautifully! Great for volume buy of UQW.
ProsMIst on, wipe off. Quick wax booster. Makes next wash fast & easy!
By Doug Cunningham
Sag Harbor, NY
August 8, 2014
D156 Rocks!
As a professional detailer I use this product every single day. The easiest way to give your car a high gloss look with outstanding protection. ..plus the price is just unbelievable.
By Daniel Kinder
Lowmansville, Kentucky
April 11, 2014
I offer this in my Silver Package and it makes the paint smooth feeling, almost like the surface as been clayed and add's a very nice deepth and shine to the surface. My customers can't believe this is from just a spray wax! Also my favorite Package offering because of the quick turn around with great value to the customers needs and wants. Will be getting 5 gallons of this as soon as possible. And just wanted to say thank you AutoGeek for the very quick shipping of the gallon of my D156 Synthetic Spray Wax. I had a black Tahoe in and had a very time consuming deadline to get this back to the customer before school let out, and I only had 40 minutes to wax, clean windows and double check everything before returning it and there was just no way I could have done this! But the Big Brown Truck pulled up with D156 box in hand!!!! THANK GOD!!!! You saved my day AUTOGEEK and was only late by 4 minutes and the lady was very impressed, now have her as a regular bi-weekly client.
ProsVery easy and quick to apply and remove! Makes the paint almost feel like it has been clayed,(on takin care of finishes) and gives a deep wet shine, for a spray wax I love this stuff. Use it so much it spoils me when I have to machine wax. LOL!! Customers love it, they will walk around thier car rubbing on every panel.
ConsHaven't found one yet and debt I will!