CarPro FlyBy30 Windshield & Glass Coating Kit

What Cquartz did for your paint – FlyBy30 does for your glass!

CarPro FlyBy30 is a durable coating designed to repel water, dust, dirt, sleet, snow and other airborne contaminants on your vehicle’s exterior glass. This state-of-the-art nano-based coating provides up to 8 months of protection for your vehicle’s exterior glass including the windshield, side windows, mirrors, etc. CarPro FlyBy30 gets its name from its ability to cause water to bead up and roll off at speeds in excess of 30 mph; you won’t need to use your windshield wipers as much!

With the introduction of FlyBy30 CarPro continues the trend of manufacturing products that offer top notch performance, exceptional ease of use and most importantly, longevity. CarPro FlyBy30 is incredibly easy to use and the complete kit includes everything you need to polish, prep and coat your glass with protection that lasts for up to 8 months.

When glass coatings were originally introduced they were finicky in their application because they would smear and cause a nasty haze that was difficult to remove. That’s not the case with CarPro FlyBy30; this advanced nano-based coating won’t smear, haze or stain the glass. CarPro FlyBy30 imparts a rock-hard, crystal clear hydrophobic coating that is designed to do one thing and one thing only – keep your glass clean!

CarPro FlyBy30 is a must-have product if you live in the Snow Belt. Coat your glass with CarPro FlyBy30 before winter and you’ll be amazed at how easily snow, sleet and ice is removed. The surface tension created by FlyBy30 is so immense that nothing will stick to the glass and it will be far easier to keep clean during the winter months.

If you live in a region that experiences torrential rain fall, CarPro FlyBy30 will significantly reduce wiper usage at speeds in excess of 30 mph because water will simply bead up and roll off! CarPro FlyBy30 creates such a slick, smooth surface that your windshield wipers won’t chatter.

  1. Wash and dry exterior glass.
  2. Polish with CarPro CeriGlass by hand or machine to smooth the glass and remove any impurities.
  3. Thoroughly clean the glass with CarPro Eraser.
  4. Apply a few drops of FlyBy30 onto a CarPro Suede Applicator and apply in a criss-cross pattern. Apply more product as needed.
  5. Let CarPro FlyBy30 cure for 1 minute. If it is cold or damp allow for additional curing time.
  6. Wipe away residue with a clean microfiber towel.
  7. Allow to cure for at least 12 hours before exposure to water or the environment. The cure time can be greatly reduced or eliminated by heating the coating with a UV lamp.

Kit includes:
20ml CarPro FlyBy30
50ml CarPro Ceriglass
50ml CarPro Eraser
Applicator Block
Ceriglass Applicator
2 x 4” Microfiber Suede Applicator
1 x 8” Microfiber Suede Cloth

CarPro FlyBy30 Windshield & Glass Coating Kit

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4 Reviews
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Dixon illinois
Great kit
The first thing I noticed was how much thought went into the kit. Everything that is needed is in the bag. It was really easy to use and doesn't take a lot of time. The vehicle I used it one had heavy windshield wiper scratches on it and this coating reduced the look of them. The glass is left pretty slick. Unfortunately I have not been able to test the water behavior of this product yet.
ProsSolid kit well thought out. Easy to use very beginner friendly.
Lewisburg, PA
Stick With Rain-X Stay Away From This Product
This product gave me a bad feeling from the time I received the kit. Instructions were extremely poor and none of the pads or applicators were indentified as to which to use with each product. I am almost sure I picked the wrong ones. Next the bottle of FlyBy30 was difficult to use on the vertical side windows and mirrors. Also the applicators required use of more of the product than expected, also once applied the product is so clear it is very difficult to tell if you have applied it to the complete surface. I used the entire bottle and didn't have enough to do my sunroof. Stay away from this kit, it is terrible, and once applied and cured, the water does not roll off the windows like advertised. At 3 times the cost of Rain-X, it does 1/2 the job. Save money use Rain-X, the Rain-X requires more applications to maintain properties, but the cost savings are well worth it. I was so disappointed with the kit and results, I will probably not purchase from Autogeek in the future.
ConsThis is a 4 step process. Requires cleaning the windows with IPA (which isn't in instructions) Instructions and identification of kit items are extremely poor.
Kansas City, Kansas, USA
Great results!
I have used cQuartz and cQuartzUK on my paint (and side windows) and that has been an amazing product. With winter coming and lots of sand getting put on the road, I wanted to put something on my windshield to help protect it from getting 'sandblasted' and pitted. Won't know those results to the spring, but what I do know is this: my windshield is so clear it is invisible, and it has stayed clean and clear during a week of normal is not even dusty. Driving towards the morning sun there is no glare or sparkles, and yesterday when I used the wipers a few times in light snowfall, there was no streaking. So far, I am really impressed with the improvement in vision and clarity this has made!
ProsThe kit is very complete with adequate products to treat the windshield several times. The process is not difficult or terribly time consuming (under an hour, start to finish and I put on two layers). Increased clarity of windshield. Worth the effort.
ConsThe instructions are minimal. There was no warning about how the product goes on - and basically it disappears almost as soon as it hits the glass. You need to be very careful about working in specific areas and being thorough to make sure you cover the entire is almost impossible to tell where product has been applied and where it hasn't.
United States
Good Product
Watched a video on Youtube as to how to apply. Print on the product was too small. Does what was promised.
ProsWater does strem off at 30 mph as promised.
ConsIf you park outside it attracts dirt easily.