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Wolfgang Exterior Trim Sealant 8 oz.

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Preserve ALL exterior trim in factory-new condition.

Wolfgang Exterior Trim Sealant is the only exterior trim protectant you need. This one product provides durable, clear protection on plastics, rubber, vinyl, and metal exterior trim. Wolfgang Exterior Trim Sealant is designed to maintain the beauty of your vehicle, not cover it up. The protection is strong enough for a daily driver but the finish is worthy of a show car.

Wolfgang Exterior Trim Sealant is a special blend of clear polymers, UV blockers, and a rust inhibitor that shields exterior trim from the sun and weather. Lots of products "dress" rubber and vinyl trim, but few offer a natural looking finish plus real protection. Wolfgang Exterior Trim Sealant is in a league of its own.

Wolfgang Exterior Trim Sealant works equally well on metal wheels, tires, metal grills, plastic wiper cowls, textured bumpers and smooth wheel well guards. It works on ALL exterior trim and tires! Wolfgang Exterior Trim Sealant will give plastic, vinyl, and rubber a darker, newer appearance. On metal, Wolfgang Exterior Trim Sealant forms a clear coating that maintains its luster.

Wolfgang Exterior Trim Sealant protects and restores faded wiper cowls.

Wolfgang Exterior Trim Sealant restores and protects wiper cowls.

Wolfgang Exterior Trim Sealant before and after on wiper cowl.

On the upper left, you can see how Wolfgang Exterior Trim Sealant improved the appearance of the plastic.

The hyper concentrated formula coats evenly and dries quickly. Wolfgang Exterior Trim Sealant can be used on smooth or textured surfaces. If used on hard, smooth surfaces, buff the surface dry with a towel. On tires, spread on an even coat and allow to dry. Wolfgang Exterior Trim Sealant makes exterior trim care easy.

Wolfgang Exterior Trim Sealant is effective on metals.
Use Wolfgang Exterior Trim Sealant to seal and protect metal surfaces.

Wolfgang Exterior Trim Sealant works on all plastic, vinyl, and exterior trim of any color. It does not contain any dyes or colorants. The polymers provide a natural-looking darkening of plastics, vinyl, and rubber to restore the factory-new appearance. Wolfgang Exterior Trim Sealant is completely clear.

Wolfgang Exterior Trim Sealant is formulated to withstand rain and car washes. It is water-resistant and long-lasting. The polymers cure to the surface to maintain a high level of protection week after week. For the longest-lasting results, use a car shampoo that does not strip wax. Regular washing with a gentle car soap will keep protected surfaces clean.

There's no need to buy multiple products to protect exterior trim, tires, and metal. Wolfgang Exterior Trim Sealant is the only product you need for durable UV and moisture protection plus subtle enhancement. It saves time and, most importantly, it saves your vehicle!


Wolfgang Exterior Trim Sealant protects wheels.

Wolfgang Exterior Trim Sealant
protects wheels...

Wolfgang Exterior Trim Sealant protects tires.

and tires...

Wolfgang Exterior Trim Sealant enhances wheels and tires with a clear, protective coating.

and dries clear on rubber and metal.


Clean the surface to be treated prior to application of Wolfgang Exterior Trim Sealant. Surface should be completely dry.

Apply Wolfgang Exterior Trim Sealant to desired surface using a foam or microfiber applicator. If applying to tires, use a foam tire applicator. Apply a few drops to applicator and spread a thin, even coat over the surface. If used on hard, smooth surfaces such as the wheels or chrome trim, buff surface dry with a towel. If used on tires, allow to dry before driving.

8 oz.

Wolfgang Exterior Trim Sealant 8 oz.

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Review Summary
17 Reviews
47% (8)
47% (8)
6% (1)
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82% Recommend this product (14 of 17 responses)
Staten Island, NY
Great product
Easy to use, a little absolutely goes a long way, great finish, easy coverage.
ProsRestores your trim to a sharp looking finish, not oily or slick to the touch when dry. so far has not faded in a week
Yucaipa, California
Leaves a nice sheen
I used this product on the exterior body plastics on my Subaru Forester. It goes on very easily, a little goes a long way. Leaves a nice sheen.
Mayfield, Kentucky
Great Detailing Product
Puts a professional finish on all exterior trim. A rich but very subtle finish is obtained with minimal effort. Another great product from Wolfgang.
Gastonia, North Carolina
Resurrecting Plastic Trim
I bought this sealant because of great success with other Wolfgang products. It worked well in restoring black rubber bumpers but didn' do much for other high oxidized plastic trim.
Southern Maryland
Lasts a long time on plastic trim, not so much on tires.
I bought this for my 2016 Subaru Outback, which has tons of black trim. It goes on great with a Griot's Garage Contour Trim Applicator, and a little goes a long way. This sealant provides a nice, deep, satin finish that looks amazing when you're done. The trim on the Outback doesn't have much texture, and I didn't have any problems with streaking. I tried it on my 2006 F-150, which has a more textured trim, and it was harder to get an even coat but not impossible. Going with a super light application seemed to be the key. I was a bit disappointed because the finish on the Outback seemed to fade after a couple weeks and some rain, but a quick wash brings it back to life. Even the trim along the bottom of the car still looks nice and seems to shed dirt easily. I seem to get 4 to 6 months out of one application based on the amount of rain/snow/ washes during that time.

Be sure to wear gloves because the bottle cap seems to leak, and this stuff feels and smells like some kind of solvent. The trim on my car was in good condition when I bought it, so I can't really attest to how it would look on faded trim or how it protects over the long haul. I don't like it for tires, however, because it seemed to turn the tires brown after a couple weeks. Maybe I didn't clean the tires well enough beforehand? Regardless, I'm reluctant to try it on tires again.

Overall, I like it and recommend it, but I might try something slightly less expensive when I finish this bottle
ProsEasy to apply, lasts along time, deep satin finish.
ConsKind of expensive, strong solvent smell, leaky bottle top, not the best for tires in my experience.