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iK FOAM Pro 12

Bring the foam where ever you roam!

The most exciting aspect of washing your car (or any surface) is watching the foam bubble up into soft, puffy suds. With the iK FOAM Pro 12 you can see the magic happen easier and faster. The European made iK FOAM Pro 12 is perfect for the detailer who is looking to apply shampoo and cleaner to their car in the most efficient way possible. The iK FOAM Pro 12 gives you more foam with a range of spraying options, with less hassle and stress on the body. This product doesn’t just begin and end with cars. You can also clean floors, counters and bathrooms.

Most foam sprayers out on the market are handheld with a spray gun that allows you to coat the surface of the vehicle (or whatever you may be cleaning) by strictly pumping. Holding those sprays can be tiresome on your body, hard to spray and may not even spray the way you’d like. With the iK FOAM Pro 12, you can give your body a break with the accessibility and ease of this product, while at the same time, spraying a leveled amount of cleaning product in an air compressed tank.

The beauty of this product is that it allows you to generate a thick layer of foam so that your products dwell longer and in turn, work better. Designed to work with chemical agents to sufficiently clean your surfaces, this product can be used with virtually any cleaner on the market due to its chemical resistant ability. The iK FOAM Pro 12 comes with different tubes to allow for different types of spraying action. Whatever you choose, your vehicle will be blanketed with a smooth, leveled amount of foam. These tubes are color-coded, so that you won’t have any issues identifying the type of spray you need. This product also includes cotton filters for the tubes, that if cleaned monthly, will produce the correct amount of foam, while keeping the sprayer in great working condition.

Color Coded Tube Mixers:
  • • Orange - Wet Foam
  • • Grey - Medium Foam
  • • Green - Snow Foam
The uses for the iK FOAM Pro 12 are worthy of praise, but so is the design of the foam blaster itself. Save yourself the stress on your body and the fatigue of the process with the convenient structure of the blaster. The long spraying lance paired with the large translucent tank makes washing your car easier than ever. The long spraying lance allows you to get an even amount of foamy goodness, without having to get too close to the vehicle or surface you are cleaning.

The tiny, easy-to-use spray allows you to get into the nooks and crannies you wouldn’t be able to reach otherwise. The large tank has enough volume to foam your entire vehicle, even those big trucks! The tank is clearly marked to show the number of liters and/or gallons left, so you are never at loss for how much product you have left. The easy screw-on-screw-off system for attaching the hose and nozzle head is time saving and hassle free. What’s unique about the iK FOAM Pro 12 is that it contains a pressure system that allows you to produce a higher amount of pressure, allowing for more foam to be produced in a shorter amount of time. You can use the hand pump to pressurize the sprayer or you can also pressurize the air by using an air compressor through the air compressor socket.

Your arms will thank you for using the iK FOAM Pro 12. The tank is set on a stable base with feet brackets, allowing your foam blaster to rest simply on the ground as you use your long lance to work on spraying foam on your car, without having to hold the tank at the same time. The tank is now also sturdy enough so that there’s no fear of it tipping over while pumping. No more worries about your arms getting tired or cramping, just soaping action. The pump handle is in the perfect at-hand location to pump easily, and with its locking mechanism, you don’t have to worry about over pumping or spillage if the tank happens to tip. When it comes time to letting the foam settle, or if you just need a break, there is a slot for the lance to rest so that it doesn’t get trampled lying on the ground.

If you need more of an excuse to explain why you need the iK FOAM Pro 12, don’t forget that this product can be used to clean surfaces other than your car. This foam action sprayer perfectly applies the right amount of cleaning product to your bathrooms, floors and countertops.

Technical Features:

  • • Safety Release Valve: Set at 60 psi, depressurizable.
  • • Hose: 4.25 Ft.
  • • Special Nozzle with Fan-Type Foam.
  • • Total Capacity: 2.5 gal
  • • Useful Capacity: 1.75 gal.
  • • Gross Weight: 6.60 lbs.
  • • Net Weight: 5.60 lbs.

iK FOAM Pro 12

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100% Recommend this product (7 of 7 responses)
Ellenwood, GA
Absolute love way better than the smaller version and don’t have to pump nearly as much and last longer.
Orlando, Florida
Great Foamer/ All Around Pump Sprayer
This was made to be a portable foamer, which it is great at, but I also use it as a regular pump sprayer as well. I have two of these foamers, one for my regular 2 bucket washes with car shampoo and the other one is for my rinseless wash presoak with ONR. With car shampoo or any APC/Degreaser, it creates very thick foam that lasts.

With my ONR routine, I use this filled with ONR to presoak the car before washing it. ONR doesn't foam and this foamer doesn't make it foam, which is expected. I like using ONR in it mainly because I don't have to manually pump it like regular pump sprayers, I just use my compressor. It also sprays the ONR at a much higher pressure than a regular pump sprayer, probably because of filling it with a compressor.
ProsThick Foam without the Pressure Washer Setup Cheaper than buying a pressure washer just to foam a car Great build quality Three different foam settings Extra filters included Can be pressurized with a compressor (the main reason I bought it) Can be used just as a regular pump sprayer
ConsOnly con is that when unscrewing the top, it hits against the hose as you turn it. Not a major problem, just a little inconvenient.
Highlands Ranch, CO
Much improved over the Ik 9
This new sprayer has a bigger base than it's predecessor. The best feature is the schraeder valve that allows you to use a tire pump, tire inflator or your compressor to pressurize this vessel. You can still use the pump to pump this sprayer up. This is a great option for washing the car in the winter. Take your car to the DIY bay style car wash facility. Rinse car with water then use this with your favorite car shampoo to foam the car down and let in dwell. The rinse again. Versatile and well built. A good value!
ProsStable Schraeder valve! Large capacity
Manahawkin , NJ
I liked the IK9
I have the IK9 and love the performance. The one thing I hate about it is how quick I can run out of air. This one last a little longer due to the size but with an Aire compressor it takes literal seconds to fill! LOVE IT!
Norristown, Pa
Works great for foaming your vehicle (especially in the winter when all our hoses are shut off)