CarPro HydroFoam

The next evolution of CarPro Hydro2!

CarPro HydroFoam combines the coating properties of hydrophilic glass fibers and fluoropolymers that CarPro Hydro2 is known for with a pH neutral foaming wash. You can now wash your car and coat with Hydro2 at the same time! The surfactants used in CarPro HydroFoam will gently lift and remove dirt from your paint, greatly reducing the risk of washing induced swirls. CarPro HydroFoam is the ultimate product when you need to save time, but still want that CarPro shine.

CarPro HydroFoam is one of the most advanced foaming shampoos on the market. How many products do you know that will leave a clean and coated surface after a simple wash? With a durability of 3 months or more, there aren’t many out there that can compare. CarPro HydroFoam is pH neutral and leaves behind a glossy, smooth finish.

When CarPro HydroFoam is used with a CarPro Merino Wool Wash Mitt all surface dirt and debris is removed safely and doesn’t cause any washing induced swirls and scratches. Since CarPro HydroFoam need only be rinsed off to be “activated”, you have an even lower risk of putting swirls into the paint with a towel wipe down. Once you’ve finished washing the car and have entered the rinse phase, an ultra water-repellant coating is immediately formed.

During rinsing, an effect called “hydroelectric bonding”, is caused by the water pressure. This hydroelectric bonding accelerates the bonding on the surface creating that glass like shell you’ve come to expect from Hydro2. The sleek coat that is left behind not only enhances your paints’ finish but is also resistant to UV exposure, almost all acids, solvents, and alkaline solutions. Your paint is also now more dirt and water repellent than it ever was before.

CarPro HydroFoam is extremely versatile and can be used on many different surfaces; wheels and wheel wells, calipers, glass, and even plastic can benefit from a wash with CarPro HydroFoam. With no cure time necessary, your vehicle is immediately cleared for use as soon as you are done washing.

CarPro HydroFoam should be diluted 1:9 and can be used by hand or with a foaming device. We recommend using an HP Pressure Washer Foam Cannon for best results.

  1. First, you never want to apply CarPro HydroFoam in direct sunlight or on a hot surface. This will cause streaking that does NOT come off easily.
  2. Once you’re in a sufficiently shaded area, rinse the vehicle thoroughly. You should leave the surface wet and clean of any soap residue.
  3. If you are using a foaming device, coat the whole car with the CarPro HydroFoam mixture before moving onto the wash mitt step. If you are hand washing out of a bucket, wash the car section by section using your wash mitt. Immediately rinse each section well before moving onto the next panel.
  4. If you’ve used your foaming device, now go over the whole car with your wash mitt. It’s recommended you use a Merino Wool mitt for best results. The CarPro Wool Wash Mitt or Aussie Merino Wool Wash Mitt would be perfect.
  5. Be sure to rinse thoroughly immediately after washing.
  6. Once the car is fully rinsed, remove any remaining water by either blowing with a dryer or with a waffle weave drying towel.
After even one wash with CarPro HydroFoam, your paint will be clean and fully protected from daily assaults for up to three months.

500 ml.

CarPro HydroFoam

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Elk Grove Village Ill
Wash and truly add protection!
My car is coated and I was looking to try a higher end product. Based off of what others had to say I decided to give Hydrofoam a ahot...and I'm glad I did!

Following the directions on the bottle made cleaning very easy. It may be called Hydrofoam but it doesn't really foam too much, LOL. That said, what it does do is clean very well and you can actually see the protection being laid down! Once dried the car has a glossy finish and protection, n9t sure about how long the protection provided lasts because it's been a couple weeks but doing 2 things at once is great!
Pros-great cleaning ability -Sio2 protection -drying made easier
Cons- the amount of suds may turn some people off based on the name
Carpro Hydrofoam
Have not used it yet
Quick and easy
Works great.
ProsWorks great. Just wish they gave me specifics on car pro to water
The easiest way to get a great shine
I received this in a Mystery Box and tried it today on my wife's car. I used the Foaming Gun and it mixed easy. I foamed the whole car like instructed. With the mitt part you can feel the slickness of the foam. The mitt just glides across. The foam. Them the rinse. The water just sheets off and it looks like it says the car was coated as I was rinsing off the car. It is truly as advertised a 1 step wash and coat. I would higher recommend this product to a person that wants great results quickly. Follow the direction and make sure all the areas are dry
ProsEase of Use one Step Wash and Coat Slick
ConsIt could seem to some people pricey. But when you figure the coating part into it it really is not
Pacific Northwest
Works as advertised
Bought it to use on the wife's daily driver, works as good as I hoped
ProsDeeper shine, instant water beading
Cons9:1 dilution ratio...I need to get a smaller bucket!