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BLACKFIRE BlackICE Hybrid Liquid Wax 32 oz.

BLACKFIRE BlackICE Hybrid Liquid Wax 32 oz.

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Not sure if you'll like it? See what Mike Phillips has to say about it You’re going to need to sit down for this.

BLACKFIRE BlackICE Hybrid Liquid Wax is a formulated mix of German-sourced Montan Wax and Wet Diamond polymers and is designed to bond to your vehicle's paint surface and provide a mile-deep gloss for the ultimate wet-shine look on all colors—including dark paints! This product is heat resistant and will keep your vehicle protected against ultraviolet light and natural contaminants like bird droppings, acid rain, and mineral deposits. We’ve turned our BlackICE Hybrid Montan Sealant Wax into a liquid application that will yield just as amazing results! BLACKFIRE BlackICE Hybrid Liquid Wax won't even stain your plastic should you accidentally get some on your trim!

BlackICE Hybrid Liquid Wax is the stunning solution to all your wax needs. Now you don’t have to slave over hard wax and hope you’re not making your layers too thin or too thick. With the BlackICE Hybrid Liquid Wax you just need a good applicator and a freshly cleaned and clayed vehicle. You can apply BlackICE Hybrid Liquid Wax by hand in those intricate or hard-to-reach areas, and by polisher everywhere else!

If you live in a humid or hot part of the world the last thing you need is your wax coming off from just sitting in your driveway or taking a cruise to the grocery store. The BlackICE Hybrid Liquid Was is formulated with a heat-resistant protectant so you don’t have to worry about the wax bleeding, bubbling, or flaking in the hot sun.

Your paint is going to be safely sealed and protected with the BlackICE Hybrid Liquid Wax. This product glides easily over the contours of your vehicle without hitching or scratching and will leave your paint feeling slippery to the touch. The deep-set Montan Wax will keep contaminants like bird droppings, acid rain, and mineral deposits from sneaking in and damaging your paint. They won’t stand a chance with BlackICE Hybrid Liquid Wax!

Directions for Use:
Can be applied by hand or with a DA Random Orbital Polisher at a slow speed.
Shake well before use.
Working on a cool surface in the shade, apply a few pea-sized drops of product onto a foam wax applicator or finishing pad.
Spread a thin layer of product over the painted surface, working one panel at a time.
Allow product to cure for at least fifteen minutes for optimal bonding before removing excess.
Protip: The longer the cure, the better the bond! Make sure product has completely hazed over before removing.
Remove excess with a clean, dry microfiber towel and buff to an ultimate wet-look finish. Reapply every 3-4 months or as needed.

32 oz.

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Clover, SC
Great stuff
When I called to discuss my issue, Alex recommended this which had just come on the market. So I took a chance. Turns out to be about the easiest to apply liquid "wax" I've ever used, in many decades. Too many to own up to. Goes on easy, comes off even easier. Just what an old man wants! The finish was as good as what I normally use, in terms of gloss. I precleaned with polish and buffer. Haven't had it long enough to rate how it'll last, but it's a sealant type product and should outperform wax. Did a fantastic job on the plastic parts that were faded and that wax causes to turn white. So no need to mask or be careful, cover everything. The stuff is so slippery, I had trouble holding on to the container after it got on my hands. Was even more impressed the way it made the chrome look. Usually, it's a challenge to get wax to wet out on chrome, but this stuff didn't look like it was covering but it was. No dusty residue to deal with either. I'm thinking the clothes/applicators will have to be kept separate for these type products as they are so hydrophobic. I don't think I want to throw in the wash...
oakdale pennsylvania
backfire hybrid wax
great shine
You tell me
I really like this stuff. Easy to use and the results drop jaws.
ProsEasy to use , good protection
Midwestern USA
BLACKFIRE BlackIce Hybrid Liquid Wax: For a drop-dead GORGEOUS SHINE!
This wax is for those of us who truly value our automobile collection! I'm a connoisseur of fine automobiles. I give a vigorous workout to their paint finish as part of their regimen. I use Klasse AIO and of course their paint sealant. For my black cars I give a special treat of Chemical Guys Black Light Hybrid Radiant Finish which makes the paint P-O-P when the sunlight hits them! As the ultimate finishing touch, I use BLACKFIRE Black Ice Hybrid Liquid Wax adding an exponential WOW-factor to the depth of the shine.

This product is well worth every penny! It goes on with ease and comes off even easier! The trick: LEAVE IT ALONE AFTER THE APPLICATION! FORGET about fifteen minutes - in the garage you can leave it on, cover with a 100% cotton sheet and let the product 'do its own thing' as it cures. Well, yes, it will be difficult to remove if the first coat was the only time you've polished your car in 6 months! Each coat of this product applied makes it even easier to remove. If you leave it alone to cure, it all but removes itself with a microfiber cloth. I've left it alone on my Rolls-Royces and Bentleys for weeks at a time - yes, I said weeks! One simply cannot rush perfection -

Nothing ventured...nothing gained, right? So, after you get the paint finish to your own degree of savvy - BLACKFIRE Black Ice Hybrid Liquid Wax makes a definitive statement: you are there! Aside from its excellent hydrophobic characteristics - it creates the all-important achievement: it's drop-dead gorgeous as the sun is glinting away in real-time!

I cannot stress the importance of forgetting the 15-minute quick cure, that is, if you really want to reap all of the benefits from its exclusivity. So save the 'quickies' for those Turtle Wax adventures...BLACKFIRE Black Ice Hybrid Liquid Wax precludes the restless quest for something finer to replace it with -
ProsIt makes your paint finish drop-dead gorgeous - it looks like a wet mirror reflecting the horizon as you drive - and it makes your car the epitome of envy as it sits serenely in your driveway!
ConsNO such thing as a fifteen-minute cure - leave that for the Turtle Wax audience! The only bad part of this equation: is the fact you'll be sorry you hadn't tried BLACKFIRE Black Ice Hybrid Liquid Wax sooner!!! I am sold - you will be too! Take your time, get to know this product - it will become an important addition to your arsenal of protection...as long as you forget the number fifteen!!!
At. Louis
Black fire hybrid
I just purchased Blackfire hybrid wax for the first time. It went on easy and I m waiting for the results.