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Speed Master Clay Foam Block

Speed Master Clay Foam Block

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Clay away in comfort!

The Speed Master Clay Foam Block is the comfortable way to clay your car. With its dual natured texture, one side of the Speed Master Clay Foam Block is made of a high-tech rubberized coating to gently clay your car, which the other side of the Speed Master Clay Foam Block is a soft, foam texture for a comfortable feel.

There are so many ways to clay your vehicle these days. You can use a traditional clay bar, a clay mitt, or a clay towel. And now, to add into the mix, a clay block! The clay block combines the best of both worlds, of having something easy and comfortable to hold, while still holding true to the power of clay.

The Speed Master Clay Foam Block uses a high-tech, rubberized coating attached to one side of the block with work to remove gloss hindering contaminants to give you the best finish possible. It will remove contaminants such as tree sap, over-spray, tar, stubborn road grime, dirt, industrial fall-out, and more. Claying, also known as decontaminating, your car is an essential step to having the gloss you’ve always wanted. Contaminants caused by everyday occurrences become embedded in your paint, hindering the gloss. This also prevents your polishes, sealants, and waxes from properly bonding with the paint, reducing their effectiveness. Claying your car will allow your car to be ready to be prepped for the next detailing step.

Unlike typical clay bars, the Speed Master Clay Foam does not need to be re-kneaded and can be used again after dropping on the ground. So, you don't need a new bar of clay each time! By using a synthetic, rubberized coating that mimics traditional clay bars, you save yourself the hassle that comes with traditional clay bars. The Speed Master Clay Foam Block fits comfortably in your hand, typically being the size of your palm. Plus, the soft foam makes claying more enjoyable on your hands and wrists. And if you drop it? Simply rinse and get right back to work!

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New Castle, Colorado
Nice, but sticks to itself
I've used traditional clay bars, a clay mitt, and now this clay foam block. It's great for small areas around the grille, bumpers, and mirrors. But after using this clay foam block, I rinsed it and made the mistake of squeezing the excess water out. The clay surface stuck to itself and would not come apart. I had to cut the damaged portion off. There is still some usable surface left, but I was disappointed. My clay mitt has never stuck to itself. The clay mitt also conforms better to the contours of the body panels, and of course covers more surface area. But for tight spots the clay foam block works great. I loosely wrap wax paper around it, when not in use to keep it from sticking to other things.
ProsGreat for tight areas too small for using a clay mitt. Very easy to grip.
ConsPermanently sticks to itself if the clay surface makes contact with itself like when squeezing the wetness out before putting it away .
san jose, ca
works very fast!
this clay block is a nice size that is very easy to hold in your hands without causing any cramping. it also works very fast in removing contaminants and making your paint feel like glass. works really well but I only use it on newer vehicles with less contaminants. definitely try this out if you are still using traditional clay.
Prosgood size, works fast and easy to hold
Buchanan, VA
1st time using clay
Never tried claying before, surprised by how slick it made the paint and how easy it was
Cabery , IL
Great pad
At first I was worried about using this and how it would do compared to a normal clay bar. I was actually shocked this thing works just as good as any any other clay bar. I really love the thought if I was to drop it I could just rinse it off and use again. Not sure how aggressive it would be on bad paint. I highly recommend it.
ProsEasy to use Can probably get more use times than clay bar Double sided If you drop it can still use after cleaning it off Work as good as clay bar
Northern Indiana
Speed Master Clay Foam Block
I have a few of these clay foam blocks, extremely nice if you happen to drop it, just clean it off with soapy water, make sure that there are no contaminates in the rubber clay. I think they almost mimic detail clay without the expense of throwing it out after dropping it on the floor, they work very well removing contamination.
ProsCleanable if dropped, lasts a long time if you keep the pad lubricated well