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Sonax Perfect Finish 4/6 250 ml.

Sonax Perfect Finish guarantees an unrivaled finish for the amount of cut provided!

Sonax Perfect Finish is a medium-cut polish with a name that explains it all! Sonax Perfect Finish is finally available in the US after years of countless phone calls and emails from gloss-crazed car care enthusiasts demanding that Germany’s best car polish become available on our shores. Rest assured the formula is unchanged – Sonax Perfect Finish, accurately described as a medium-cut polish with the finishing ability of an ultra-fine polish, is in stock and ready to polish your vehicle to a perfect finish!

Sonax Perfect Finish, better known in the detailing world as magic in a bottle, redefines what a medium cut polish is capable of. By utilizing the most advanced nano-abrasives ever milled, Sonax Perfect Finish is capable of removing moderate to heavy swirl marks, water spots and oxidation while finishing like an ultra-fine polish. Such impressive abrasive technology is the result of the stringent quality standards set forth by Sonax of Germany.

Sonax Perfect Finish is the quintessential example of a one-step polishing compound. A traditional polishing system requires a second finishing step from a finer polish to maximize gloss and clarity. That’s not the case with Sonax Perfect Finish! Sonax Perfect Finish, when paired with the appropriate foam or microfiber pad on a dual-action or rotary polisher, is capable of impressing even the most discriminating enthusiast with its cutting and finishing abilities, eliminating the need for a multi-step system.

Sonax Perfect Finish is arguably the best polish for black cars. While most high-quality polishes can finish swirl and haze-free on light colored vehicles, not all of them perform as well on black paint. For the amount of cut it offers, Sonax Perfect Finish provides an unmatched finish on all paint systems of any color. What’s more, Sonax Perfect Finish is incredibly easy to work with – no dusting and it’s easy to wipe off!

A quality polish is defined by its abrasive technology. It was imperative early on in the development of Sonax Perfect Finish that it cut and finish better on all paint systems - OEM and aftermarket - than any other medium cut polish. While the road to perfection was a long one, Sonax managed to develop a polish that provides the perfect finish on all paint systems, including those that are hard and soft. Whether you’re working on super-soft Japanese paint or rock-hard German paint, Sonax Perfect Finish will indeed provide the perfect finish.

Sonax Profiline polishes are rated on a scale of 1-6. To rate the amount of cut a product has, 1 represents the least while 6 represents the most. To rate how well a product finishes, 1 represents the worst while 6 represents the best. Sonax Perfect Finish is rated at an impressive 4 for cut and an impeccable 6 for finish. Going by Sonax’s scale, a traditional medium-cut polish would rate at around a 2-3 for cut and a 4-5 for finish. Sonax Perfect Finish is proof that you don’t have to sacrifice cut in the name of a perfect finish!

Sonax Perfect Finish is VOC compliant and body shop safe. Sonax Perfect Finish is silicone-free and it does not contain any waxes. Sonax Perfect Finish can be used on all paint systems including scratch-resistant clear coats.

Tech Tip: Sonax Perfect Finish is versatile in how it can be applied. Use it with a dual action or rotary polisher equipped with either a foam cutting, polishing or finishing pad.

250 ml (8.45 oz.)
Made in Germany

Sonax Perfect Finish 4/6 250 ml.

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By Dana
August 16, 2017
Great Product
Amazing product. Used on medium damaged two stage paint, levels quickly and removes imperfections. Best Ive ever used! USed with a circular grinder and light duty foam pad around 800 rpm. Car looks better than new.
ProsEasy to work with
By Justin
February 9, 2017
Like Mr. Garage Hack above me said, I too was amazed by this product. Had a hood that I was fighting with: after an IPA wipe with MF towel I realized I was leaving "long swirls" with my wipedown. For some reason, no polish or compound I had at the time was correcting them --- until I got SONAX PF. Not only did it remove them, it did so in one pass and left the paint highly polished.
By J Scarver
March 26, 2016
Best of both worlds
I read where popular demand brought this polish here from Germany. All I can say is that I'm grateful it's here. I used a Flex 3401, Surbuf 5" pads and Sonax Perfect Finish on a 2008 Honda Civic that was being polished for the first time since the winter of last year. What really impressed me was the cutting ability AND the finishing ability of this polish. I've never experienced anything like it. It made what I thought would be an all day detail turn into a three hour detail.
Proscorrecting and finishing ability. one is as good as the other.
Consthe price maybe? it depends on how important it is to you to save time and effort. this polish will shorten your workday.
By Garage Hack
May 15, 2015
Sonax Perfect Finish
I used this with Lake Country microfiber pads and my Rupes 21 to obtain really good results on a black Dodge Charger. To give you an idea of the type of paint it was used on, this paint is so soft I can see micro marring occur with even moderate pressure while wiping the car down. I was very happy with the results. Very good correction (maybe 85% of defects removed) and finished like a mirror. I also used a small (white) foam pad to hand polish some areas around the grill and I was surprised by how nice these areas turned out. I am a hobbyist so I work slowly and all of the curved panels, scallops, little valleys in the hood and a grill from hell (honeycomb and small surfaces everywhere) does not make this car easy to polish. I have spend hundreds (maybe thousands??) trying different combinations of pads, compounds and polishes trying to find the best way to correct the paint on this car. I am not complaining, I have had a blast experimenting, but I was so impressed by PF I wanted to share my experience with the product. While it may not be the case for you, for me, Perfect Finish and the LC MF/Rupes combo is the best I have found for this soft black paint.
ProsVery effective. Easy to use for someone with relatively little experience. No dusting and I thought it was easy to clean the panel after each pass. Excellent finish/shine.
ConsI have not done the math to do an A/B comparison to other products I have used but generally it seems fairly expensive.
By Steve
Adena, Ohio
May 17, 2014
sonax perfect finish
Awesome polish. More like a light compound with a jeweling finish. Very easy to use, no dust, and works quickly to remove light imperfections and leaves behind a perfect paint finish.
ProsPolish with a perfect final finish but works like a light compound on scratches