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SONAX Profiline Nano Polish 3/6 250ml

SONAX Profiline Nano Polish 3/6 250ml

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Proof that you don’t have to sacrifice cut in the name of a perfect finish

How many medium-cut polishes have you come across that finish out on the highest level of the gloss scale? As you ponder on that question for a minute, we’ll tell you about one that does – Sonax Profiline Nano Polish 3/6. Sonax Profiline Nano Polish 3/6 is a medium-cut polish that finishes like an ultra-fine polish, even on the softest paint systems. Remove swirls, water spots and oxidation on all paint systems without the need to follow up with an ultra-fine polish.

Sonax Profiline Nano Polish 3/6 is the result of countless hours of strenuous research, development and testing to develop a medium-cut polish that would finish better than most – if not all – ultra-fine polishes. Sonax of Germany has developed a unique nano-abrasive that manages to quickly remove swirls, water spots, and oxidation on all paint systems without hazing or dulling the finish. Sonax Profiline Nano Polish 3/6 arguably creates what even discriminating professional detailers would consider to be the perfect finish.

Car care and detailing is supposed to be a hobby that you can enjoy. While a little bit of a challenge in the paint-polishing step is always welcomed, nobody likes to work backwards. Sonax Profiline Nano Polish 3/6 enables you to work smart by effortlessly removing all types of paint defects without requiring a second polishing step with an ultra-fine polish.

No more dust! Sonax Profiline Nano Polish 3/6 was formulated to be dust-free. This means you get to spend more time dressing the tires or cleaning the windows as opposed to cleaning up what appears to be acres of dust. What’s more, Sonax Profiline Nano Polish 3/6 provides an exceptionally long working time and it wipes off like a high-end carnauba paste wax effortlessly!

Sonax Profiline polishes are rated on a scale of 1-6. To rate the amount of cut a product has, 1 represents the least while 6 represents the most. To rate how well a product finishes, 1 represents the worst while 6 represents the best. Sonax Profiline Nano Polish is rated at an impressive 3 for cut and an impeccable 6 for finish. Going by Sonax’s scale, a traditional medium-cut polish would rate at around a 2-3 for cut and a 4-5 for finish. Sonax Profiline Nano Polish 3/6 is proof that you don’t have to sacrifice cut in the name of a perfect finish.

Sonax Profiline Nano Polish 3/6 is VOC compliant and body shop safe. Sonax Profiline Nano Polish 3/6 is silicone-free and it does not contain any waxes. Sonax Profiline Nano Polish 3/6 can be used on all paint systems including scratch-resistant clear coats.

Tech Tip: From our testing we’ve found Sonax Profiline Nano Polish 3/6 to perform best with a Lake Country White Polishing Pad or Hydro-Tech Tangerine Polishing Pad on a dual action or rotary polisher. On scratch-resistant ceramic clear coats, the Hydro-Tech Tangerine Polishing Pad will provide the additional cut needed to level imperfections. Sonax Profiline Nano Polish 3/6 can also we used with a Lake Country Black/Gray Finishing Pad on softer paint systems (Example: Lexus/Acura BLACK). For more severe swirls, scratches and water spots, use Sonax Profiline Fine Abrasive Paste 5/4 with a Lake Country Orange Light Cutting Pad first.

250 ml Made in Germany

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Big Stone Gap, Virginia
Have been using Sonax Upholstery & Alcantara Cleaner with superior results, and watched Mike Phillips and Sonax rep in video of paint decontamination and correction and decided to try exterior products on a red vehicle. Love the Sonax Clay Mitt and their cut and finish prior to using the Sonax Profiline Nano Polish followed up by the Sonax Polymer Net Shield. Well pleased with fantastic results, and will on next order purchase a larger size. These are exceptional car care products.
rotating on a planet
Absolutely excellent
This really does fill a gap. It finishes out noticeably better (actually perfect) that Perfect Finish on soft paint. And it does it faster and easier because you can short cycle it. Its a lightweight product that I'm pretty sure is water based. Wipeoff is also very good. A lot better than the water based EX04-06.

And here is the best part, it will NOT stain rubber or plastic trim. You can buff right up to rubber window seals and it simply will not penetrate it. It wipes right off like it never contacted it. I really like finishing polishes that do this. This fact alone has made it my go to light polish. If you're careful and use the correct size polishers you do not have to do any taping off. And because you can short cycle it, its my go to paint cleaner as well.

the 03 cut rating is very much so real. It WILL remove defects unlike most other ultra fine finishing polishes. Sonax medium cut and finishing polishes continue to really impress me.
Pros- 03 cut rating is real. This will remove more defects than comparable ultra finishing products. - Can very much be short cycled - Easy wipeoff when compared to EX04-06 - Does not stain rubber or plastic trim making it an excellent fast paint cleaner as well - Will finish out absolutely perfect even on the worst of soft and sticky paints where Perfect Finish fails. (Yes Perfect Finish does have its limits. Anyone who's used it long enough will know this)
ConsCant think of any to be completely honest. I think this is Sonax's most ultra finishing polish. Where is their marketing ? I stumbled upon this by accident to be completely honest.
Farmington, CT
Awesome n quick
Have used on 3 older vehicles an worked wonders on the paint leaving it bright n shiney smooth. Didn't polish further went to Gtechiqe C2V4 to an amazing shine