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GYEON Q2 Matte 50 ml

The durable matte paint coating you've been looking for!

GYEON Q2 Matte is an easy to apply, durable coating specifically designed to protect and enhance matte finishes. With a durability longevity of 12 months, GYEON Q2 Matte is the only product you’ll need to keep up with your matte accents, panels, or wraps. GYEON Q2 Matte leaves a neutral finish on matte and satin finishes, thanks to the highly advanced silicon dioxide based formula. With a high UV protection compound and great self-cleaning properties, GYEON Q2 Matte provides long lasting results.

Matte finishes can be tricky; they look modern and sleek, but upkeep can be a pain. One wrong product can leave splotches, smears, and stains marring the perfect finish of your car. Forget those “tips” other people have given you for your matte finish, GYEON has done the hard work for you and provided the first coating of its kind – a coating made JUST for matte finishes.

GYEON has already used their specialized formula of SiO2 to create long lasting paint and trim coatings, and they have now formulated a matte coating using those same characteristics. GYEON Q2 Matte will not hurt your matte finish – it will only leave the surface protected against the elements and imbibed with self-cleaning and increased water-beading capabilities.

Included in the GYEON Q2 Matte is a matte surface detailer, GYEON Cure Matte – this will extend the life of your matte coating as it is formulated with a special hydrophobic spray sealant. With the GYEON Q2 Matte, your matte finish will stay looking new for much longer than you would think!

GYEON Q2 includes:
  • GYEON Q2 Matte 50 ml
  • GYEON Q2M Cure Matte 100 ml
  • 1 Coating Applicator Pad
  • 4 Suede Microfiber Cloths

GYEON Q2 Matte 50 ml

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GYEON Q2 Matte 50 ml