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Griots Garage BOSS Fast Correcting Cream

After 120+ formula variations, Griot's Garage brings us their fastest working compound yet.

Griot's Garage Fast Correcting Cream is the first step in swirl and defect removal from the BOSS System. Engineered with a high content of sub-micron abrasives, Griot's Garage Fast Correcting Cream removes even the most severe paint defects in short time and prepares your paint's surface for perfecting and sealing. Developed over 15 months with over 120+ formula variations, Griot's has ensured their Fast Correcting Cream is able to compete with some of the biggest names in defect removal products.

When correcting paint, you need the product you are working with to be both efficient and of good quality. Lower quality compounds and swirl removers leave behind trace defects that require extra polishing steps to remove. Griot's Garage Fast Correcting Cream has been engineered to finish flawlessly, reducing the extra steps and speeding up paint correction time. The sub-micron abrasives in the formula deliver LSP ready finishes and prepare your paint.

With its high lubricity formula, Griot's Garage Fast Correcting Cream has an almost non-existent dusting factor, which is a huge must when working in a confined area. This also allows for a much easier and faster wipe off when your panel is complete. Many compounds and swirl removers dry quickly and once set, can be a real pain to remove. Griot's Garage Fast Correcting Cream's high lubricity formula cuts down on that extra step, getting you closer to the final wipe down that much quicker!

Designed to work with the BOSS System White Foam FAST Correcting Pad or the BOSS Micro Fiber Pad (for amplified defect removal), Griot's Garage Fast Correcting Cream will remove even the toughest finish imperfections including etched-on water spots and severe swirl marks.

16 oz.

Griots Garage BOSS Fast Correcting Cream

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Ladd, IL
Another quality product from Griot's
Perfect combination of cut and finish. Makes short work of defect removal and finishes out very well. Do yourself a favor and just order the gallon size!!
Racine, WI
Excellent Cutting Cream
I used this with MF cutting pads and I was able to remove 2,000 grit wet sand marks. In addition, the paint finished down very well with a nice gloss and I probably could polish with this also but I used CarPro Essence because I wanted to prep for cQuartz UK coating.
ProsCuts Well,, Nice Bottle for Buttering the Pad, Low Dusting
Great product
Easy to work with and does a great job. Will be getting more of this stuff. Well worth the money.
ProsEasy to put on, easy to take off and you can see the finish
Niwot, Colorado
Excellent polish
I'm a big fan of Menzerna, especially the 400 Compound and the SIP.
From time to time I try to find out what else is out there. Based on the reviews I've read about the Griots Fast Correcting Cream, I decided to give it a try.
This is the closest thing to Menzerna I've ever tried, and that's saying a lot!

The number one attribute is that this product has a very nice long working time, even when you just use less than what you're used to. That's a big plus, not only that, it keeps on correcting defect for you.

I didn't have any issues usung different pads with it, I've got my best results with an LC Microfiber Pad in terms of faster correction power on deeper scratches.
For regular superficial swirl marks, I used an LC Green German Polisihing pads and works very well. All in all I think its very versatile and gives you very nice results.

This product is very thick in consistency and texture. and it's somewhat slow to get it to flow out of the bottle. I poured all of it into an empty Menzerna 400 pint size bottle and that made it more manageable.

ProsGreat all around polish. I love it!
ConsThe more you use, the harder it is to get it to flow out of the bottle as opposed to when it's full. Maybe a different cap works better?
By far the best compound on the market.
This product is absolutely unbelievable, it's by far the best compound on the market in my opinion. I am a professional detailer, and in the shop we're always experimenting with compounds from different companies to see if "the next best compound" that comes out will actually earn a spot in our shop environment.

We use & have extensively tried the following: Jescar Correcting Compound, Sonax Cutmax, Menzerna 3000, Menzerna 4000, Menzerna 1000, Car Pro Clear Cut, Meguiar's M100, Meguiar's D300, 3D HD Cut+, and 3D ACA 500.

Every single one of those compounds are absolutely amazing, but none of them match up to the combination of finishing ability & minimal dusting that Griot's has. Griot's finishes down so far it almost doesn't even need to be followed up by a polish, I personally always follow up with a polish to maximize the appearance of the paint, but for most DIY weekend warriors, I bet they would be perfectly happy with the results after just compounding.

Regarding the dusting, WOW. This stuff is so amazing with how minimally it dusts, it's insane. Before I really understood about the impact of dusting during the paint correction process, I kind of took Griot's minimal dusting for granted. But once I started to gain more experience with many other compounds, I realized how much of a gem Griot's really is. This stuff dusts so minimally, it almost doesn't dust at all! It's crazy! You really have to push this stuff hard to start seeing dusting, and the tiny bit that occurs will impress you for sure.

Lastly, this isn't the biggest deal in the world but the compound also smells great! makes the paint correction process that much more enjoyable. I love how Griot's doesn't color their compounds like Meguiar's does (M100 = blue, D300 = red), because the dye discolors pads and is a hassle to get out...sometimes can't be removed, permanently tainting the pads. The scent is nice to have because a scent is harmless compared to a dye, and most of the companies listed about don't dye or scent their compounds which isn't bad, but the natural scent of the compound also isn't so great. Not the biggest deal, but leads to another + for Griot's.
ProsInsanely quick & effective cut Long working time/buffing cycle/open time Finishes down farther than any other compound I've ever seen (even better than some polishes I've seen in the past) Nearly zero dusting Pleasant scent