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Griots Garage BOSS Correcting Cream

Use with BOSS System Microfiber or Foam pads for a swirl-free finish.

Griot's Garage Correcting Cream of the BOSS System is designed to remove moderate paint defects, while still finishing with a wax-ready finish. Manufactured with sub-micron abrasives, this advanced formula not only removes defects, but also adds a depth and clarity to your paint previously found only in last-step products.

When you're looking to remove some moderate swirls in your paint's finish, but don't want to go as heavy as a compounding product, Griot's Garage Correcting Cream is exactly what you are looking for. It will remove moderate to light swirls and leave you with a clear finish that is ready for waxing. This high-lubricity formula allows for extending buffing sessions and ensures you get through the defect-removal process in a shorter amount of time.

Too often you'll use a product that looks like it has finished perfectly, only to realize that's not the case after the first wash. These products contain “fillers” which fill in the swirl marks and defects instead of actually removing them. Griot's Garage Correcting Cream contains no fillers or silicones, so what you see when you're finished with a panel is what you get! There won't be any ugly surprises after the first wash or when your car has been exposed to bright lights.

Griot's Garage Correcting Cream is recommended for use with the BOSS System Orange Foam Correcting Pad, but can be used with the White Foam FAST Correcting Pad for increased defect removal.

16 oz.

Griots Garage BOSS Correcting Cream

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St. Petersburg, FL
Goodbye Swirls!
Griot's Boss Correcting Cream together with the G9 orbital polisher and orange pad, removed virtually all surface swirls on my C5 corvette. It was remarkable to see most paint swirls, except the deeper imperfections, totally disappear on my metallic finish. After this polish step and further waxing, my car's rich color was evident once again. It really looks fantastic, mirror-like! Very easy to apply, and as the videos suggest, a little goes a long way. I'm a fan, it does what Griot's promises. Quality care product!
ProsQuality product that does what it says, corrects modest paint swirls and imperfections. Rich ingredients that brought my car's cool color back to glory!
Great Product
Awsome product, easy to use along with the rest of the BOSS line of polishes & compounds, smells fantastic, serves as a good product to use when you don't need to cut hard to take out extreme imperfections, but the imperfections are not quite super light either. The right pad combo with this can accomplish about 70% of tasks.
ProsGreat performance Pleasant Scent Versatile
Penn Valley, CA
New polisher.
This is my first time polishing so take my review for as a novice. I am using it wit the Griots standard polisher and the Boss pads. My paint is 35 years old and has light swirl marks, some water spots and a few areas of light oxidation. The cream is pretty easy to apply to the pad with the domes lid. It seems to take the haze and swirl marks off but leaves some of the light scratches still. It allows me to work it a long time without drying out or anything. So far pretty pleased that it lets me learn without being so aggressive.
N. Bama
I am doing paint correction prior to ceramic coat on a recently freshly painted car.

Yeah don't drive them much before you do that!

I tried Chem Guys V products. This works better than V34 >>>>>> BY FAR!!! And almost as good as V38 with the right pad, I think was PINK CCS from Chem Guys 4" in this case.

The construct that it is almost a polish sheen is true. It will not polish up to ceramic coat standards.

The clear on the car is a relatively soft DCU2021 from PPG. It's a darkly painted car so each step needs to be good.

ProsAlmost final finish Pleasant orange smell Not messy Easy working Better than V34, V36 or V38
29 Palms, Ca
Great product
Worked great at removing swirl marks and other medium to light defects. Went at some deeper ones pretty well too. Mind you this is on a white pearl paint so pretty difficult to see defects at all. Long work time, great finish, and smells like oranges making it a pleasure to work with. Super easy wipe off.