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DP High Performance Glass Restorer

DP High Performance Glass Restorer

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You can see clearly now; the contaminants are gone!

Your glass is one of the most important components of your car, keep it clean with DP High Performance Glass Restorer. DP High Performance Glass Restore is used to clean and enhance exterior glass. DP High Performance Glass Restore removes hazardous contaminants that can impair your visibility, such as water spots and road film. DP High Performance Glass Restorer will improve your windows with crystal-clear clarity, making sure your drives are safe ones.

Your glass is a critical part of your carís ability to be driven correctly. It doesnít matter how good a car looks if you canít see through its windows! Plus, dirty, water-spotted glass doesnít make for a pretty car. Itís important that your car is as safe as it is attractive. Itís a win-win for DP High Performance Glass Restorer when it comes to safety and beauty.

What you can expect:
• SAFETY! Clear glass means a clear field of vision when driving.
• CLEANS! You canít have a clear line of sight without a little cleaning action!
• MULTIPLE WAYS TO USE! Use product by hand or with a machine.

In order to make your windows safe, you have to make them clean. DP High Performance Glass Restorer removes water spots, road film, heavy road grime and other environmental debris that find its way to your exterior glass. Water spots are a common occurrence when there is any water around. Water spotting is when water leaves tiny drops of water filled with dirt all over your surfaces. These spotty contaminants are not only an eyesore but can block your vision when it comes to driving. Same thing with road film and road grime. DP High Performance Glass Restorer will tackle these contaminants, allowing the next stage of the productís power. Once the glass is clean, then you are ready for safe driving. DP High Performance Glass Restorer enacts a crystal-clear clarity ensuring your drive is safe with a visibly clean field of vision, regardless of inclement weather.
Using DP High Performance Glass Restorer with a machine polisher will quickly rid your glass of filth and reveal it's true clarity!

You can apply DP High Performance Glass Restorer either by hand or machine. Both works well and will clear your windows of filth. Which method you use will depend of the amount of time and tools you have. By hand will take some extra time and elbow grease but is very useful to those who donít have machine polishers and want to save money by doing it without one. If you do happen to have machine polisher, then this method will save you a bit of time, but youíd have to make sure you have the appropriate pads.

Directions for use:
For use when applying by hand
1. Shake well!
2. Apply several nickel sized drops of product onto a foam polishing pad.
3. Apply to the surface using an overlapping circular motion.
4. Allow a haze to form.
5. Buff away with a clean microfiber towel.

For use when applying with a machine
1. Shake well!
2. Apply several nickel sized drops of product onto a foam polishing pad.
3. Apply to the surface at a slow speed.
4. Work one section at a time using an overlapping, back-and-forth motion.
5. Allow a haze to form.
6. Buff away with a clean microfiber towel.

16 oz.

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Great product
Great cleaner for windows. Save your money and don't buy water spot removers. Use a vinegar solution or this product.
ProsAffordable (as compared to the other products) and works.
Media, PA
Better than I expected!
Pretty good stuff! Makes relatively quick work of water spots, quicker and better than traditional methods at least... even if embedded and mildly etched! Ive tried Griots fine polish, and normally use McKees 37 Glass Restorer... DP's glass restorer reminds me of it, just cheaper! They're both good, maybe even the same? Ran out so I decided to try this, glad I did! Works well on a 5" DA or DA and drill with 3in backing plate for small windows/tight corners, never tried with actual rotary. I use it with a 5" orange griots pad or an old 5" Meguiars microfiber for most windows, or cheapo 3" foam and microfiber cutting pads. Has a long working time, but is watery, so start slow and edge the speed up. Perfect for when you have a window or windshield with moderate issues, too difficult to remove by traditional means, but not bad enough for a more aggressive polish. Also works well as a cleaner polish before using cerium oxide polish or a glass coating!
Pros- removes water spots, stains, and contaminants from glass faster than older methods. - can help remove light to mild etching, with the right pad - great as a cleaner polish before glass coatings - Long working time - easy wipe off - price point - used it on some different metal items and it worked great for that too! Didn't use it on metal on the vehicle though.
Cons- Thin polish - Need to use 2 to 3 times more than you would a paint polish for it to work effectively. - Can't help splattering at least a little - Will dust pretty bad if used on too warm windows or overworked. Has a long working time though.
Harrison, OH
Amazing glass polish!
I bought this as part of the bundle with DP 20/20 glass cleaner, glass towels, and Euro foam hand applicator. I've always had trouble ridding water spots on glass and let me tell ya...this stuff is AMAZING! I chose to apply it with a white polishing Euro foam applicator to be safe. It was the perfect combo and is hands down my go-to product from now on!
Pros-Ease of application with a Euro foam applicator -Even easier removal after hazing is complete