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McKee's 37 High Performance Glass Restorer

More than a glass cleaner, it’s a glass restorer!

McKee's 37 High Performance Glass Restorer is a gentle glass polish that safely restores clarity to windshields and windows. It’s the ultimate solution to water spots and cloudy glass. Use McKee's 37 High Performance Glass Restorer on auto glass, shower doors, and household doors and windows.

Apply with a microfiber or terry cloth applicator
Apply using a microfiber or terrycloth applicator pad
Thoroughly work into surface
Work into surface until water spots are no longer present
Wipe off residue with a clean soft towel
Remove excess residue

Water spots are created when drops of water evaporates off the surface of your vehicle. All water contains minerals, including iron and calcium, and sometimes salt. Rain water contains all these things plus pollution. When the drop evaporates, these trace elements are left on your vehicle to etch the outline of the drop. They are the reason that water spots are permanent even though water is not. Because the spots are often etched into glass, cleaners cannot remove them.

McKee's 37 High Performance Glass Restorer removes mild etched water spots from glass and restores perfect clarity. The unsightly cloud of water spots that exists on the windshield out of the wipers’ range can be removed!

McKee's 37 High Performance Glass Restorer can also be used to remove water spots, sap, bug splatter, and films from chrome and windows. This citrus-based cleaner can safely loosen sticky contaminants so they wipe off easily. Your windshield will be restored to its original clarity.

McKee's 37 High Performance Glass Restorer works by gently exfoliating the surface of the glass on a microscopic level. It does not scratch the glass. The thick cream safely pulls contaminants out of the glass, removes mineral deposits, and then smoothes out mildly etched glass until it is crystal clear. McKee's 37 High Performance Glass Restorer safely restores the glass in the same way jewelers rouge polishes precious metals. Your vehicle’s windshield and windows will appear virtually invisible!

To prevent future water spots, clean your windows regularly and, if possible, dry your vehicle after it gets wet. Remember, water from sprinklers or water hoses can cause water spots, too. Carry a microfiber towel in the vehicle to at least dry the glass following a rain storm. A few minutes of preventative maintenance will save you time and effort in the future.

For the damage that has already been done, use McKee's 37 High Performance Glass Restorer to remove water spots and mild mineral etching and to restore perfect clarity to windshields and windows.



  1. McKee's 37 High Performance Glass Restorer can be applied by hand or with a polisher. To apply by hand, pour a nickel size amount onto the orange side of the Wolfgang German Polish 'N Wax Applicator.
  2. Rub the product onto the glass in overlapping circular motions. Allow a haze to form. Buff the glass with a microfiber towel.
  3. To apply by machine, use a polishing pad on a variable speed polisher. We recommend using a dual action polisher because cutting is not needed to gently polish the glass.
  4. Work the polish into the glass at a low speed (no more than 3000 OPM) using minimal pressure. When the polish starts to dry, turn the machine off and lift it off the glass.
  5. Use a microfiber towel to wipe away the haze and buff the glass to a shine.

16 oz.

McKee's 37 High Performance Glass Restorer

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43 Reviews
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37% Recommend this product (16 of 43 responses)
By Mike
Philadelphia, PA
February 11, 2017
Simply the best!
To tell the truth, I was somewhat skeptical when I purchased this product - it couldn't possible be as good as it claimed to be. Boy, was I wrong. This stuffy really works! Used it for the first time today - but I will remain a loyal fan forever. Yes, it's pricey for a glass cleaner, but the quality and performance are there!
ProsEase of application
By ScottH
December 4, 2016
Hands down one of McKee's Best
I recently purchased 2 bottles, and first applied it this past week on a friend's 12 year old SUV. I applied it with a 3" LC pad on speed 4 (7424XP) and this product brought the glass to a whole new level. Polishing took just a few minutes and wipe off was exceedingly easy. The glass looks as if its not there, and feels like it was just waxed with the finest carnauba. I normally don't look forward to rain (you know, we're AG geeks - we like our cars clean), but curious to see how/if it sheets or beads water. I didn't apply anything over it (no glass sealants) as I am curious to see how it is stand-alone. I've used many McKees 37 product and I can say with confidence this is among the top of the ones I've used.
Pros- Provides exceedingly clear/clean class even to a 12 year old SUV! - Easy application (polishes smooth and removes effortlessly) - Does not smell harsh - A little goes a LONG way - Effectively removes water stains and wiper marks
ConsAbsolutely none
By Ron
November 17, 2016
Glass Restorer
I put this to the test right off. I have large glass walls in my walk in shower, used a lake country white thin polish pad on my porter cable double action polisher. My wife is picky and it cleaned old soap scum etc, right off . They looked new when I was done. Then right out to my 13 Ford F-150 and it works great. Try it you will not be disappointed at all.
ProsEasy to use
By Jared
Salt Lake City
October 8, 2016
Excellent Product
I used this on shower windows that had been etched by years of soft water. This evened out a major portion of the etching. I used a power drill with a polishing tool. It took more time to achieve results than I expected but there were amazing results! The windows look significantly better.
By Roger
Pesotum, IL
September 17, 2016
Even helps new car glass
Bought a 2016 Impala LTZ and dealer's clean up crew thought it was going on the lot. First thing I notice driving it home was windshield had something all over it. Must be glue residue from shipping covers. No glass cleaners I had would clean the stuff off. McKee's High Performance Glass Restorer did the job with very little effort.
ProsFast and easy to use.
By john dunkle
Essington PA.
May 11, 2016
Fantastic product!
I used it today for the first time. I was worried the glass in my truck had to be replaced. Not so! This cleaner worked great and my glass is as good as new!
By Andre
san Jose, California
March 28, 2016
sparkling glass
This stuff worked great by hand and even better with my flex. Def will continue to buy this product.
ProsPrice, hope it never goes up
By David
Medford, OR
May 8, 2015
Clearly A Winner
I had all but given up on ever getting rid of 8 years of accumulated mineral etchings on my front and rear windshields. Thankfully I found this product after trying and failing too many times with too many expensive, ineffective and inferior products. Using a Porter Cable random orbit polisher with a Flex Logic foam pad I was able to undo years of neglected glass maintenance by the cars previous owner. Not only were the etchings erased but I was pleasantly surprised by the elimination of the wiper streaks! It works as advertised, I'm impressed....
By Mike Suede
Central Florida
March 29, 2015
Cuts through old grime!
Worked pretty well for cleaning windshield by hand (no polisher). Next time I will try it with a polisher.
ProsA fast process. Just keep flipping your cloth.
By charles
March 26, 2015
It Works
used with a PC 3" foam pad, did a great job of cleaning the crud off the glass
Prosreasonably priced for this size bottle works well
January 7, 2015
By Kevin
Orange County, CA
November 26, 2014
Poor description.
Needed to state it needs to be Applied with an orbital polisher. Does not take off any water spots by hand rubbing.
Merchant Response:Thanks for submitting the review, Kevin. For heavy water spots, a DA polisher like the Porter Cable is going to be far more effective than using your hand. Unlike your hand which gets tired, the Porter Cable just keeps on going! Regarding the shipping, there were some delays due to inclement weather. We do apologize for the inconvenience, but unfortunately this was out of our control.
ConsExtremely slow shipping. This is my last purchase from here.
By Larry Fields
Anaheim, California
October 19, 2014
Detailer's High Performance Glass Restorer
Fantastic product..I was able to remove difficult water spots in no time...would recommend this everyone. Thank you, Larry Fields
ProsEasy to use..started with 5" polishing disc on my battery powered drill...wipes clean and new....
By Mike
Springfield, MO
September 10, 2014
Cleans glass well
Works as described. Seems to work like any rubbing compound. May be a bit pricy.
By William Tucker
Treasure Island,Fl
September 10, 2014
It really works.
I tried it on the windshield of my 99 Mercedes SL 500 and the results were spot on.I repeated the process twice to be safe.
ProsEasy application.
ConsSeems a little high price wise and then add on mailing charges.
By Gary
Boone, Iowa
August 22, 2014
Superior product
I can now throw away all the other glass cleaning products in my kit. Glass Restorer cleared up all the film and minor crazing on my 50 year old windshield
Proseasy application
By Tim
Toronto, Ontario
July 24, 2014
It works !
I had minor hard water etching on all of my exterior glass surfaces from using invisible glass. I applied this product by hand using the Wolfgang German applicator and it actually worked. It stripped the surface of all imperfections except for some slightly deeper stone chips. I then applied the expensive hydrophobic sealant and walked away being satisfied with the results. It would obviously be faster if you used a polisher but use of this product is very manageable by hand. It should be noted that you could probably just use rainex or Aquapel as a sealant as a next step.
ProsWorks to remove water stains Easy to wash away Does not stain rubber trim Affordable
By Gary
October 7, 2013
Great stuff
I have been looking for years for a product that will remove the road film from the windshield. Detailer's High Performance Glass restorer did the trick. My glass has never been clearer or cleaner.
By Richard
September 6, 2013
DP 515 Glass restorer review
Vehicle is a 2000 Honda Odyssey. side mirror has etched in water spots. 13 yrs parking on the street and sprinklers gets it all the time. got the product in the mail. read the directions. went to Autozone and bought a foam applicator. did a quick wash and dry of the mirror. damped the applicator with water and applied a nickel size amount of the product. applied and buffed out the mirror. note - took a while of buffing for the product to become a dry haze. wipe dry with a towel. tip - apply the product at the edge of the applicator, it will be easier to apply and buff out the edges of the mirror. did this about 4-5 times. the results are clear, no more water spots. i believe and recommend this product.
By billy
April 5, 2013
best stuff i ever used on my glass
it will get anything off your glass but u just got to use a polisher
By Joe
September 9, 2012
The Best I ever used
Very easy to apply by hand. Way more easier than MX-7.
By Alex
May 22, 2012
This stuff is great. It definitely does what it's supposed to do. My glass looks as good as new, no more annoying water spots. Follow the directions and you'll have beautiful glass!
By PAR Detailing
May 22, 2011
I Love This Stuff
I really didnt think I would like this stuff nor did I think it would be helpful but boy was I wrong. It is very easy to use and it works great at cleaning up the windshield and removing those hard water spots that glass cleaner alone wont remove.
By Dave
May 17, 2011
Great results so easy
My mirrors were so waterspotted I could hardly see out of them. With DP GR, a terry towel and mild elbow grease they look like brand new again. I had many spots on my windshield also and applied with a DA and orange pad and all the spots are gone. This is so easy to use and the results I got were amazing!
By Andy
May 6, 2011
Great Stuff! Must Buy!
I literally tried everything to get water spots off my windows. It was the only aggrevating thing to see after spending hours detailing my cars. Bought DP and WOW, incredible difference. WATER SPOTS GONE! Never thought my glass could look so good!
By Joe from Pa.
January 23, 2011
Excellent product
The rear window in my 69 Mustang was in really water etched were as I thought I would have to replace it. Honest this stuff rally works!!!
By Ryan
November 11, 2010
Very Impressed!
I was shocked by the results I got with this product. I had some really bad water spots on my side view mirrors that would just not come off with regular glass cleaner. After applying a small amount I let it sit for about a minute, then wiped it clean with a microfiber towel. The water spots were gone just like that and the glass looked brand new!
By Vjeszczi
November 8, 2010
Great cleaner for water spots
This product works great on water spots on glass. Minimum effort is required to get water spots and mineral deposits removed, even when applying the product by hand.
By Prescott
October 31, 2010
water spots:1 glass restorer:0
tried using by hand and machine. absolutely no noticeable difference. very disappointed.
By robert/elley matthews
October 8, 2010
Superb Product!
This is the best glass cleaner I have ever tried. It does exactly what it claims it can do: provide virtually invisible car windows. I know this to be true because the bump on my head is still there.