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DP Tire Dressing

DP Tire Dressing

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When your tires are ready for a black-tie affair.

DP Tire Dressing is a water-based formula that preserves original color and texture. The 100% water-based formula of DP Tire Dressing protects the original look and feel of your rubber tires, but it will enhance the appearance with long-lasting shine. Sling is not an issue with DP Tire Dressing, and it is also easy to apply. DP Tire Dressing will keep your tires looking dark and fresh for several washes and rainy days! Tires tend to be a part of the car that people look down on (literally), not knowing there are ways to detail your tires. Your tires were once a shiny jet-black color, but now they look faded and old due to wear and the elements. Maybe you think the only solution is to shell out some green on new tires. You would be wrong. You can get your tires looking like new with DP Tire Dressing.

What you can expect:
• PRESEVRES! Original color and texture will be restored and will look as good as new.
• EASY TO USE! A simple spray bottle does the trick without sling.
• LONG LASTING! This dressing will last through several washes and rainstorms.

You can get new looking tires without having to buy new tires with DP Tire Dressing, it enhances its original look with a long-lasting shine. DP Tire Dressing enhances its original look with a long-lasting shine. With DP Tire Dressing, you can make your tires look like your original beauties. Not only will the tires have a deep, dark, satin like look to them, but they will also feel like new rubber once again.

Tire sling may seem like nothing, but it is a common occurrence with most tire cleaners and dressings. Sling finds its way onto other parts of your car and can sometimes cause damage to the paint. In any case, it calls for extra clean up time, which no one wants. With DP Tire Dressing you don’t have to worry about excess product flying anywhere! All you have to worry about is all the stares you are going to get with your fresh-looking tires.
DP Tire Dressing is easily applied and instantly imparts a shining, sleek finish!

One of the best parts about DP Tire Dressing is that it is long-lasting. Your tires make contact with the ground 24/7. And with the ground comes contaminants and lots of water. DP Tire Dressing is designed to last through several washes and even heavy rainstorms! So, don’t feel afraid to wash your car or take it on drives in the rain, DP Tire Dressing will hold its ground!

Directions for use:
Do NOT use on motorcycle tires
1. First clean your wheels with DP Dual Action Tire & Wheel Cleaner (see bottle for directions).
2. Spray DP Tire Dressing directly onto rubber tire, being careful of overspray.
3. Use a clean microfiber towel to buff away any excess product.
4. Wait 15 minutes before applying another coat for increased shine.
5. Be sure to clean any overspray with a microfiber towel.

16 oz.

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DP Tire Dressing