> > > McKee's 37 Plex-All™ Cleaner & Polish for All Clear Plastics

McKee's 37 Plex-All™ Cleaner & Polish for All Clear Plastics

One simple step cleans, polishes, and protects clear plastics.

If you've been skeptical about one-step products, McKee's 37 Plex-All™ will change your mind. McKee's 37 Plex-All™ is a plastic cleaner, polish, and protectant for all clear and colored plastics. This easy-on aerosol plastic cleaner/polish cleans and shines all kinds of plastics in just seconds and keeps them looking their best over the long term.

Plex All works great on plastic headlights to prevent them from fading
As well as plastic convertible top windows
Instrument clusters
Motorcycle windscreens
Use Plex All to clean, polish and protect headlight lenses, plastic convertible top windows, instrument clusters and motorcycle windscreens

McKee's 37 Plex-All™ is a breeze to use and the results are instant and long-lasting. Spray Plex-All™ on all your vehicle's plastic surfaces to see an instant improvement in clarity. Then notice how the treated plastics stay clean and resist collecting dust. That's the anti-static, scratch-resistant protectant in Plex-All™.

Use McKee's 37 Plex-All™ on:

  • all acrylics
  • Lexan
  • Polycarbonates
  • Plexiglas
  • Clear plastics
  • colored plastics
  • Clear bras
  • instrument panels,
  • headlights,
  • motorcycle windscreens
  • wind deflectors
  • visors

McKee's 37 Plex-All™ reduces glare and fogging on motorcycle windscreens and visors! Just spray it on and wipe dry to leave an anti-static, anti-fog, anti-glare, crystal clear coating on all plastics..

McKee's 37 Plex-All™ contains an intense foaming plastic cleaner, so intense that we couldn't sell this product if it were any stronger. Plex-All™'s foam lifts dirt and oils out of fine scratches on headlight lens covers to make the surface appear clearer and smoother. Micro polishers within the foam smooth fine lines to make the plastic appear clearer and smoother.

The best part is that the treated surfaces will stay clean and protected for weeks. McKee's 37 Plex-All™ leaves a transparent polymer film that blocks out UV rays, oily road films, bird droppings and bugs. Future cleaning will be easier because the Plex-All™ coating discourages contaminants from sticking to it.

Though McKee's 37 Plex-All™ is as strong as we could make it, it is still safe enough for frequent, regular use. Plex-All™ meets VOC guidelines in all 50 states.

McKee's 37 Plex-All™ is excellent preventative maintenance for automotive plastics. Regular use will keep plastic surfaces cleaner longer and guard them against UV degradation. Even marine plastics will stay clean and clear with regular use of McKee's 37 Plex-All™ Plastic Cleaner, Polish and Protectant.

No professional detailer should be without McKee's 37 Plex-All™! The spray and wipe plastic cleaner saves time and customers get cleaner, clearer plastic for weeks to come. And since Plex-All™ works on all plastics, you only need one cost-effective product for a wide variety of applications.


  1. Hold the can about 12 inches from the surface and spray a fine mist.
  2. Use a Cobra Microfiber Towel to wipe McKee's 37s Plex-All over the surface.
  3. Flip the towel and buff the surface dry.
19 oz. aerosol

McKee's 37 Plex-All™ Cleans:
  • Convertible-Top
  • Windows
  • Light Lenses
  • Instrument Panels
  • Clear bras
  • Polished alloy
  • Chrome Wheels
  • Bug Deflectors
  • Sun Visors
  • Fiberglass Boats
  • Personal Watercraft
  • Snowmobiles
  • Vinyl Windows
  • Leather Skirts
  • Polished Metals
  • Hatch and Porthole Covers
  • Plated Metals
  • Eyeglasses
  • Sunglasses
  • Sport goggles
  • Diving masks
  • Safety glasses
  • Glass, poly carbonate, and high index lenses
  • A/R (anti-reflective), ultraviolet, and scratch resistant coated lenses.
Federal regulations prohibit the shipment of aerosol products by air.
This item is shipped by UPS Ground only.

McKee's 37 Plex-All™ Cleaner & Polish for All Clear Plastics

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Erie, CO
If you already use a detailer, not sure what this gets you. Does go on lights easy and no residue but not sure it's necessary. Thought it would remove fine scratches on interior plastic but no luck.
Great product
It did brighten back window on convertible top but that window is apparently too far gone for a clear vision, it will be replaced and I would not hesitate to use this product on the new one
ProsIt cleans and polished as advertised
ConsNone yet
Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Works great!
Use this on my motorcycle windshield and it works great!
Not bad
I originally bought this,to use as both a cleaner and a polish for my helmet-visor,hoping that once I buffed it out,it'd leave a streak-free and SLICK surface,but it doesn't!!! So,I tried to find other uses for this spray,and after washing my truck,I decided to spray it on my clean windshield and bug-deflector!!! Again,it sprayed on nice,and left a glossy,cloudy finish before buffing it out,which was helpful,as I could see the places that needed buffing!!!

Anyway,shortly after coating my entire windshield with this stuff,I drove into a HUMONGOUS RAINSTORM!!! The rain came down VERY HARD and stopped most people on the side of the road!!! Me however,kept RIGHT ON DRIVING through it all,because this product,COMPLETELY and BEADED OFF ANY and ALL RAIN that hit my windshield while driving!!! Didn't even need my wipers for it either!!! Was just as good,if not BETTER than the Rain-X products I've used before!!! So THAT alone,is why I'd highly recommend this product!!!
Fairhope, Alabama
Clear Plastic
Works great. My 560SL looks great. I can see out of it again.