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CarPro ImmoLube 500 ml.

Reduces friction to eliminate scratches!

CarPro ImmoLube is a clay bar lubricant on steroids! This special mixture combines super slick lubricants with a mixture of surfactants and solvents that are designed to reduce friction while sanding, polishing or claying painted surfaces. CarPro ImmoLube eliminates unwanted digging and marring, ensuring you move FORWARD in the paint correction process, and not backward. It’s like a clay bar lubricant, but better!

ImmoLube has a variety of different uses, including:
  • Clay bar lubricant
  • Nanoskin lubricant
  • Sanding lubricant
  • Pad primer
Considering the multitude of different uses for CarPro ImmoLube, it’s amazing that it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg!

CarPro ImmoLube has no gloss agents or protective polymers, so it’s safe to use before application of Cquartz. Any residue left behind is easily removed with CarPro Eraser.

500 mL.

CarPro ImmoLube 500 ml.

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CarPro ImmoLube 500 ml.