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Montana Original Boar's Hair Car Wash Brush PLUS

A curved brush allows you to wash the roof of your vehicle at a more user-friendly angle!

The Montana Original Boar's Hair Wash Brush PLUS is destined to find a home in many garages thanks to its user-friendly design. This brush features a curved base that creates a fan of soft bristles. Now you can wash the upper portions of large vehicles with greater ease.

The Montana Original Boar's Hair Wash Brush PLUS has all the excellent features of our original brush plus a unique fan shape. The shape is beneficial in two ways: First, when the handle is in place, it is at a 90 degree angle to the bristles. This means you can hold the brush at a more comfortable angle when washing the roof of a tall vehicle. Secondly, a broader surface of bristles reduces the chance of the base of the brush coming into contact with your vehicle. All in all, it's a safer way to wash.

The Montana Original Boar's Hair Brush PLUS features four hundred hairs per bundle. Boar's hair is naturally fathered at the ends but our bristles are flagged (split) one more time before being affixed to the heavy duty plastic handle. The tight bundles of hair ensure that the bristles remain sturdy as they gently whisk away dirt and grime from your vehicle.

Boar's hair is surprisingly soft and its durability is unmatched by any other natural hair. It's been used to make hair brushes for people for years. Unlike synthetic bristles that can rub your vehicle the wrong way, boar's hair stays soft. It lightly massages the surface of the paint and, amazingly, it doesn't fall limp when wet. No nylon or polyester fibers are used in this brush – its 100% boar's hair!

Each of the dense bundles of hair is permanently secured to a 10” molded plastic block. The block is curved to increase the contact area between the bristles and your vehicle. Washing large vehicles has never been easier!

Boar's hair naturally holds more soapy water than synthetic materials and the bristles do not retain dirt like sponges or mitts can.

Use the Montana Original Boar's Hair Brush PLUS to gently wash large vehicles – like vans, big trucks, and SUVs – as well as boats and RVs. The soft, natural bristles will not scratch clear coats, gel coats, fiberglass, plastic, or any other surface.

The Montana Original Boar's Hair Brush PLUS is 10 inches wide. It fits perfectly in the Autogeek Complete Wash System bucket or any standard 5 gallon bucket.

Give your vehicle a luxurious wash with the Montana Original Boar's Hair Wash Brush PLUS. Its fanned shape gives it excellent access and maneuverability as it glides over your vehicle's delicate surfaces.

Total width is 10 inches.

Made in U.S.A.

Detailing Tip: It's recommended you soak your boar's hair wash brush in soapy water for a few minutes before use to make the hairs softer and more pliable.

The Montana Original Boar's Hair Wash Brush PLUS is threaded to fit the Telescopic Handle listed below. Purchase them together for just $10 more than the cost of the brush itself! That's a savings of $4.99!

Montana Original Boar's Hair Car Wash Brush PLUS

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Naples, FL
Soft, wet, and resilient
I used to use a feathered nylon brush for hard-to-reach areas, but after they kept wearing out too quickly, decided to try the Montana Original Boar's Hair (keep wanting to say "Boar's Head") Car Wash Brush PLUS (wow, that's a long name). I have not been disappointed. First, unlike nylon brushes, the boar's hair brush is soft, but not too soft. It removes dirt, but doesn't scratch. Second, the boar hair retains a lot of water. softening the bristles and making it easier to remove dirt. Third, the bristles are very resilient, that is, they don't get mashed down with repeated use like nylon brushes; the bristles springiness (yes, this is a word) also helps them to reach into every nook and cranny. This brush has been a good investment.
ProsSoft, wet, and resilient.
McKinney, TX
Greatly reduces the time to wash my truck
The bristles were softer than I thought they would be which gave me more confidence that it wouldn't scratch my paint. I soaked them per the recommendation and it reduced the time it takes to wash my Ram 2500 MegaCab by probably 80%. I no longer need to get out a ladder to reach parts of the hood, windshield and roof. Plus I'm able to cover a lot more surface area a lot faster. My truck is black and it didn't leave any swirl marks! (which was a big worry of mine)
ProsSoft bristles Fits in a 5 gallon bucket Takes a lot of time out of washing the truck
ConsDoes not get into every crevice Does not get bugs and other hard to remove items off the front of the truck
Not worth it
Not worth the money
ProsWashed the car
ConsI thought it would work better
Vancouver wa
Not as soft as described
Using the brush for the first time was not the best experience. At first feel the brush is not as soft as you would imagine so trying it on my nice black vehicles might be out of the question. It is very streaky even when you go over the same spot a few times. It does hold soap pretty good but it was getting dark out so I could tell if it was scratching my trailer or not! I will give it another fun but I don’t think this is what I expected when you pay almost a hundred bucks for a car wash brush
Pittsburgh PA
Lots of shedding on first use, but not bad. Very nice brush, gets into corners and around mirrors with ease compared to cheap synthetic brush I was using. If you have a large, slab sided vehicle, this is great.

ProsNicely made Gets large vehicles clean quickly. Gets into corners and around mirrors nicely