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Wheel Woolies Boar’s Hair Wheel Brush

The best wheel brush for delicate finishes

The Wheel Woolies Boar’s Hair Wheel Brush is a specially designed short-handle wheel brush that is designed to gently clean delicate wheel finishes. Featuring all-natural feathered boar’s hair bristles, the Wheel Woolies Boar’s Hair Wheel Brush removes dirt, grime and brake dust from intricate wheel designs. Use the Wheel Woolies Boar’s Hair Wheel Brush to safely clean clear coated, anodized, polished, aluminum, painted, powder coated and chrome wheels.

Every Friday a meeting is held to discuss the latest and greatest products that make their way to our shelves. The Wheel Woolies Boar’s Hair Wheel Brush immediately piqued the interest of all the staff members. Max and the rest of the crew at Autogeek were very pleased with the construction and quality of the Wheel Woolies Boar’s Hair Wheel Brush. It was apparent right away that the folks who designed this brush were as fed up as we were with inferior, imitation boar’s hair wheel brushes. Simply put, the Wheel Woolies Boar’s Hair Wheel Brush is one of best investments in wheel care.

The Wheel Woolies Boar’s Hair Wheel Brush is constructed of an ultra-rugged polypropylene handle that features a non-slip textured surface for superior grip. The feathered boar’s hair bristles are resistant to most cleaners and provide safe, gentle agitation for virtually any surface. Since the brush lacks any metal in its construction, you don’t have to worry about accidentally scratching the surface being cleaned. The handle of the brush features a convenient slot so you can hang it on the shelf to air dry.

Designing the perfect wheel brush is no easy feat. If the bristles are too soft, they won’t provide the agitation that’s necessary to remove stubborn brake dust, while excessively stiff bristles have the potential to damage delicate finishes. The Wheel Woolies Boar’s Hair Wheel Brush features feathered bristles that are stiff enough to remove stubborn brake dust while remaining soft enough for delicate wheel finishes.

Tech Tip: Never clean wheels that are warm or hot to the touch. If you attempt to clean wheels immediately after driving, you risk staining the finish because any chemical sprayed onto the wheel will dry almost immediately. Ensure the wheels are cool to the touch and only use a non-acidic, pH-balanced wheel cleaner, like P21S Wheel Cleaner or Pinnacle Advanced Wheel Cleaner Concentrate.

The Wheel Woolies Boar’s Hair Wheel Brush is proudly manufactured in the USA.

Wheel Woolies Boar’s Hair Wheel Brush

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Nice Boar's Hair Brush
Always wanted one of these Boar hair brushes.
I used it to wash my wheels and it was fast going like 5 times faster than using my wash mit.
Then used it to was my engine compartment, not a greasy messy engine bay just a new engine with 16k miles on it, that worked great and fast also. The hairs on the brush didn't mat up and stayed straight and held lots of soap solution. 1st impression was why hadn't I bought one of these before, mostly the price is why. Got this one with AG's 25% off moving sale so I went for it along with a restocking of a lot of product I was running low on. Great sale and I stocked up!
Nice brush. I did see some hairs come out of the new brush so hopefully that was just the break in hairs coming loose. If this brush holds up its a win for me cleaning my wheels.
Lexington, KY
Better than competition
Purchased the WW brush after first trying the very similar Montana boars hair brush, which is a quality item, but the bristles clump together when wet. The WW brush has evenly distributed bristles that stay that way when wet, which makes cleaning much easier. The WW brush works great to clean wheel faces quickly with a dedicated wheel soap - my truck has gloss black wheels with machined highlights (clearcoated), and I have not noticed any scratches due to use of the WW brush. I also find it useful when removing bug splatter from the front of the vehicle in conjunction with a quality bug remover spray. For both uses, I usually soak the WW brush in warm water and a small quantity of pH neutral car wash soap to further soften the bristles and add lubricity/boost the cleaning power just a bit. These brushes aren't inexpensive, so I recommend the WW brush for your detailing arsenal if you must choose just one.
ProsHigh quality with ideal bristle distribution.
ConsCost, but it seems to hold up well.
Coconut Creek, FL
Super soft brush
Extremely soft bristles that make it useful for cleaning the face of my wheels. I have no concerns of scratching when using this brush.
sarver, PA
Go Wheel Brush!
Thanks to a recommendation from Mike Phillips I read in a thread, i made the purchase. This is the best brush for cleaning wheels. Its so soft so no worries for scratching wheels or whatever other uses you may find for it.
Fort Lee NJ
Super Detail Brush
This is an excellent brush for cleaning wheels, engine bays, undercarriage plastic body covers etc. The bristles are soft enough not to scratch or mar the surface, but stiff enough to allow complete cleaning of the surface.