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BLACKFIRE Water Spot Remover 32 oz.

Make sure no spots interrupt your car’s shine!

BLACKFIRE Water Spot Remover works to effortlessly break down the mineral deposits on your paint that cause water spots. BLACKFIRE Water Spot Remover is made using a safe formula that does not contain any acids or abrasives that could harm your paint, no matter what type of paint it is! Not only will BLACKFIRE Water Spot Remover get rid of the spots, it will also prevent them from occurring in the future thanks to the hydrophobic layer of protection it leaves behind.

Having to deal with water spots on a daily basis is a big enough pain to make any detailer or enthusiast rip out their sprinkler system and wrap their car in saran-wrap. But, unfortunately, as long as rain is an important part of the continuation of our planet, we are forced to deal with these pesky little spots day-in, day-out. However, while they are unavoidable, cleaning them off and protecting your car as best as you can just got a bit easier!

We call these pests “water-spots”, but they are actually not water. They are simply the clumps of minerals that were contained within your water that were left behind after the water had all evaporated. These minerals form a strong bound both to each other and your paint, making removing them very difficult. BLACKFIRE Water Spot Remover makes this removal process much easier by using a non-abrasive, acid-free formula that breaks down these minerals. Once they are broken down, the bonds are broken as well. This makes them extremely easy to harmlessly and easily to wipe them away!

There are many products on the market that promise to do the same job as BLACKFIRE Water Spot Remover. Many of them are just as effective, but almost all of them share one aspect with each other that they don’t share with BLACKFIRE Water Spot Remover. Those other mineral removers are formulated using either strong acids, dangerous abrasives, or worse extremely strong acids. These substances are extraordinarily dangerous and will cause permanent damage to your paint if you are not extremely careful. BLACKFIRE Water Spot Remover however, does not contain any of these dangerous substances, meaning you can rest assured that your paint is always being taken care of!
Removing fresh water spots using BLACKFIRE Water Spot Remover is as easy as spray, wipe, and walk away! Don't forget - in addition to your paint having no more water spots, there is also a layer of protection left behind!

As if cleaning of the water spots fast weren’t enough for BLACKFIRE Water Spot Remover to be on your list of must haves, the fact that it will also protect you from the risks of water spots by instilling a hydrophobic layer of protection after you have used it!

Water Spot Remover is recommended for the removal of fresh water-spots. Water Spot Remover should only be applied out of direct sunlight to dry paint that is cool to the touch.

Working one panel at a time, spray Water Spot Remover directly onto the surface of your car. Using a clean and dry microfiber towel, wipe Water Spot Remover off the surface. Continue around vehicle.

32 oz.

BLACKFIRE Water Spot Remover 32 oz.

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100% Recommend this product (8 of 8 responses)
Removing water spots is a breeze.
Any and all water spots I have encountered I have easily been able to remove with this product.
Menomonie, WI
Great overall waterspot remover
Overall a great water spot remover. Took 2 times to remove hard water spots from our vehicle but definitely does the trick!
Southern Maryland
Saved my finish!
Water is somehow getting into my truck, so I used a hose to try to figure out where it was getting in. It was supposed to rain a few hours later, so I didn't bother drying it off when I was finished. Big mistake. When I checked my truck a day later, there were spots everywhere on the roof, hood, and doors, all of which I had polished recently and protected with Polymer Net Shield. Meguiar's Quik Detailer helped with some of the water spots on the doors, but there were still spots on hood and roof even after a quick application of Klasse AIO. By the time the Blackfire Water Spot Remover arrived, a week had passed. Despite that, the water spot remover took care of all but one spot that must've become etched (or I might have missed it during polishing). I was using the water spot remover when it was between 45 and 50 degrees outside, and there was a bit of streaking. For best results, use two plush towels for each area. Use one towel for the initial wipe, and another for the final buff. The water spot remover makes the towels wet really quickly, so you always need a dry towel for the final buff. The Cobra Buff and Shine Waterless Wash Towel worked perfectly in this application. Some of the spots took a couple applications and some elbow grease, but I got rid of all but one like I said earlier. I couldn't believe how well it worked.
ProsReally effective. Left the surface free of water spots and no evidence of micro-marring.
ConsNot a big deal, but it requires a lot of plush towels if you're working on a big area like a roof or hood.
San Jose California.
Well, I bought this stuff to help my Grandson get some serious water spots off of his Silver Chevrolet Colorado. Much to my surprise it actually worked, Admittedly we had to go over it 2 Times to get the spots off, and a Third in some areas, However they did come off. Afterwards we went over it with some SIO2 Spray Detailer From Adams Polishes and it was Bitchen. I’am giving it 5 Stars due to the Fact it worked, we used about 1/3rd or just a tad more of the 32oz Bottle to do 1 Side of the 4 Door Truck including the Door side glass on the 2 Doors.
I did buy 2 Bottles on a 25% sale. And.... Id buy it again.
ProsIt actually worked and was relatively easy to use.
ConsCost of a 32oz Bottle, could be expensive if your doing a Large Vehicle.
Palmyra, VA
Works Great!
I have to park my truck outside because It’s too big for the garage. It’s also black, so when it rains, water spots show. This product does a great job of taking care of those nasty water spots. Just spray on and wipe off!
ProsEasy application Works great