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CarPro Spotless Water Spot Remover 1 Liter

Watch water spots disappear like magic!

CarPro Spotless Water Spot Remover is a specially formulated chemical cleaner that dissolves the pesky mineral deposits that create water spots on paint, glass, and wheels. Formulated using a special blend of gentle acids and other active ingredients, CarPro Spotless Water Spot Remover eliminates the need for abrasive polishes and compounds for topical water spot removal. CarPro Spotless Water Spot Remover only takes minutes to apply!

Water spots are a problem that has plagued every car care enthusiast at least once. If water spots are not immediately removed, they will etch the surface, creating an eyesore on your otherwise perfectly polished vehicle. Until now, removing water spots often required a dual-action or rotary polisher equipped with a cutting pad and a heavy cut compound or polish. If you’ve been paying attention to the how-to guides on our website, then you already know that paint is thin, thin, THIN! Remove water spots WITHOUT compounding and polishing with CarPro Spotless Water Spot Remover!

CarPro Spotless Water Spot Remover provides a fast and efficient way of removing pesky water spots. Application literally takes minutes, making CarPro Spotless Water Spot Remover ideal for detail shops and production detailers.

Use CarPro Spotless Water Spot Remover to maintain your Cquartz coated vehicle. Even though coatings like Cquartz provide a rock-hard barrier of protection, they can still degrade due to the long-term effects of calcium building up on the surface. Regular application of CarPro Spotless Water Spot Remover will keep your Cquartz coated vehicle looking its best!

  1. Shake well. Ensure surface is cool to the touch.
  2. Wash vehicle to remove loose dirt and contaminants.
  3. Spray Spotless directly onto the surface.
  4. Evenly distribute Spotless using a CarPro Suede Applicator.
  5. Immediately remove excess residue using a microfiber towel.
  6. Thoroughly rinse surface.
  7. Dry and inspect the surface. Repeat steps 1-6 if water spots remain.
1 Liter.

CarPro Spotless Water Spot Remover 1 Liter

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CarPro Spotless Water Spot Remover 1 Liter
4.5 Stars based on 8 Review(s)
Cupertino, CA
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Product is amazing
August 3, 2016
Very pleased with the purchase and the result. Works as described without issue. Very pleased and would both recommend and purchase again.
Works as described.

2 Stars

Not impressed
December 31, 2015
Used the product as described by the maker, just as some one previously said it stripped my Opti-coat plus coating on the area I applied it too. also did not remove water spots that were just a few days old, bought different water remover and worked fine.
stripped Opti-coat plus coating did not remove any of water marks.

Apex, NC
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Works great on paint!
October 9, 2014
I tried this product to remove hard water spots from my vehicle's paint. It worked very well. I also used it on the glass. It worked, but was not as effective just by wiping it on and off. I used my clay bar with this product and it worked much better on the glass. I detailed another vehicle this past weekend that had never been paint corrected. It has very hard water spots that looked like scales. I used this product with a clay bar and successfully removed all water spots and scales! Very good!
Easily removes water spots from painted surfaces due to recent rain or car washes. Also works on glass to remove water spots from recent rain or car washes. Easy spray on. Easy wipe off. Only need a small amount to do the job. I completed an entire car with less than 500mL.
Will remove hard water spots from painted surfaces that have been neglected, but should be used with something aggressive such as a clay bar. Will remove hard water spots from glass, but may also require clay bar to completely remove all contamination.

Weaverville NC
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Remove Water Spots
September 15, 2014
This item does very well on removing water spots on paint. It doesn't do as well on removing larger spots. I bought it because a clay bar wasn't removing the large spots. This works like a cleaner polish and works really well on the dried spots on the black finish of my car. I normally dry down all my cars and have them under a shelter. We had moved and the car sat outside in the rain , then direct sunlight for several weeks. The spots have been a huge problem and nothing has removed the larger spots. This product has been the best so far and I'm still working on it. It has removed 90% of the spots.
Easier to use than a clay bar. shines like a cleaner polish. I believe it could be used with a buffer/polisher, have not tried it yet.
Some of the spots are still there, despite 3 or more attempts to remove them.

North Carolina
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Amazing results with little effort
September 8, 2014
I am extremely pleased with the ease of use of this product as well as the amazing results. This product removed water spots with ease that were on my car for months. I was able to complete my entire car in 15min, which is outstanding given the fact I have spent a lot of time trying other techniques to remove the same spots without success. If you have a black or dark colored car with water spots I highly recommend using this product as the first step. 15min and $15 is a no brainer!
Ease of use Value
The faint smell it leaves on your hands. Wear gloves :)

Jacksonville, FL
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Great Product
July 9, 2014
Bought this product to get rid of some water spots left on the car for a good 6 months or so. Spotless removed the water spots with minimal effort, something that claying and light machine polishing would not do. Unfortunately, the product also stripped the coat of Sonax Polymer Netshield I had applied a couple of months ago, something that the company claims the product would not do with paint coatings. Not too disappointed in that, as I was planning on a full detail soon, and it got rid of 95% of the spots in one application. I would definately recommend this product and will be ordering more in the future.
Easy application, works with minimal effort. Amazing results
Totally removed the coat of Sonax Polymer Netshield applied two months earlier, which could also be seen as a Pro if you are planning to do this in a separate process anyway.

Orlando, Florida
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Easy to use
June 17, 2014
Sprayed on car and used a microfiber wax applicator to work it in. No rubbing just wiping lightly. rinsed and water spots were gone.
easy to use

Phoenix, Arizona
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Amazing product!!
June 6, 2014
This product is truly awesome. It removes baked on water spots like they were never there. I have had success with Spotless on paint, plastic, glass, even chrome! I have had the best results by saturating a microfiber applicator with Spotless and using very slight pressure in circular motions. You will not be dissapointed!
Low odor, non-abrasive, only a small amount of product needed to cover a large area.