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BLACKFIRE Bug Remover 128 oz.

BLACKFIRE Bug Remover 128 oz.What bugs!?

BLACKFIRE Bug Remover is a gentle cleaning formula that will safely and effectively remove insect remains from your vehicle’s paint, glass, plastic, vinyl, and aluminum surfaces. BLACKFIRE Bug Remover is concentrated to double your cleaning power with just one spray and can be tailored to meet your specific needs. Use BLACKFIRE Bug Remover as a spot treatment immediately after contact, or as a pre-treatment to make your washes even more effective!

Each region in the world has their own difficulties – up north, it’s the threat of rust and exposure to salt in the winter. In the west, you have dust. And in the south, it’s the seemingly never-ending parade of divebombing insects. Even a 10-15 minute drive in South Florida in love-bug season is enough to erase your car’s front bumper for good! BLACKFIRE Bug Remover was designed to tackle this problem head on!

Using specialized cleaners that break down the bug remains from the surface, BLACKFIRE Bug Remover will successfully remove all remains with no further harm done to your paint! Ideally, you’ll remove stuck on bugs immediately after they come into contact with your paint. But, if this isn’t possible, having a bottle of BLACKFIRE Bug Remover on hand comes in very handy!

Thanks to the concentrated formula, BLACKFIRE Bug Remover will remove even the oldest and must shriveled up insect remains from any exterior surface! Don’t let those bugs take away from your perfect finish – get rid of them with BLACKFIRE Bug Remover!

BLACKFIRE Bug Remover is also excellent as removing tar from your vehicle’s surfaces as well as bug remains. That sticky substance doesn’t stand a chance against this versatile, ultra-cleaning formula!

For use as a spot treatment: Dilute BLACKFIRE Bug Remover 3:1 and spray the affected area directly. Allow to dwell on the surface for approximately 30 seconds (do not allow to dry on surface) and wipe away using a clean microfiber towel or strong jet of water.

For use as a pre-wash treatment: Dilute BLACKFIRE Bug Remover 3:1 and spray affected area directly. Resume normal washing routine, being sure not to allow BLACKFIRE Bug Remover to dry on the surface.

128 oz.

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